October 02, 2011

Lioele Princess Mirror in Baby Pink--LOVE!

Being born and raised in this Republic makes me believe,that republic system is better than monarchy. You know, whoever we are as long as being chosen by the people,we can be the head of the state and head of government at the same time(Indonesia has 1 person as the head of the state and the head of the government,we don't have prime minister).
Young,old,female,male,military,merchant,politician,anyone...you can be president as long as people elect you:).You don't have to dream of having a royal blood so that you can be on the crown to lead the country. It's such a bless,i think because i(and also all of indonesian women) don't have to dream to be a princess so that we have the chance to be in crown(in fact we've had our 1st female president,Mrs.Megawati Soekarnoputri).

But still,that fact won't stop me from loving super lovely princessy stuffs,like this one that I just got:Lioele Princess Mirror in baby pink color!!Woohoo...can't believe they make such a cute product like this! I meant,i've seen some brands made this kind of princessy style,but they all mostly came in black color which is..too gothic imo-__-..I've seen their products,at that time i was thinking"if only they make it in baby pink color,it'll be perfect..".I thought God won't grant my request,but hey..it's answered!!:)

So here is this lioele princess mirror on my hand,with the length of 15cm,and width of 8cm,it just feel perfect for my vanity pouch.It has 2 colors option:baby pink and hot pink.

When I 1st saw this at lioele's web,i thought it'd be bigger than this.But yeah,I don't really care much about the size.I enjoy the design much.It even has a little rose printed on  the top of the mirror(not the casing,on the mirror). The body of the mirror is made of plastic,i'm not sure what kind of plastic.It's printed in korean hangul(seriously,they should have made a better in plastic labelling.Other of korean products that I have,they make good plastic labelling written in roman alphabeth).On the back if the mirror,there's a lioele logo printed in fuchsia color which i think it'll be better if they make it printed in silver(silver and pink are always a good match).Still,overall I like this mirror so I'll give it 5 points:)..

Anyway,I watched a movie yesterday which was originally a mini series from BBC tv"the sinking of Laconia".It's about a German Nazi submarine captain,capt.Hertenstein who torpedoed a ship which he thought it was an army ship but then he realized that it's just a merchant ship which was armed. There're a lot of civilian passengers+prisoners of wars in that ship. Soon as he realized that he's just torpedoed a wrong ship,he decided to help the remind passengers and brought them to his submarine which actually could jeopardize his submarine of the overloaded passengers. Not only that,he even asked for a help from the Allies and declared that he won't attack anyship who wanted to help the remind passengers. He also put red cross flag on his submarine as a sign of asking for help.This is the wikipedia story about it:the sinking of laconia. Weird?Maybe since it happened on war.And we all know how cruel war is.But that captain knew,despite of orders that he got,and war that he faced,saving lives was the most important thing to do for him.He could just abandon the passengers,but he didn't.I know that me and you who reads this post,maybe not in war.But it's certain that a lot of people out there are in war literally,or struggling on just having one single meal a day. So if any of you care enough about them,please share some of the joy you get today to them through this link:

Saving 1 life means saving the whole world:). Have a good day everyone!:)


  1. cutee bgt cermin nya, jd pengen beli jg ^^

  2. @naomi:
    Betul!uda lama nyari yg model gitu warna pink,tp ga dapet2.Ternyata abis itu lioele ngeluarin..:)
    Coba lebih gedean dikid,kalo yg ini bisa masuk tas.Cuman kekecilan kalo buat liat bagian belakang kita(misal pas baru potong rambut gitu).Coba aja beli naomi;)..

  3. Mau tanya neh beli di mana tu? Lucu banget mirrornya....

    1. Wah,dimana ya?uda lama banget,aku lupa^^ Tp kayanya si lioele ini sekarang ada cabang indonesianya deh yg official,di fb ada.Coba aja pesen disitu:)


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