May 10, 2010

Nature Republic Ageslick Collagen BB & some haul..

This time I'm going to review some of my Nature Republic haul :).Nature Republic is one of new brands in Korea. With Rain as a spokeperson,this brand mainly targeted young women(though they have products for older women as well).Who is Rain?He's a famous singer,model,and actor from Korea.He recently plays in a Hollywood movie too,"Ninja Assasin".Well,I'm not his biggest fan though.But yes I like some of his drama series :).So,I bought some of Nature Republic products,and here is the review:

1.Nature Republic Ageslick Collagen BB:

elegant packaging

yep..the colour is just like that,a nice creme one.Suits for almost all skin color

I was interested in this product since it had collagen in it.I have dry skin,so I hoped this product would give me skin improvement+good skin complexion at the same time. Beside,I haven't seen anyother bb cream which contain collagen in their ingredients.It also had SPF 25 PA++ in it :).So,the package came.This bb cream came in luxury brown-gold packaging. First time I applied it,it had light fragrance,and quite thick texture.
The ingredients are:
Water, cyclopenta siloxane, glycerin, titanium dioxide, talc, dipeuropilrengeulrayikol, echilheksilmetoksisinnameyi updates, PEG -10 Dimethicone, Zinc Oxide, Dimethicone, Arbutin, echilheksilsalrisilreyiteu, heksildesil Stoke preview a methyl amino propionate, mica, disc nyumhektorayiteu Te Des Moines, betaine, two hydro-Part four nucleotides C6-14 olefin polymers, heksilrawooreyiteu, magnesium sulfate, dimethicone / vinyl polymer cross-Con di mechanism Politics, POL, water extraction, tocopheryl acetate, hydro-two nucleotides my four lecithin, ceramide 3, cholesterol, soluble collagen, mistletoe leaf extract, daisy flower extract, Geranium extract Jeju, soy germ extract, baobab leaf extract, beudelriahchuchulmul, seonbaekrihyangchuchulmul, olive leaf extract, binildimechikon / mechikonsilseseukwioksankeuroseupolrimeo, practical car, C12-14 Palace-3, Acrylates / dimechikonkopolrimeo, palmitate her seed ticks, mechikon, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum stearate, tree Flick Chicago Freel rilsilran, adenosine, Caprylic / CAP Rick triglycerides, spices, Phenoxyethanol, mechilparaben, propylparaben, butilparaben, yellow iron oxide, red iron oxide, black iron oxide

What I like the most about this bb cream is that,the texture is so soft,almost like a mousse.Felt like a very soft creamy homemade fresh milk creme.And the shade,it's just awesome!! There's only 1 shade available,but the shade isn't yellow,not light,not even natural/brown shade. The shade is just what I describe as: creme. This suits me best! And many other women I guess since the shade is kinda neutral to any Asian+Caucasian skin color.Why?bcoz soon after you apply it,the color will be blended into your skin so you won't feel the difference between before and after wearing this cream.It also gives me a dewy look(something that I always want to),and a good coverage as well.Also,hours after I wore this bb cream,my skin felt so smooth,moisturized and hydrated well. Oh,this is my fave bb cream by far.No.1 on my list! You should try this,especially if you have dry skin like mine :)..
*5 points for this product. Highly recommended!

2.Nature Republic Blemish lab ac bb cream

So,this is another bb cream that I bought from nature republic.I bought this bcoz I have problem with acne prone sometimes,so I hoped this bb cream would be my bb cream during my acne season,hehee.. :)
Oke,will do separate review about this bb cream on bb cream section next :)

3.Nature Republic Stain Girl's tint

this is what I bought,no.2..very berry
I love lipstain,more than lipstick. Mainly bcoz it's lightweight. Before this lip stain,I bought etude fresh cherry tint(which I'll review it later). I prefer this to that etude one. This lip stain no.2,came in a berry color.A mix between purple and pink.
The ingredients are:
Purified Water, Methyl glue Seth -20, butilrengeulrayikol, poly glycerol methacrylate, Lille, peuropilrengeulrayikol, denatured alcohol, Paul Le Beit resources 20, Western roses, spices, stevia extract, butilparaben, echilparaben, benzoyl Penon -9, lily extract, Phenoxyethanol, mechilparaben, propylparaben, this sobutilparaben, Red 2, Red No. 227
The texture is watery, can smell fresh berry fragrance there!:) The only thing I don't like about this product is that it only last for 3-4hrs(note:if you don't eat anything greasy).After that,you'll have to reapply it.
*4 points for this product.


  1. i was looking for nature republic review as i want to give it a what do you think about nature republic products so far..

  2. Hi Gallery ibu:)
    Sorry for the late reply,my internet connection got cut these 3 days,lots of thunders these 3 days,even my home phone line got crashed by that:(

    Hmm..nature republic has some good products.I like their unique packaging.What kind of nature republic product that you want?can you be more specific?

  3. i want to buy some nature republic's products,but it's kinda hard to find them.not like missha or tony moly. can u recommend a place to buy them? ah,and vov's products also

  4. Hi Liebe:)
    1st of all,sorry for the late reply.I've been working on re-designing my blog layout(which I got much failures at 1st time:D,so it's been mess days these days for me).
    Anyway,if you have no nature republic counter arround you,and you can't get it on your online shops either,you can try to order it directly from korea via this
    You can find alot of korean brands there.Nature republic,and vov are available there.Anybrand.
    However,you have to pay the shipping cost so my suggestion is:buy products in amount that worth the shipping cost.
    Good Luck in shopping:)


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