May 05, 2010


Ok,I've been lazy to post anything on this blog lately.It's such a busy week,busy months that I had.
Anyway,now let's have some review on skin care that I've bought:

1.Hanskin O2 cleansing water:

This is my fave cleansing skincare of all cleansers that I've tried.First time you use it,you'll feel a bit sticky.But then when it already absorbed to your skin,your skin will look a bit glow,healthy skin. It can be used as a toner as well.It's very2 mild(since I have this sensitive,dry skin so I'm fussy about my face cleanser).The scent is light,somehow I can smell a hint of rose smell...
Anyway,this is what it's written about the product,taken from the web in korean language:

5 points of total 5.Will buy this product again'till I can find better product..

2.Hanskin O2 cleansing Oil


I Loooveee this cleansing oil as well!! Smells nice,no greasy feeling left after you wash it with water.Not even any film left.It also works well to cleanse your makeup.Not drying,not itchy feeling left.Good packaging too.Ok..5 points of total 5 for this product! Highly reccomended..^^

I've been using this cleansing oil for months now,and compared to the innisfree one I had(I keep on shifting between those two),this hanskin cleansing oil made me break out after using it for weeks.But the innisfree one didn't  me break out after using it for weeks. So..I think the innisfree one is better..!:)

3.Hanskin O2 Balance foam cleanser

This is the mildest cleansing foam I've ever tried.I've ever tried Skinfood honey blacktea cleansing foam,Innisfree apple juice cleansing foam(??-I forget exactly the name.But it's innisfree apple something cleansing foam),and..that etudehouse happy teatime aloe tea cleansing foam as well.Not to mention bunch of drugstores cleansing foam I've tried before,it's just too many!...
So..this hanskin cleansing foam is the mildest one.Not drying,not much lather,smell fresh and nice.I like it! 4 points bcoz I prefer the cleansing water one:)..

4.Hanskin O2 peeling gel

Can't tell you much about this product since this is my first peeling gel ever! I mean,have nothing to compare with this peeling gel.Yes right,I'm not into peeling gel thingy since I have a dry skin so I prefer mask to peeling gel. But skin just feels smooth after using this peeling gel!!.You just need to put it in small amount to your desired area on face,then quickly rub it in a massage motion. Why quickly and in small amount?bcoz if you let it dry on your face bfore you get the chance to rub it,you won't be able to get it rid of your face,thanks to"changed into hard glue part agent". I mean it,i've tried it and it was just stick-stuck there,dry and hard to get rid out of my face for 2 days!..
Well..this is still a good product anyway,if you use it under good direction.Not drying,really smoothening. 3.5 points since I had that stick-stuck accident,hehehee...

Overall..I LOVE Hanskin!! Their BB creams were great too...excellent! Except for the price^^..

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