January 29, 2011

Innisfree Tea Tree Anti Trouble Cleansing Gel

I was running outta my cleansing water last month,so I wanted to buy a mild cleansing one for me.I'm absolutely not into cleansing foam as the result is always too harsh for my dry skin. My fave one is cleansing water since it's not drying and not too moisturizing like cleansing cream/cleansing lotion.My skin can't be too dry(by cleansing foam)or too moist(by cleansing cream/lotion),both will cause me:break out!So,I use 2 types of cleansers:cleansing oil(to remove make up)-for afternoon/night use,and cleansing water(for cleansing dirt only)-for morning use.

Why innisfree?I become greener lately,so now I usually read the ingredients 1st before deciding to buy a cosmetic.Among all korean products I've tried,innisfree has the"safest"product for me to choose.They have more non paraben products,unlike other korean brands.So recently I put innisfree on my no.1 list everytime I want to buy a korean cosmetic.When other korean brands haven't listed the ingredients list of their products on their web,innisfree has listed it on their web.Also,among all korean brands I've tried,my skin didn't give negative reaction to innisfree product which means i'm ok with their products.

So,I wanted a cleansing water from innisfree.They had it which was:"Mint pore tightening cleansing water",but currently discontinued. The only option left was this"Teatree anti trouble cleansing gel",so I bought it. Beside,this product was innisfree best seller,click this link:
http://www.homeremediespro.com/beauty/innisfree-cosmetics  .After all,I wanted to try a cleansing gel bcoz I've never tried any cleansing gel before.

The packaging,from what I saw on the web was"not attractive at all",unlike my innisfree real olive cleansing oil. Hell,who cares..I want to try the product!So I bought it. When it reached my hands,I was surprised..it's in..a circle bottle??I thought it's in square bottle like the one on the pic :D...   It came in circle bottle,the gel was in light green clear gel.This one felt like a thickening water,more than a gel imo.It smelt teatree and some herbs.
The ingredients are:
Water, cyclopenta Siloxane, Mica (CI 77019), Six cycles siloxane, titanium dioxide (CI 77891), glycerin, echilheksilmetoksisinnameyiteu,zinc oxide (CI 77947), digital cameras frills reel carbonate, setilpiyiji / PPG -10 / 1 Dimethicone, Caprylic / CAP Rick triglycerides, yellow iron oxide (CI 77492), yuhyangyu, cm de geranium flower oil, Vetiver Root Oil, Balsamic Ami Leasing bark oil, titeuriipohil, carrot seed oil , camellia extract, Laban Dean Oil, * sweet almond oil, cocoa seed butter *, *,jojoba seed oil, * chamomile flowers, the number rose oil, flowers,peppermint leaf extract, * rabendeokkot / leaf / stem extract, lemon balm leaf extract, rosemary ipchuchulmul, Madonna lily extract, iris extract, geranium extract inches DE, aepeulminteu leaf extract,edelbayiseukkot / ipchuchulmul, lotus extract, oregano leaf extract, eucalyptus leaf extract, rose extract, jyaseuminkkot / ipchuchulmul, titeuriip extract, peppermint leaf extract, freesia extracts, extracts of daffodil,seonbaekrihyangipchuchulmul, yangbakhakkot / Leaf / Stem Extract, sodyumkeulrorayideu, sorbitan Seth raise Eight wheels, kwoteonyum -18 hectorite, mannitol, two hydroxyl nucleotide Silesia lecithin, glycerol Lil frills car rates, shellac, tree hydroxy stearin, sodyumbenjoeyiteu(sodium bezoid?), dimethicone, disodyumyiditieyi,silica, silane Lil frills car in the tree silane, butilrengeulrayikol(butylene glycol),red iron oxide (CI77491), ultramarine (CI 77007), black iron oxide (CI 77499) 

Since this was my 1st cleansing gel,I was quite confused about how to use it.So I put the gel allover my face,damn..it's STICKY like glue!Then I wipe it with my cotton,oh my...totally a mess!!I hardly moved that cotton on my face bcoz the cotton stick directly to my face thanx to the gel!! It's like you stick your stamp to your envelope with the help of glue.Perfect!So I removed all those cotton from my face,and washed my face immediately.

