September 04, 2010

Cover Girl Continuous Color Lipstick

This cover girl lipstick is my first cover girl product that I've ever had. Cover girl doesn't have counter here in Indonesia,so if you want to get CG products,you can get it only from online shopping(abroad or local online sellers).I bought this CG lipstick from one of online sellers here.

I like the packaging, a simple and quite elegant packaging though CG is a drugstore brand in US. What I bought was no.795,in toasted almond color. I thought the color would be a bit chocolate, when it came,the color was quite red.It's a mixed color between red and chocolate.It's more like brick color.Brick color is my fave lipstick color anyway :).

The ingredients of this lipstick are: Ricinus communis(castor)seed oil, isopropyl isostearate,ethylexyl  hydroxystearate, acetylated lanolin, ozokerite, euphorbia cerifera(candelila)wax, paraffin, cetyl alcohol, cetyl lactate,copernicia cerifera(carnauba)wax, retinyl palmitate,tocopheryl acetate, ascorbyl palmitate, propylparaben,mica.May contain: red 21 lake,red 33 lake,yellow 6 lake,lauroyl lysine,titanium dioxide, iron oxides, orange 5,red 27,blue 1 lake,red 21,red 27 lake,red 6 lake,red 7 lake,yellow 5 lake,carmine,bismuth oxychloride,green 5.

This lipstick has a satin finish,not glossy,not glittery,not matte.I can't tell whether  it 's long last or not,my lips are small and tiny in size,so all lipstick won't long last on my lips soon as I eat something,even it's a matte  lipstick one.The color of this lipstick...well... when it's applied on my lips,it became more red than the way it is.I don't know why,my lips makes all lipstick color become more red when it's applied on my lips.Sometimes it's good,but sometimes it's annoying.Especially when I buy lipstick online,I have to choose a color that isn't bright,like fuchsia for example. Fuchsia color,when it's applied on my lips,the result will be like I'm wearing a 80's lipstick style.You know,something that associated with Cyndi Lauper,and Madonna's MV"Like a virgin".Just not my style -__-...

Human lips are weird,we bring our special chemical that will react differently depends on each lipstick that
we wear.One day I bought this Maybelline matte lipstick in a chocolate color.When I wore it,the lipstick was in a terracota color,a brick alike color.My friend wanted it,so she bought the same lipstick as mine.Weirdly,when she wore it,the lipstick was in a cappucino color.She was dissapointed by that because she really wanted that terracota color. Oh,well...I dunno why either. Choosing a lipstick  is like choosing our soulmate I guess ;) Must find the perfect match for us..

Overall,I like the color,the packaging,just 1 thing..i hate the parabens and lanolin. So,4 points for this lipstick.


  1. I'm looking forward for the swatches^^ It'd be great~

  2. Hi Hye Rin:)
    I'm thinking about doing the swatch too,maybe on my hand since I'm a very bad photographer,dunno how to take a pic of my own lips..LOL!:D..
    Seriously,dunno how to take pic of part of our face with camera without making the pic terible..
    Need some tutorial here.. :)

  3. Salam sister, i noticed that you are a muslima from your recent post, as a fellow muslima i'd like to share an information pertaining carmine mentioned in the ingredient above. Carmine/cochineal is a natural red colour obtained by crushing of the female Dactilopius coccus, a cactus-dwelling insect indigenous to Central America thus it is haram to be used by muslims :). I choose to buy cosmetics and personal care product either from indonesia or malaysia as some of them already halal certified. As technology regarding material used in food and cosmetics is developing very rapidly, muslims need to be very careful :)

    1. Hi Aisha!Salam!

      1st of all sorry for my late reply.I have many things to catch up recently,so i'm not that active into bloging world these days.Yes I know that carmine is haram according to some scholars.And you've missed my posts like umm..since 2011 I take fully concern about ingredients inn my cosmetics,so I no longer use animal derivatives in my cosmetic products whenever it's possible.This is even more broaden than halal ingredients as some of them still contain animal derivative products.As I've been a vegetarian whole of my life,so animal welfare is an important issue for me as I don't even eat meat.Perhaps you can read my posts about it started from 2011 as that's when I started my eco conscious life.
      In all,trust me..I no longer use carmine in my cosmetic ;)

      Thank you :)


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