August 21, 2010

Wardah Intensive Night Cream

This time review theme is about Indonesia.4 days ago,August 17 2010 was Indonesia Independence Day.
And,I bought an Indonesian cosmetic 3 weeks ago.A perfect time to do the review for the product now :)..

I bought this cream mainly because I was interested in this one:collagen.I read on the brochure,it contained microcollagen.So hey..i'd be tottally in!

now the packaging is in a slim,modern one.I lovee their new packaging!
This cream came in small pretty plastic jar,with tosca color on the lid(I'm a huge fan of tosca color!).Quite small, just 30gr.Here is the ingredients list:
Water,Cetostearyl Alcohol,Dimethicone,Glyceryl Stearate,PEG-100-Stearate,Stearic Acid,Glycerin,Squalane,Butylene Glycol,Carbomer,Polysorbate 20,Palmitoyl Penta Peptide-3,Methylparaben,Propylparaben,Triethanol Amine,Titanium Dioxide,Butylated Hydroxy Toluene,Olive Oil,PEG-7 Esters,Tocopheryl Acetate,Fragrance,Benzyl
Alcohol,Methylchloroisothiazolinone,Methylisothiazolinone.'s the collagen?Is there anyother name that resembles with collagen on that ingredients list?On the other part of the box said that the cream contains:Microcollagen(1%),Vitamin E(0.1%),Olive Oil(1%) and Squalene(1%).
I'm wondering..why they forgot to mention collagen on the ingredients list.Or is it already on the list with different name(a name that I'm not familiar with)?....Well,let's leave that question to people who understand about chemical names.I'm just an end user here :)..

First time I opened it,there's a sweet smelt fragrance.A really sweet smelt one which is not my fave one(I like sweet smells,but not too much).The cream texture is thick.Very2 thick which makes it hardly applicable to skin.Did this cream work?Hmm..I don't know.On 1st application,the result wasn't appeared/felt on the skin.I mean,your skin just look and feel the same like before you used the cream.Maybe after multiple application it'll show the effect,but I'll use this cream later after I finish using my previous creams before,so can't apply this cream on routine basis these days.

What do I score this cream?3.5 points.I like the package,and collagen.Just don't like the smells and its thick texture.

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