After i washed it with water,my face felt a bit tight and dry.I dunno why,maybe because of teatree extract in it?6(*_*) So,the next morning I used it again,but this time I put the gel on my cotton then wipe it on my face.It worked :).After that,I washed my face with water.I have been using this method and the product daily for about 3 weeks now,and successfully gained some acnes on my face!!.It's teatree(to combat acnes),so why it got me broke out?The answer is on this one:this product is drying my dry skin. So I think this product will be good for people with oily skin,the heaviest oily one!If you have oily skin,go grab this product!This is a good product for ya.. But if you have dry skin,err...you know my answer:)..

Overall I got the wrong product for my skin,so I'll give this product 3 points.I'll give this product 5 points if only I have oily skin type..


  1. belum tertarik nyoba facial wash gentle semacam cetaphil atau sebamed??
    kayaknya belakangan ini (atau udah lama ya?) lagi rave banget soal gentle cleansing..
    aku juga berniat mau coba karna udah capek nyari-nyari facial wash yang cocok & akhirnya menyerah buat gak mau yang macem-macem dan lebih milih yang gentle.
    btw, kulitku sekarang super sensitive & very dehydrated.. :( (karna salah pakai facial soap cleanser kayaknya)

  2. Yurina:Aku pake sebamed dari jaman kuliah,tapi deodorantnya krn tdk mengandung alkohol maupun aluminium chlorohydrate.List facial wash yg pernah aku coba:trustee,oriflame(ni dr jaman dia belom pake nama teatree.Waktu itu namanya ada purifying2nya gitu,lupa hehehe),nivea visage,clean & clear,etude,hanskin,zamian dan bikinan dokter kulitku.
    Dari semua itu yg plg cocok cuma bikinan dokter kulit:D..Pas nyobain hanskin O2 gentle facial wash,itu mild banget loh!Cuman lama2 kulitku jadi mengering :( Nah,dari semua percobaan itulah(plus nyoba cleansing oil,cleansing water,cleansing gel) akhirnya aku ambil kesimpulan kalo buat kulitku yg kering ini,cocoknya pake:cleansing oil,sama cleansing water. Udah itu aja. Ga berani pake facial wash dr commercial brand krn SLSnya bikin kulit tambah kering!Ada sih yg skrg lagi aku lirik mau nyoba,sabun made in indonesia yg batangan(bar)bentuknya,100% terbuat dr minyak kelapa,ada lg yg bikin campuran dari minyak kelapa+lerak.Leraknya itu spy ada busa.Dan dia ngga pake detergent/sls sama sekali.Jadi ini mungkin lbh aman buat kulit kering :) Coba aja pake sabun jenis ini krn dia alami,tanpa detergent..^^

  3. iya aku kemarin sempet nonton video di utube ttg betapa gak bagusnya SLS buat kulit kita.. dan ternyata cetaphil ada kandungan SLS nya.. langsung kucoret lah dari list..
    ada juga facial foam yang free SLS namanya Ellgy h2o Extra Gentle Facial Foam.. dia free paraben & mineral oil juga.
    btw, tapi anehnya ponds pure white facial foam itu gak mengandung SLS lho.. (atau aku yang kurang teliti baca ingredients nya)
    oia nanti review si sabun made in indonesianya itu ya ^^
    for now i decided to try Ellgy h2o aja dulu deh.. :)

  4. yurina:
    Kalo kulitnya kering banget kaya punyaku,alternatifnya cuman:cleansing oil,cleansing water. Teknisnya sih yg kulit kering bisa pakai:Cleansing lotion,cleansing cream,& cleansing oil.Cleansing water buat yg kulit sensitive(ngga bisa pake semua produk diatas).Kalo buat kulit oily:cleansing foam/wash,sama cleansing gel. Nha,kalo aku..walo pake cleansing lotion/cream,itu malah bikin jadi minyakan->bikin jerawat krn minyaknya nyumbat pori2. Jadi,cuman cleansing oil sama cleansing water yg mempan krn dua2nya ga ninggalin residu(dgn catatan cleansing oilnya kalo kena air hasilnya bersih kesat).Kalo cleansing wash,wah jauh2 aja krn bkn kulit kering. Tapi tetep ada kemungkinan pake cleansing wash,mungkin sabun yg 100% natural bisa krn ga ada slsnya. Yoai,tar kalo uda make aku repiu disini... :)


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