July 26, 2010

Etudehouse So Lovely All over spray

This was my first etudehouse fragrance.I was in loovvee with its(as it's named)So Lovely packaging.
The bottle looked elegant,so I thought the perfume would have the same elegant smelt. This allover spray can be used as a fragrance to our body,bag,clothes,even for room fragrance. Wherever you want...

isn't it lovely?isn't it wonderful..

So when it came,I couldn't hardly wait to try it!! And then.....sigh..the bottle wasn't as"that"elegant as I thought before.It wasn't in clear pink bottle,it was in almost peach plastic bottle. Oh well,whatever...I expected the smelt would be girly and lovely.So I sprayed it,and.....sneezed!! My oh my..it smelt soo weird.It was a strange combination between fruits and florals.For me,it smelt like a combination between citrus and...tobacco! Yes,tobacco. Okay,I might be wrong..but I hardly  identified what the exact smelt it was.Let's say..some sort of tobacco smelt.. @_@


Will I buy this again?Definitely no.So I guess I'll give this product 2 points..

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