July 01, 2010

It's Skin Collagen+Cream

 a rose?for me?oh..thank you!None girl in this world will say no to you..Kim Bum^.^

 courtesy of buhaykorea
Almost Paradise..that was what I felt when my It's Skin Collagen+Cream came to my house :)..It's skin is one of(quite)new cosmetic brands in Korea,under Hanbul group. And..it's skin's previous brand ambassador was not other than...the handsome Kim Bum,one of Boys Before Flowers(a K-Drama) tv stars :)..(fyi..the opening song 's title is"almost paradise":) ).
So,this is what I bought:
can't see it clearly?took this with my mobile phone camera:/

believe me..it's not even in that cute baby pink packaging

So..my new it's skin collagen+cream came in a pink mettalic jar lid.The jar was in a thick glass.The reason why I bought this was that because I was looking for a cream that contains collagen,mainly marine collagen or vegetable collagen. So,it was me there..surfing on it's skin web..and..found this product. What made me happy was this product contains vegetable collagen(at least that's the web said). Of course I wont think twice to order this product:)..For my religion reason,I prefer marine and vegetable collagen. As far as I know,now lots of Korean cosmetics products carrying marine and vegetable collagen,instead of bovine or porcine collagen.Some researches have found that marine collagen has better effects than bovine or porcine collagen.
I guess this is why Korean cosmetics industry prefer to choose these kind of collagen on their products.
And,as it is stated on this product's jar lid..it contains Phyto Collagen. What is phyto collagen?not sure what it is,so I google for it and found that phyto collagen is a collagen that is used in natural cosmetic(cosmetics without any preservatives and harmfull chemical agents).

Ok,so first time I tried this product,it smelt something that I couldn"t describe.Fragranced,but the smell is unfamiliar for me.Just like any other collagen product,the texture of this cream is soooo smooth,like marshmallow.First time you apply it on your face,you'll feel a bit oily,but then the cream will easily sink to your skin,leaving your skin smooth and supple.This is why I like collagen much!:)

Overall,I like this product.Will I buy this again?I don't know..I like trying new product,so maybe I'll come with other products later.But I wont regret for buying this product.Really worth the price..
*4.5 points for this product..I was expecting it to be in exact packaging as it's shown on the web.The packaging was soo different in actual.

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