November 11, 2010

Palgantong Flower Set Powder

It's still grey everywhere here.Even my off white cat's fur is greyish now,thanks to the volcanic dust. If onluthe dust can be made into face powder,so we can get it for free here:)
Anyway,I'm going to review about one of face powders that I have.
There was a huge craze about this powder here in Indonesia.At the same time when BB cream was on high demand.How about now?this powder is still a fave powder(knew this after stumble on some forums on the net here).As for me,I'm not a devoted follower for just one product :D  Have never,i reckon :D.. Love to try new products as it is the joy of cosmetics.. :) And that's why I like it!..

Here are the ad for palgantong product:

Amazing isn't it?it claimed could cover pores,spots,scars,basically your flaws well. Hohoho..sure I wasted no time to order it! It was a very popular product in Korea and Japan that time.
Some of their products are:
 palgantong theatrical powder

 palgantong morning set

 palgantong sunny set

and their latest powders are these one:

What is palgantong powder?It's a face powder which is produced by Dodo Cosmetic.First time,this was produced for theatre purposes and television.So that it can reflect well to the camera light,made the actresses/stars looked prettier and in perfect complexion.That's why they named their product"theatrical powder". What I bought was the one: Palgantong flower set. A set contained 2 powders:pearl beige powder and lavender powder.

The lavender one was for shading/highlithing. It came in a pretty packaging(and that's why i bought them :D)..
Just like the name,just put small amount of it,your face is already covered.If you continue using it in multiple layers,'ll be just like those whose in chinese classical opera.Very pale and white.It's not about the color,i think the color  will be good for Asian skin with majority skintones: yellow,and beige.It's just because of the thick texture of this powder.Special for the flower set,the pearly beige powder one has slight glitters on it.Really small amount one.On the regular version one(the one in red lid),the powder contains no glitter(I have it too,but not going to do comparison review because the differences are on the glitter,the perfume and the color only,the red lid one is darker and perfumed).

So,this product is not just a hoax.At least me and my friend admit it.If there's one thing that I don't like is that,this product contains parabens and talc.I don't have any allergies to those,but recently I'm just trying to go greener with my cosmetic products, so I'll try to stay away from parabens.But if you're ok with it,so this product is not a big deal for you :).
I think I'll give this product 4 points,a perfect product in result,good coverage in matte look.But not in ingredients(at least for me).


  1. Hi, what's the weight of each powder?

    1. Hi Siti:)
      Unfortunately I forget the weight of each powder here.It was on my garage sale too,so I can't check it for you either.You can check it on palgantong web here:

      Hope that helps:)


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