September 10, 2010

Eid in Indonesia

Eid,or here we say it Idul(from arabic word"Eid ul")are one of celebration days/holidays which are based on religion.Government of Indonesia"admit"the existence of 6 religions in Indonesia which are: Islam,Prostestant Christian,Catholic Christian,Budha,Hindu,and Kong Hu Cu(Confusianism). Admit here by means that there're buildings to pray for believers,there're official holidays which are based on each religions'holidays,other than that,it's the matter of citizenship paper which I'm not an expert of explaining it here. Islam has the largest believer here. About more than 85% of Indonesian are moslems. In fact,we're a country who has biggest moslem population in the world :).. However,this country wasn't built by moslems only. Indonesia was built by the vow of Indonesian Youths from different races,ethnicities,tribes,and religions back then on 1928.So that this country belongs to those,from different races and backgrounds and not just to some people.In the past,Indonesia was a place of multicultural races,endorsing by merchants allover the world who came here for trading.We have plenty people with Dutch,Indian,Tamil,Portuguesse,Arabs,and Chinese descendants. No wonder if we have mixed culture here,like in our foods,customes,and tradition.

Back to Idul Fitri topic.There are 2 Eid here,Eid ul Fitri(Idul Fitri),and Eid al Adha(Idul Adha). Idul Fitri is the largest holiday for moslems here.In other countries,the largest holiday for moslems there is Idul Adha. I've just known this from my friend who lives in middle east. Here,Idul Fitri means:

people on queue for ticket to go mudik
Mudik means going back home(to your hometown).Just like Christmas for Christians,Thanksgiving for Americans,Chuseok for Korean,or Lunar New Year for Chinese and Japanese. Here,it's Idul Fitri as a time to go home.It's the longest official holiday(about 1 week) so even if you're not a moslem,you'll be on long holiday too.

haha..the actual situation can be so damn bored in that traffic..^^
2.Long road traffic
A mass mudik only cause us one thing: traffic!! Be it mudik via air,sea,or land..there will be a long queue everywhere.If you mudik by bus/car/motorcycle, It'll be a looongg traffic everywhere,mainly on highway.If you go by car,buses,even motorcycle,you'll meet traffic. Thanx to this traffic,now even our tv chanels report live traffic directly from the traffic location,some even you can download it on your mobile so that you can avoid taking the traffic road. Some vendors do make good services for"mudikers". They make small moroccan tents along the way,and fill it with facilities which will help mudikers,such as: foot reflexy,massage,foods and beverages,even games like nintendo wii. All are for free. I've never tried those ones bcoz my father was always in a hurry to get into my granpa's house on outtown. Next time maybe :)..

3.Traditional foods 
These foods will be available in most of Indonesian homes on Idul Fitri:

Ketupat or packed rice is a type of dumpling from Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, and the Philipines.It is made from rice that has been wrapped in a woven palm leaf pouch and boiled. As the rice cooks, the grains expand to fill the pouch and the rice becomes compressed.


Opor Ayam(Chicken Opor):Looks like Indian chicken curry,but the spices are different.Indonesian foods,most of it use herbs,like turmeric,ginger,etc. Frankly,I'm not a good cooks when it comes to traditional Indonesian Foods.It has long list of spices!Without any cookbook about it,don't ask me to cook traditional indonesian foods :P..

Sambal Goreng Hati(Fried chicken/beef liver in spicy sauce):
This one is in one package with that chicken opor.If you eat chicken opor,you should put this menu in one plate along with fried shrimp cracker and lontong.
 (pic.courtesy of dapurbunda.blogspot)

Lontong(steamed rice wrapped in banana leaf):
 Just like Ketupat,this one is used as a substitute of a plate of rice.You can eat this with any of Indonesian foods.

Kerupuk Udang(Shrimp Crackers):
 Deep fried crackers made from starch and shrimp.
Opor ayam is served with this Shrimp crackers,Lontong/ketupat,Sambal Goreng Hati,and Opor Ayam.


