May 09, 2010

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

I have heard on MUA that this masque works well on acnes and pimples,so I decided to buy this since I have problem with acne and pimples.My skin is very sensitive,easily brokeout when I get the wrong cosmetics or eat something wrong. Since my last TSF parsley and mandarin spot gel,I haven't tried anything new to kick my acnes so I decided to buy this product:)..

It came in giant tube PLUS bonus 33% more(226.8 gr)which means you could get this enough for a whole year(especially if you use it only on your acne/pimple spot,and not as a masque).
First time I aplied it on my face,I smelt very2 minty. Yep,like you put toothpaste on your face but without the cold mint sensation. Let it dry couple of minutes before I wash it,and hey...I smelt a strong sulfur!! So I checked on the ingredients,and here they are:
Ingredients:Water,Kaolin,Bentonite,Glycerin,Zinc Oxide,Propylene Glycol,Sulfur,Chromium Oxide greens(Cl#77288),Fragrance(Parfum),Phenoxyethanol,Methylparaben.
So I was right,it's a sulfur smelt. Then I washed my face with water,and acne pimples became smaller in size.Some of my acne spots and scars also a bit dissapeared!! Really amazing!
Guess those who said this masque worked was right!!^^

I don't use this masque as a masker,mainly bcoz I don't want my skin became drier.I only use it on my acne and pimples,as a remedies.So for those who have oily skin with heavy acne prones,you can use it as a masker.I'm sure it'll work well for you:)..
*4.5 points for this products(they should came in prettier packaging,heheee..)


  1. Hi! I've been looking for blogs that have reviews for this product. I'm happy I came across your blog! This is so helpful for me. I want to try this coz' I've got pimples bumps on my face.
    I love your blog, and I'm looking forward for new blogs about skin care. Keep up the good job!

  2. Hi Im''ma Live:)
    Thanx for visiting my blog :) On my experience before,my acnes and pimples really got kicked. It will dry your pimples,and the size of this masque is really huge.If you use it as acne cure only,it will last for 2 yrs I guess. They even add extra on it!:) You can try it!:)
    Good to know that my review helps you.Thanks ^^


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