May 07, 2010

The Skin food Parsley and Mandarin Spot Gel(for troubled skin).

Acne,one thing that I hate the most in my life :(.. You get it rid of your chin today,and tomorrow you'll find it there on your cheek. Leaving scars and spots..Arrghhhh!!!

So I bought this skinfood Parsley and Mandarin Spot Gel(for troubled skin). I did really hope that it could get all of my acnes and pimples out of my face area,while keeping it in naturally ingredients(at least that's what skinfood promises).It came in pretty glodie small tube,15 ml size.It smelt very"orange",just like a fresh orange juice on your hot day:).It's in liquid clear lotion.
The ingredients are:
Purified water, ethanol, butilrengeulrayikol, glycerol les -26, chyolmugeurassiohil, black big Min Oil, Manuka kind / ipohil, a wheat amino acids, potassium Lauro, pamgeulriserayideu, Magnoliae extract, PPG -26 - buteseu -26, -40 Hydro-my four two nucleotides PEG castor oil, di methyl ammonium acryloyl rate of tau /, -25 meta-network relay beheneseu teukeu Los polymer, kabomeo, Ole seed wing cliff, sodyumkabomeo, PPG 6 - desil -30 to tetra-, Seth, licorice extract, two hydro-Part four nucleotides lecithin, cholesterol, Serra de Mai 3, stearyl glitches during Nate Leti, argan tree, the kernel extracts, palm fruit extracts Bowl, Sesame Extract, Dimethicone, peuropilrengeulrayikol, Madonna lily bulb extract, Taraxaci Herba extract, chamomile flower extract, licorice extract, centella asiatica extract, kongchuchulmul, parsley extract (75mg), Mandarin Extract (75mg), triethanolamine, disodyumyiditie two, triclosan, mechilparaben, phenoxy ethanol, and spices

First time I applied it at nite before sleep,in the morning I got my acne wasn't as swollen as the nite before. So in the morning I applied it again,'ll get your acne done for about 4-5 days since the 1st application. This is absolutely not a product for you,if you want a quick result for your acne.2 points for this products since I like the smell,and not sting on your face..:)

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