January 22, 2012

11 Random Things About Me Tag

I've been tagged by my dear lovely blogger friend,Hayley(she's a nice girl btw!:)).I've been busy lately,so that I'm finally able to do the tag just today.The tag is fun,so I deffy will do the tag :). 

Here are the rules:

1. Post these rules.
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5. Go to their blog and tell them that you’ve tagged them.
6. No stuff in the tagging section about ‘you are tagged if you are reading this.’ blah blah blah, you legitimately have to tag 11 people!

11 Random Things About Me:
1.I'm a half vegetarian(dunno what to name it,lol!).I don't eat animal that has 4 legs like cow,goat,sheep,etc.I still eat seafood,and chicken...only boneless one(it's just a @_@..to see bones on my plate).The rest,all vegetarian foods.
2.I'm a bearnatics.I like bear,even have collection about it including kitchen utensils with teddy bear on it:D..
3.When I was kid I was soo curious about"is there life on other planets?".You won't believe it,I was so crazy about spacecraft even wanted to be an astronauts back then!!:D I also collected spacecraft pics as well back then!:D
4.A biggest fan of movies.Recently,I watch thematic movies and war movies.However,my fave movie is"3 idiots",an indian movie.No offense pls if you're an indian,but I'm not a fan of indian movies at all. 3 idiots is different than other indian movies on the market(yeah,though the singing for couple of minutes part is still typically indian movies which I don't like),but the idea of the movie is genius.That's why I like it.I like"slumdog millionaire"too,but  I think it's not an indian movie though the setting is in India.Other movies that I watched recently were war movies,mainly those world war II movies.
5.I love to watch documentary movies about underwater exploration too.Somehow shipwrecked that has been explored are so much fascinating to me.
6.My mother language is javanese.Indonesian is my 2nd language.Though I'm a javanese,I hardly speak"polite & formal javanese"language. Gosh,why do they even give different tenses,vocabulary,gramatical rules for every single word we should say?@_@ Don't get what I mean by this?click here.
7.I like classic music,orchestra,especially the sound of violin.
8.Bermuda triangle,atlantis,and other mysteries are my hottest topic of discussion all the time.
9.I sneeze easily(and yes,I don't like loose powder),that's why my friend called me"tissue factory".It's been toned down when I swim a lot,but now that I rarely swim,it comes back again.
10.I like learning languages.Formally I learnt English,Japanese,and Dutch.But only english that stays:D Dutch still reminds pasively,and japanese..not even pasive,lol!.
11.I love reading books.But not a fan of novel.If I have to read that thick of papers,I'd rather reading other non-fictional books.Oh wait,Dan Brown is an exception for me. And yes,I don't read Harry Potter.Only watch the movies,easier :D..

11 Questions I had to Answer:
1. What is your dream job?
My dream job is..hmm..something that is surrounded by cosmetics stuffs maybe:D
2. One of your favourite things from your childhood? Could be a friend, game, memory, etc.
I've always been a transfer student due to my parents job,so there were deffy a good time and bad time for me.Good thing is:I have a lot of friends from various backgrounds and ethnicities. Bad thing is:why newcomer always get a spotlight?Sure they're new and that makes the difference.But really some people gave extra atention to newcomers even to the detil which is unecessary imo. Still,sure there's one thing that I trully like which was..my electro class classmates when I was on junior high school.They're funny and brought a lot of good memories back then.
3. Where would you love to travel?
China.I love chinese classical history(that dynasties period of time).Terracota armies will be something that I'd love to visit!
4. Who is your favourite character from a TV show/Movie. Why?
Catherine Willows from CSI las vegas(i like CSI,even collecting the dvds since seaon 1).She's cool.That's all I can describe the character in one word.
5. What prompted you to start a blog?
I like cosmetics much.I saw it fascinating to see that bloggers can share stories about products that they've used.
6. What is one thing you always have to have with you?
Mobile phone deffy.
7. Are  you more of an indoor or outdoor type?
Woah,this is hard.I love outdoor activities,but when it comes to come home,I rarely go out even just to walk arround my neighbourhood. Just too lazy to do it.Better stay in my room.
8. What is one bad habit you have?
I love fried foods.This is not good @_@..
9. One person you would love to meet and why? This can be anyone in the world, past or present.
In Islamic belief,there's prophet Sulaiman(or Solomon in Christian belief?) whom could understand animal language.I'd deffy want to meet him since it's a fun thing to know what my cats are actually saying <3
10. Do you have a guilty pleasure? If so, what?
Chocolate.Bad for teeth but heavenly good for mood.
11. If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?
A bear.I love bear*hugs*

11 Questions for the People I Tag:
Hmm..this is quite hard to think since I have to create new questions that hasn't been asked.I'll try. So these are what you have to answer:
1.What do you like the most about being a blogger,especially a beauty blogger?
2.Which part of your face do you like the most?why?
3.What skin imperfection that you have?and what do you do to cover it?
4.Do you have any beauty secret?if yes,what it is?
5.Are you a junk food lover or not?
6.Choose one:make up or skincare?why do you choose it?
7.What beauty product that you won't leave your house without it?
8.Plastic surgery: yay or nay?why?
9.What is your fashion style?
10.What beauty product do you want the most now?
11.What is your opinion about green living?

