December 04, 2010

Zamian Gold Cacao Mask Pack

It's been quite awhile since I bought this mask,as for skincare..a late review is better I guess to see how the product worked for our skin. So I think I'll do the revie now:)..

It was me and my classic problem,which was none other than: Acne! I saw that add that some of online shops here offered,and...look at the add,look convincing,right? Beside,cocoa+gold on our skin,how great it is?isn't it?..So I ordered these zamian gold cocoa pack set,which include: zamian gold cacao pack(mask)+ chocolate soap+olive soap.Chocolate soap and olive soap was needed to complete the ritual,so I bought it as well.

How to apply?1st,you wash your face with the chocolate soap. After that,apply the zamian gold cacao pack mask to your face. Leave it'till dry,then remove the mask with warm water.After that,wash your face with olive soap.End of ritual.You may add zamian bb cream or zamian night cream,but it's optional.

you can see the gold dust there..
The chocolate soap did smell chocolate,like you wash your face with chocolate.This soap was a bit itchy on my skin when I first time applied it.
The zamian gold cacao pack mask, trully smelt chocolate,with gold dust in it,made it glittery.The texture is quite thick.After using this mask,my skin felt smooth.I don't have much complain about this mask,but 1 thing:after I opened it and keep it in room temperature for about a week,the mask didn't smell chocolate anymore,instead it smelt sour like it has been fermented.That was weird since the 1st time I opened it,it didn't smell sour at all.No trace of alcohol as it didn't feel cold(the sensation and trace of the alcohol existency in a product)on your skin.I dunno why the smell changed,so I curently keep it on my refrigerator now.

The olive soap(last on the zamian ritual),smelt fragrant.Not exactly smelt olive imo.But this soap really dried my skin out!!In fact,I got more acnes by the soap since my skin drier.My skin(dry skin) should be in a mild product,not too drying,and not too moisturizing.If it's too drying product,I can get acnes.If it's too moisturizing,I can get acnes too. So both of these zamian soaps weren't my best skin pals :(.. It ended up as hands soap since it's even too dry for my body skin.But these soaps will absolutely work for oily skin.

Overall,the mask was good,4 points-I don't like how the smell changed.Both soaps,1 point-I got itchy and dried.


  1. been thinking about buying this too ^___^ thanks for your review

  2. Hi Hye Rin:) Nice to see you here,sorry for the late reply,It's been raining hard here these days so my internet goes -___- again...

    Yep,if you have oily skin,this product is good for you.Hope it will work well on your skin!Good luck!;)

  3. I just ordered this for my sis' birthday. Since she's got oily skin I expect it should work fine for her.

    1. Oh,if you use this along with the soap,I'm sure it'll work since the soap is very harsh and drying out the skin.Not sure what's inside the soap though:( But the mask alone,is quite oily.Not sure if that works for oily skin.Clearing post acne scars maybe,since that's the function of chocolate:)

      Good luck for the mask!

  4. How can I get this item ? Where to buy ? Only in Indonesia ?
    I stay in Indonesia too :) thanks before ;)

    1. Hi Ah Ling:)
      I don't remember where I did buy it,sorry :(.I think you can try at Kaskus.This is a very"old"item,not sure if it's still available though.Or,try to search it at multiply.
      Good Luck,hope you'll find it:)


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