August 22, 2010

Himalaya Herbals Lip Balm

This month is a fasting month for moslems in Indonesia and all arround the world. Fasting for moslems means we don't eat nor drink since the sun rise'till the sunset.Fasting is a good way to detoxify our body,which means to cleanse our body from toxic.By the abstinence of all foods and liquids,our body will start to detoxify it self. Fasting is also done by other religions,like christians,Budhist,Hindu,and manymore. It's been proved by scientist also that fasting will give us good effect in our health. 
For me,fasting also means 2 things:looking pale & grey,and...dry lips.So,I think it's  the perfect time to use my Himalaya Herbal lipbalm that I bought recently :).

a cute slingbag
I bought this at the same time when I bought my Indian Elephant sling bag.I got this sling bag from my friend who currently lives in Mumbay.My friend is an Indonesian women who has an Indian husband.She came back to Indonesia that time,so she asked me what I wanted to bring with her from India.I totally forgot what I wanted untill the day when she came to Indonesia,I remembered that I wanted to try"Lakme Jewel Sindoor"'s too late to ask her :(..
want that maroon one :p

Maybe some of you wondering why I want to try Lakme jewel sindoor while I'm not even an indian women.Simply because i'm curious,how sindoor looks like(especially those one that Lakme has,look cool!).
Sindoor is used by Indian women,especially to those who already maried. As a symbol that she's married.
It's the one that they use on hair parting line or on their forehead.Traditionally,it's in red color.
But Lakme has made it into some bling2 other colors which attracts even to non Indian women,which is me :D..

Ok back to my Himalaya herbal lipbalm.I bought it mainly bcoz I somehow ever heard that Himalaya Herbal is famous for their lipbalm.Well,I kinda believe it since I imagined how hard our skin will be in such dramatical climate like Himalaya has.So product from Himalaya means good for anyone since mostly we all don't have such dramatical climate like himalaya's.So when I received this lipbalm,I was's made in India?And not himalaya???. I thought it was traditionally made by folks of a village somewhere in himalaya,while it's actualy made by a big factory in India.  Oh well..let's see how it works.

i like the simple but still good packaging

It has bubblegum smells which I think it's weird(again,I expected to smell some traditional herb smells).
It came in small tube,in tosca color as the cap which I adore the packaging so much.It's just a simple packaging,but I love the combination of the color.It looks balance and...tosca of course!:) one of my fave colors!  The lipbalm is quite liquid,not creamy at all so it's easily sink to our skin.  Does it greasy?hmm..yes,a little bit greasy on first application.But later it'll sink to your skin.
One thing that surprising me:after 1st time I applied this lipbalm,on the afternoon,I felt my lips became sooo tender and moist!That tender was even still 2 or 3 days after the 1st application though after my 1st application,I didn't use it on my lips.But my lips was still tender even 2 or 3 days after that! WOW..amazing!
I've never tried such a good lipbalm before!So..yes..I love this lipbalm!:)

see the labelled print on the top of tube above?yes..that's the original price in India
What surprising me even more was that this lipbalm was actually pretty cheap in India! You can see the original price in India on the product's code that was printed on the tube(Rs.20).I've just known that in India,some products'retail price were labeled  by the manufacture(as you can see on the tube)!! Here,there are no manufactures labelling the retail price of their products directly on the packaging! So,sometime the retail price can be slight different one another,depends on where you get the product(a wholesale,an agent,retil store,etc). Well..i think different country,different customs or trade law maybe?:)

Since I like this lipbalm,I think i'll give this lipbalm 4.5 points.It's a good product.If there's something I don't
like is only the sweet bubblegum smells.Just find it weird for a herbal product to have bubblegum smells..


  1. its sounds promising :) cant wait to try this,loved the review :P

  2. Hi Sarah..:) Surprisingly this lipbalm works on me..At least I've tried so many lipbalms before,but they all have quite similar"average"effect..
    More,I only applied this lipbalm once at that time,and the effect last for 2-3 days.. I can't believe it either :P.. Well..hope you can get the same effect as mine :) Good Luck!:)

  3. i really like your every product.your all product are natural and not side effected.thanx

  4. Hi rose
    I'm trying to be"natural"as far as I can,still long way to go though...

    Thanx for visiting :)

  5. wow!!!!i've used this product 4 quiet a long time but nevr went to its depths....btw can u suggest me a good lip balm non colored with sun protection?

  6. @Ano:
    Sorry for my late reply.Been busy with my offline stuffs:) This himalaya herbal worked well back then.However as now i care more about ingredients,this product is lack of information about what's in it(i heard that lots of indian cosmetics are not good in complete ingredients labelling.They only mention some of product ingredients).So now I don't fancy this product,and have bought new one,eos lipbalm in strawberry shorbet.

    A good lipbalm non colored with sun protection?What do you mean by non colored?Good sun protection gives white cast as physical barrier to the sun light.So if you want a good lipbalm with sun protection,youc can't avoid the white cast I think;) I think if i have to choose,i'd go for a lipbalm with zinc oxide in it for better protection.To mention the brand,maybe badger lipbalm with spf in it.I haven't tried it though,but soon as I try it,i'll review it;) Thanks


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