April 09, 2011

Elisha Coy Always Nuddy BB 24

I bought this elisha coy always nuddy bb cream quite a while,but haven't been inspired to review it untill today.I bought this bb cream after reading many bloggers review about this bb cream,my friend also said this product was good(she has dry skin like me),so I bought it. What I bought was in 15ml mini tube(they have 2 size,full size 50ml and mini size 15ml,both are in tube).I read that this bb cream was popular in Japan though it's a korean bb cream.It became popular after the company did"blind test"of this bb cream to some girls there.They were asked to tried several bb creams without brands listed,including this elisha coy bb cream.The result was most of those girls chose this bb cream as the best bb cream.Since then this bb cream became popular.

My personal opinion about this bb cream,this was one of my fave bb creams that I've ever tried.The color was natural,between brown and yellow.So it's natural,brown to yellow colour.It's lightly scented too. This is not oily nor drying,just in the middle so it's good for dry skin as well. Just like what company said:it is good for every skin type.Coverage is good,can cover your blemishes well without being cakey. This bb cream gave me a bit dewy look(tsf mushroom bb cream gave more dewy look than this).

How about the ingredients?It's all in japanese characters(katakana,hiragana,and kanji) .I didn't read it one by one since I'm not good at japanese kanji(Japanese kanji use Chinese characters.They didn't have their own character back then.Read about it here). I learnt japanese language when i was on my high school,but really japanese kanji is still the most confusing part of it!Japanese language use 3 kind of characters:Chinese,hiragana,and katakana. Katakana is used for non origins of japanese words.While chinese character and hiragana are for japanese origins words.One chinese character can be read differently,depends on the word that is matched in japanese word.And this is the most confusing part imo.
So I skipped on kanji things,and concentrated to find parabens ingredients in it.I found these words on ingredients list:"mechiruparaben"and"buchiruparaben". So yes,it contains paraben(methylparaben and butylparaben):)...

All in all,if it doesn't contain paraben I'll give it 5 points(perfect). But since it contains paraben,i think I'll give this product 3.5 points.I prefer "greener"one for me these days.


  1. Does it have any sun protection? SPF or PA?

  2. Hi Stephanie:)
    On their ingredients list,there's no word that mentioned:SPF,or PA++,kind of things like that.However,I forgot to read whether it contained zinc oxide or not(it went on my garage sale already btw).I my self still questioning,why they name it BB 24?is it because they have SPF 24?but I didn't see any SPF word's written there(though the cosmetic is written in japanese or korean,but if it contains SPF or PA,it will be written in SPF or PA word-non japanese/korean character).I have searched on its ingredients on the net,but hardly found any.That's why I read it my self,and focusing more to paraben word :).. Hope that will answer your question..:)

  3. I waaaant this. where to buy it online?

  4. Hye rin,you know that we can dig anything on kaskus,darl!;)it's just need a bit patience to get stuffs that you want there :) coz there're soo many sellers there.My tips,once you get stuff that you want,quick order it or else it will go to other buyers on the next day.I've experienced it before:(.. G'luck!:)

  5. I didn' hear about this BB cream . It looks very nice but Im not dry skin type;) I have tested Missha perfect cover BB cream no.21 and now Im testing skinfood red bean cream;) this one is very nice:) I want to buy skinfood concealer- this famous salmon dark circle etc., skinfood sake peach silky powder and skinfood powder for concealer:D:D! It will be fun;)

  6. Shopaholic Dream:
    I heard a lot about this bb cream,but can't remember on what blogs(just random clicking:D)..
    Actually,this bb cream was supposed to oily skin type one,but weirdly this worked well on dry skin as well.
    Skinfood red bean bb cream is very nice?i see,guess it's for oily skin type one then.I heard that Skinfood sake peach silky powder isn't a powder that can cover our imperfection,but a powder that gives silky finish-feelings. But all skinfood peach sake series are for oily skin type ones.Next time you buy it,don't forget to review it!:)

  7. hym red bean doeant have great coverage- its very natural but it has got great matte;) I have normal skin- maybe my forehead likes to shine too often ;) yes:) I need this skinfood powder to matte me:D Im looking just thing that can gave me matte because I dont have many imperfections- and If I have some I use my EDM concealer but i dont recommend it;)

  8. SD: I see..maybe it's like hanskin bb creams(i got some samples of hanskin bb creams back then).No coverage,and have matte look.

    EDM?really?why not recommend it?I think EDM is one of good mineral cosmetic brands.Their products are non-silica.I had their loose powder one back then,but me and mineral loose powder aren't good friends:D Making me sneeze since we have to use brush to apply.But mineral powder has good coverage:)so I don't understand why you don't recommend it:S..

  9. Hi I am really wanting to try this but soorry I kinda have a few question before I buy it. Um first would this cover up your pimples ? Does it work like a foundation? Will it work for people with a little tan skin? And will make you have a look on the outside of change color if you are a little tan?please help me with this I wanna know if I should be getting this. One more question if it does not work like a foundation can I have foundation over it? (Please only answe the this last question If its not like a foundation) lol sorry for this paragraph long of questions.

  10. Hi 101tracybaby:) Sorry for my late reply,I've been busy(went outtown)so I haven't checked my blog'till today.About your question:Depends on your pimples,if it's really obvious one(big)then I don't think this one can replace a concealer.But for small ones and zits,yeah it can.This bb cream has better coverage than other bb creams i've tried before,and still moisturizing,not too oily either.So it's fine for dry or oily skin I guess.What's your undertone?though you're tan but tan has undertone,mine is yellow so this one is fine.But if your tan is like those african women,I don't think this one is for you.But if you're just like latino,mediteranian,or southeast asian,this one is still fine.And no worries,if yours is in that tan category,so this will not make you have a look on the outside of change color.BB cream is difficult to categorize,some bb creams work like foundie,some others are just like tinted moisturizer.This one works in between,not cakey as foundie does,but still has good coverage.If you want to add foundie over it,sure you can but that will make you have a"heavy look".As for pimples,guess you can cover it with concealer,then you can replace foundie with this one.
    No prob,hope i have answered yours:)


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