May 13, 2010

Innisfree troublecare BB

I bought this product about 5 months ago.I've heard its review and most of the review said it's a good product,especially if you have problems with acne,blemish,and pimples.Since I sometimes get this skin breakout easily,so won't make me think twice to try this product!:)

This product came in small tube,35ml.It contained SPF 27 PA++ as well.The texture was heavy/thick,good coverage as well.How about its fragrance?hmm..I think somehow it smelt kinda herb fragrance,in a positive meaning I meant. Because some people dislike herb fragrance as it might smell disturbing,but this one isn't like that.Just some pleasant herb fragrance:).It had light shade also,though i'm not sure whether it's yellow or white,so I'll describe it as a light shade.About the look,you'll get a good glowing look with this product.
The ingredients are:
"Water, sayikeulromechikon, titanium dioxide, butilrengeulrayikol, echilheksilmetoksisinnameyiteu, cyclopenta Siloxane, setilpiyiji / PPG -10 / 1 dimechi cone, 4 - methyl benzyl vinylidene camper, sodyumkeulrorayideu, heksilrawooreyiteu, polyglyceryl -4 isopropyl stearate, sorbitan Te Rate this source, nattogeom, glycerin, talc, silica, butylene glycol frills digital camera rate / digital camera plate, Beeswax, Sorbitan All rebates, dime chikon / vinyl di mechanism Chi Con Cross Polymer, Dimethicone, Iron Oxide (CI 77492), disk Te Des Moines Lanthanum hectorite, calcium stearate, centella asiatica extract, Madonna lily root extract, bereugamoteu Fruit Extract, Iron Oxide (CI 77491), Iron Oxide (CI 77499), propylparaben, mechilparaben, keulropenesin, tocopheryl acetate, propylene carbonate, spices, tree-reel silane silane frills car, Leti Neil palmitate, diso dyumyiditieyi, sodyumhayialruroneyiteu, T Tree Leaf Oil "

Did it really cure my acne and pimples?Here is the story:I run outta my acne remedies that time,so..out of my curiousity I wore this bb cream on purposely(to heal my blemishes of course).So,I woke up the next morning and you know what I found?My acnes,pimples,blemishes just gone away!!! Not only that,my acne spot and scar were also gone,er..lightly faded I mean. Miracle isn't it?? Ok,maybe you think it's only a coincidence.But a fren of mine also experienced the same thing.She forgot to wipe out her makeup(with this bb cream of course),and ended up sleeping without doing cleansing ritual before.So,she woke up in the morning and saw that all of her pimples were gone!See..that's why I said this bb cream is a bless for blemishes people :D..
I dunno whether this bb cream has the oil control or something.It should has since it's a bb cream for acne & blemishes.But,my skin is normal to dry skin type and this bb cream didn't dry out my skin at all.And my fren above(who experienced the same)has oily skin but this bb cream worked well on her also.So..weird isn't it?
*5 points for this bb cream.I like it all :)


  1. Wow, sounds great !
    I gotta find myself one too !

    1. Oh,this one was a great product!^^ Thanks for visiting!:)


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