May 13, 2010

Nature republic blemish lab ac BB cream

So,have any of you figured out what AC in terms of blemish and acnes prones means?I absolutely have no idea,why every product(especially korean products)that has anything to do with acne and blemishes,will be named with AC word in it.Some people even think that product with AC word in it has something to do with Air Conditioner.Gosh..this is so puzzling me even untill today!..
So,one day I was trying to figure out what it is and found this web:Acne Pimples Symptoms, Cure, Cause, Treatment, Homeopathy Remedies for Acne Pimples .
Read the whole review,and..tadaa..I think I know what AC means:Acne Conglobata.Err..I guess so.Hope that won't be just my lucky guess^^..

So,about this product:I like its packaging,very minimalist and modern design.It has SPF 20,and some healing blemish properties in it.It has good coverage as well.Though the look will be hard to define,or as I define it as just a flat look(not matte,not glowing,not dewy either).
The ingredients are:
Water, sayikeulromechikon, titanium dioxide, dimethicone, glycerin, butilrengeulrayikol, butylene glycol updated digital camera peu relay / digital camera plate, talc, echilheksilmetoksisinnameyiteu, setilpiyiji / PPG -10 / 1 Dimethicone, yisoeyikosan, magnesium sulfate, isopropyl polyglyceryl -4 Update Stephen Arenas, two hydro-Part four nucleotides C6-14 olefin polymers, dimethicone / vinyl polymer cross-Con di mechanism Politics, gwalrugeunchuchulmul, Portulaca oleracea L. extract, Trehalose room glider Draco, Table and four-star value rose Hyde Hyde St Raleigh, titeuriipohil, sodyumhayialruroneyiteu, tocopheryl acetate, hydro-two nucleotides my four lecithin, ceramide 3, cholesterol, licorice extract, gyulohil, Houttuynia cordata extract, hyssop extract, Angelica Extract, Wind extract, cocos extract, lotus pollen, mulberry extract, gardenia extract, yellow root enlargement / trunk / kinds of extraction of water, SCE, Herb Extracts, Pa extract, loess, binildimechikon / mechikonsilseseukwioksankeuroseupolrimeo, silica, Discover Te Des Moines Lanthanum hectorite, tree hydroxy stearin, mechikon, tree, car frills reel silane Silane, Caprylic / CAP Rick triglycerides, triclosan, PEG -40 Hydro-two nucleotides my four castor oil, PPG -2 - Les seteah -9, ahjulren, kaemahjulren, spices, Phenoxyethanol, mechilparaben, propylparaben, butilparaben, yellow iron oxide, black iron oxide, red iron oxide

Did it work to my blemish well?Yes it did,though there's another bb cream that woks better on blemish and acne-I have reviewed it before.If there's something I don't like about this bb cream,it's the color shade.It came in natural/brown shade,even darker than TSF mushroom bb cream.Not a good match in my skin imo.If you're tanned,I think this bb cream will be a best match for you.
*So,I give this product 3.5 points :)

Anyway,this is bb creams swatch of some bb creams that I still have(others just run out before I do this swatch):
2 bb creams which have dark shades:Innisfree Mineral Skin,and this Nature Republic Blemish Lab AC.Hope this swatch helps.Thanks!:)


  1. wow you have covered so many BB cream s, i am glad i have found your blog :)

  2. wah lengkap bgt ulasan ttg BB cream!!! good job dear!!! keep blogging ^^

  3. helooo..thanks for visiting my blog..he? dari mana kulit mulus ku? :D hayooo

  4. Hi All..thanx for visiting my blog:)..Sorry for my late reply,I have been busy these days lately..

    @Sarah: Hi..thanx!:) You have a very nice blog too.I'm following you..

    @Nisa-Chan: Thankies:) I'm a bb cream freak,hehe..

    @Lumiele: Hahaha..trivia quiz nih..Dari mana yah?yg pasti yg ada di foto barusan ultah itu:) Like mother like daughter...Envy,envy..

  5. I'm a new follower! Hope we can be blog friends <3 And I just bought this bb cream :D

  6. Hi Marion,thank you for following!:) Heading my way to your blog<3..
    Oh,you've just this bb cream?good for you then,especially if you have problems with acnes:) But if you have yellow,pink or fair undertone,you should pay an extra attention since this bb cream shade is natural to brown,even a bit greyish imo. G'luck with your new bb cream :)

  7. I haven't used this yet though :D It has a browny grey undertone? I didn't know that. :( I hope it will match my skin. Is the oil control great? :3

  8. What I got was in browny-tend to grey undertone.I didn't know that either when 1st time I bought it! I only wanted to try-and the good packaging too:D..

    If you have yellow undertone,then you should balance it with your face powder then(when I used this,i had my Everyday Minerals face powder in a very yellow shade,so mixed it with this=perfect:) )..

    Sometimes the company change the formula or shade without notification,so there will be a chance that your bb cream will be in different color than what you used to get. Woah,I want to see your review about it:)..


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