August 22, 2010

The Skin Food Banana Concealer

This is 3rd concealer that I have.Before using this one, I used Red Earth concealer & Oriflame concealer. Both of my previous concealers were in liquid and cream.So I decided to buy this skin food one since it's in stick which is more convenient to use(no more rubbing on concealer-a non hygienic action). This concealers were available in 2 shades: light and natural. The natural one was darker,so I chose the light one since I want it to cover my blemishes and ex acne scars,plus my eyebag.
The ingredients are:
Oktildodekanol, to iso-tree Sono Nano Eight rooms, an alcohol, Ole, seresin, kanderilrawakseu, carnauba wax, micro crystalline wax, mechilmetakeurilreyiteukeuroseupol Reamer, defender Lee Til Six other erythritol hydroxy-rate system Te / Six stearate / hex how to Nate, banana extract, tocopheryl acetate, propylparaben, bieyichiti, spices,(+,-), titanium dioxide, yellow iron oxide, zinc oxide, red iron oxide, black iron oxide

even the packaging looks like a banana^^
First time I applied it,it smelt soo banana.Seriously yummy!..  This came in a lipstick alike system which is twisting the case to get it out of tube.It's easily applied,not sticky,not creamy,very smooth.  Once you applied it,it will goes smoothly on your skin to cover your imperfection skin. If there's something that I don't like about this product,it couldn't conceal my eyebag well since it's less moist. I tried to apply it on my eyebags,and ended up got a cakey look.Eww..I'll try something more moist and liquid for concealing my eyebags.

Overall,I like this product though it can't cover my eyebags well. So I give this product 4 points..


  1. I was going to buy this back then but then I switched to salmon darkcircle concealer for dc purpose. omg....this dark circle buggin me a lot I hate it

    oh, and tagged your comment back on my post. thanks for commenting dear~

  2. I know that salmon concealer one,the one in glass jar.Didn't buy it as I prefer a non rubbing concealer one..

    Is the salmon concealer that bad?You should write the review then hye rin :)..


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