November 02, 2010

BRTC Whitening & Wrinkle Repair BB Cream

Oh,it was such a looonngg time I didn't write any on this blog!I missed writing,but had no choice.Got things
to be taken care of last month :(...

Ok,so I'll come with this BB cream review.This BRTC whitening and wrinkle repair is the latest bb cream that I try recently. This is a 5ml size BB cream,so won't make you loose that much if you have tried and
find that you dislike it.BRTC bb cream is quite pricey among all bb creams brands.So trying it in 5 ml
size will be best for me,or else i'll be just "T_T" if the bb cream doesn't work while I already buy in full tube. My friend reccomended this bb cream to me,she said it's a good bb cream,so I tried it.

This bb cream has light almost no fragrance at all.It came in between natural-yellow shade,but when it's
applied,its color turn to...a pale white color!Weird eh?..
It's quite fragrant,not sure what the smell is.I've used this bb cream twice,but frankly i'm not satisfied with the result.Not just the color,it's drying on my skin as well. Something that I think weird since it has wrinkle repair purpose,all wrinkle repair products shouldn't be moisturizing imo.  Because the more mature the women is,her skin will be drying(which cause loosing its elasticity)compared to  her skin at younger age. So this product is weird in my opinion since I have dry skin,but couldn't use it because it's too dry.

How about the coverage?this product has medium coverage.It can cover your blemish,but after you apply it multiple times(more than 2x).If you apply it only once,it won't cover much. This product will give you matte look. Overall,this product is for oily skin people I think,so I give this product 3 points for drying my skin.


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