Rendang:Originated from Minangkabau ethnicity in Sumatra island,Indonesia.This food takes quite long time to be cooked.You can substitute the meat by chicken,or lamb,anything that you want.
Anyway,I don't eat rendang since I don't eat 4 legs animals. Not a total vegan,I still eat egg,seafood,and chicken(boneless one).
But not 4 legs animals at all. I just don't like the smell,and I follow my mum who doesn't eat either since I was kid.


Soto(an Indonesian soup in a clear stock):
There are numerous varians of Soto in Indonesia,based on the region. And it's usually named by the region,like: Soto Kudus,Soto Semarang,Soto Banjar,Soto Betawi,Soto Madura,etc.Usually are made in a clear stock,served with sprouts,rice/lontong/ketupat,meat,rice noodle/soun,and sauce.

Those are some of Indonesian Foods that is usually served in Idul Fitri here.Depends on the ethnicity that people have.For a complete list of Indonesian foods,you can click on:  list of Indonesian Foods

4.Ask for Forgiveness
It's a tradition here to ask for forgiveness when Idul Fitri comes.Generally,people in Indonesia will give you greetings like this:"Happy Idul Fitri,Please forgive all of my faults..".
Everyone will give you that greetings,from moslems or non moslems.All of my non moslems friends,be it Christians,Budhist,they also give me the same greetings.So,it's like a nation time
for forgiveness :)..
This tradition came from this belief:When Idul Fitri comes,it's time for our soul to be"reborn"like a new baby born.Ramadhan has washed our soul,so to make it cleaner,we need to ask for forgiveness of all our previous faults in this Idul Fitri.

yep,that's our current president Mr.Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
It's a tradition here,where younger people kneel down to older people,asking for older people's forgiveness and bless.Originated from Javanese palace tradition,where the King received kneel down people as a sign of respect.Now the palace has no political power,but as our cultural symbol only. Still,the Sungkeman tradition is spread allover the country,not only in javanese ethnicity. Mother kneel down to her husband,Children kneel down to their parents,grand parents,and old uncles/aunties.For young uncles/aunties,we just do handshake only.What do we say when we down on our knee?We'll say this:"Father/mother,please forgive all of my faults.Please pray for my brighter future ahead".And they will reply:"I forgive all of your faults.Please forgive my faults too.I wish you'll have a bright future,a happy family(if you're married),or a successful study(depends on your status).Amin".
Somehow I don't really like this kneel down idea.I think it doesn't have to be younger to ask for forgiveness.Everyone can make mistakes/faults,so older people shouldn't wait to be asked for forgiveness first.'s tradition!..~ 

6.A stack of dirty dishes
Family,friends,colleagues are coming and visiting.It only means one thing:a stack of  dirty dishes! When I go mudik to my granpa's house,oh's like a trully volunteer works!My granpa's guests can reach into 200 persons daily,even more,during Eid time.I'm not joking about the number,my mum comes from a big family.So,when Eid comes like this and none of my granpa's maids at the house(they mudik too), me,we the family who cleans the house and..the dishes! Eeek..don't imagine me in a nice comfy holiday there.We all,granpa's grandchilds are the dishwasher machines there.I don't complain if it's only 10 or even 20 dirty dishes,but more than hundred guests daily..well..what a job!..

courtesy of
With a heavy job,stressing traffic,stack of dirty dishes that you have,if you feel unhealthy,you can do...Kerokan!! Kerokan is a traditional Indonesian  folk cure, wherein a coin or ladle is drawn across the back. This action supposedly helps to release "wind" from the body by increasing blood flow near the skin's surface. The redder or darker the marks are, then the sicker you actually are.
The procedure starts from your neck, arms, chest to your stomach, back and down your legs.

Those are our Idul Fitri tradition here.Would love to hear anyother tradition from other countries arround the world.Happy Holiday for my Indonesian fellows..and..Have a nice lovely weekend!.. :)


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