11 people I tag(in random order):

Hope you enjoy this tag post.Please send me a link once you've done with the tag.I hope you'll like it!:) And for hayley,thanks for tagging me!:)

Have a Nice Weekend! and Happy Chinese New Year for those who celebrate it!Gong Xi Fa Chai!:)


  1. Yay, thanks for that Lynn!
    You know so many languages, I'm jealous.
    You sound like a curious person, with wanting to know about space and weird mysteries, very cool.
    This was fun, I loved reading it.
    Thanks :D

    1. You're welcome hayley!:)
      Nah,I learnt those languages back then when I was in senior high and uni.Now(except english),I'm not that fluent at all:D..
      Oh,those mysteries are cool hayley!!None can explain where all those missing ships and planes in bermuda triangle,where atlantis was,and other mysteries too!:D But I'm not interested in yeti,dragon or big foot existence.It's more like a fairytale than mystery for me:)

      Thank you,hope you enjoy reading it!:)

  2. Your task has been done! :D LOL.

    Ini linknya ya, Lynn. http://citraramya.tumblr.com/post/16396063235/11-sebelas


  3. thank you! ^__^ *hug*
    btw do u have a twitter? i would love to follow & catch up with you ^___^

    1. You're welcome!:)
      I have and don't have.I had it just to try what twitter was,and end up I didn't post anything and instead bugged my friend about"how to post and read twitter post":D.. Oh,trust me..blog is much easier..@_@ Forget about social networking since we Indonesian tend to skip from one to another social networking->friendster->hi5->facebook->twitter->what next?:D that makes me dizzy and lazy.You can catch up with me here,thank you!*hugs*

    2. LOL thats so true about social networking but i guess thats not only happen in Indonesia but around the world also doing that ^_^
      and i reaaally salute if someone in this time still didnt have any twitter or facebook acc. i had deactivating my account before but i ended up signing up again (kkk :p) and i tried to be more wise with my twitter account now and its help me to keep the latest news & condition beause i rarely watching television hehe ^_^
      have a good day to u ^_^

    3. Yeah,I still use fb sometimes,for online shopping purpose only,hahahaaa:D I was thinking about making an fb acc for this blog,but then i'm so damn lazy to link between those 2(blog+fb).This blog one is better,I can customize it as I want:).Me too salute for those bloggers who have blog,fb,and twitter at the same time.
      Oh,anak kost kan?pantes jarang liat tv,hehehe..^^v
      Have a good day too!:)

    4. Girls, it is a shame you do not have twitter. I use it a lot to post about beauty/healthy tips when I dont have time to do a blog post. I try to make my twitts as useful and interesting as possible. It is also lovely and very easy way to meet other beauty bloggers or people sharing similar interest. If you want more info, let me know.
      In case you change your mind, my twitter name is MelleNature.

      Have a great Friday !

    5. Thanks for your info:) Ah,yeah..I'm just pretty lazy to switch from one to another social networking. You know,there're so many and will be many more social networking available next.That makes me dizzy:D So I'm uncertain about switching my social networking:)

      Thanks,Have a nice weekend!:)

  4. woow hebat, ada brp byk koleksi spacecraft pics nya? waktu kecil gak maen boneka2an?
    waahh suka film perang ya, aku gak suka, suka nya cerita roomantis xD .

    1. Berapa yaaa...hmm...lupa!XD itu kan pas TK sampe awal2 SD gitu,udah ga tau kemana tu spacecraft!:D Boneka?iya.Tapi yg boneka binatang gitu,kalo yg model barbie ada sih,tapi ga gitu suka ma barbienya.Suka ma miniature pernik2nya aja:D Drpd boneka2an,aku lbh seneng main masak2an dulu.Waaa..jadi kangen ma temen2 bermain duluXD...

      Oh,aku si suka movie apa aja asal ceritanya bagus.Tapi akir2 ini liatnya film perang dunia II.Dari Valkyrie,Inglorious Bastard,Black Book,dst,dst.Kalo yg pure romantis,rada males krn suka lebay filmnya.Bagusan yg komedi romantis.

  5. Thank you very much for your sweet comment on my blog !
    I was a bit unwell the last few days but have promised to respond to the all the questions as soon as I can :-) !
    Have a great day!
    new blog post coming soon :-)

    1. You're very welcome!:) What I said was true;) Just see the number:)
      Can't hardly wait for your next post!:)

  6. wah dirimu pintar bahas jepang sis? *kagumm*
    dulu sempat pingin belajar tapi males hehehe
    New follower nih :)

    Btw sis, ikutan polling giveawayku yuk: http://missbelanjaonline.blogspot.com/2012/01/10-more-giveaway-clue.html
    Thank you ya :)

    1. Jelas engga!XD uda bablas tu jepangnya,paling sisa2 dikit:D..

      Thanks for following:) Ok,tar aku ceki2;)..

  7. thx for tag:D I will do it as soon as possible;)

    1. You're welcome:) can't hardly wait for the post;)

  8. Really vegan ? I reallllyy want to be a vegetarian too, but always failed.

    Anyway, I love your blog, so cute pink layout , I follow you :)

    nice to meet you ^^


  9. @moudy:
    Nice to meet you too!:) Thanks for your nice comment though my layout is still so mess(seriously,i'm not trying to be humble).Wish I have more idea to make it better:)
    Ah,and..no.Not a vegan.I still eat seafoods and egg.Ovo lacto vegetarian,maybe.
    Oh,I read a glimpse of your fashion blog,looked cool^^.Haven't read all of it since my internet connection is so slow,the reply button on your comment above even don't work on this slow connection.I surely will make a visit again once this connection is fixed;)
    Thanks for following:)

  10. I just watched the latest CSI episode - I think I'm going to miss Willows :(

    1. Ah,i'm not sure it has reached here since it's on cable tv now.Previously it was aired for free by our tv chanels.I have satellite tv,so I can watch csi by dvd only now.
      Was it the latest episode(means no more csi at all)or just the latest episode of the latest season? After Grissom's gone,there's something's missing on CSI las vegas:(


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