May 08, 2010

The Skin Food Mushroom BB cream

The Skin Food Mushroom BB cream is the 2nd BB cream that I have.My first BB cream was Palgantong One Touch bb cream which came in one package with Palgantong Theatrical Powder and a cute puff inside :).. Actually,I have no major problem with that palgantong BB cream one,the color is fine though I still think it's a bit weird. It came in brown shade,but when you applied it,it just became lighter and match to your skintone well.It didn't feel sticky at all,no breakout either. Just one thing,it felt a bit"warm/hot"on your skin first time you applied it.I think that's a sign that my skin resist it.

Ok,so let's get back to the skin food mushroom BB cream topic.This BB cream has definitely the darkest BB cream shade among all BB creams in The skin food bb creams.The skin food mushroom BB cream(and almost all of TSF's bb creams)has 2 shade,shade #1 Radiant Skin,and shade#2 Natural Skin. Shade#1 is always lighter than shade #2. So what I bought was shade #1.
The ingredients are:
Water, sayikeulromechikon, titanium dioxide, butilrengeulrayikol, setilpiyiji / PPG -10 / 1 Dimethicone, echilheksilmetoksisinnameyiteu, poly methyl methacrylate, seresin, arbutin, boron nitride, sorbitan isopropyl stearate, sodyumkeulrorayideu, Dimethicone, Sorbitan All rebates, penilteurimechikon, binildimechikon / mechikonsilseseukwioksankeuroseupolrimeo, in Annals of trimethylammonium silicate, aluminum hydroxide, cliff stability, Rick Seed, Talc, Lil frills car in the tree silane Silane, lecithin, ahdenosinaek (2%), Silica, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract 50mg, bisabolol 50mg, shiitake mushroom extract 50mg, chamomile flower extract 50mg, Phenoxyethanol, propylparaben, mechilparaben, spices yellow iron oxide, red iron oxide, black iron oxide, ultramarine

The color was a bit darker to my skin tone but I like it since it gave me dewy look.A perfect dewy look one!!.I always want to have dewy look,and not glow or glossy look. Dewy look for me is a stunning look,not to glow but it's just a healthy skin look. So,yes I like this BB cream.In fact this is one of my fave BB creams.Highly recoomended for those who have dry skin like mine :),it's moisturizing,not drying.It has good coverage too. This bb cream has triple function: whitening,anti aging,and sun block SPF 20 PA++. The smell is just average,though I don't say I fancy it.Came in good packaging as well(I actually judge a cosmetic by its cover,LOL ^0^).. The only contra is that..I had a breakout in the morning.Overall,I like this bb cream.
*So,4.5 of 5 points for this BB cream.

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