September 04, 2013

The Bullies

I've been thinking about which one that I have to post 1st as I have my own scale of priority in posting plus  I have to write a kind of sponsored review,but hey ...this topic can't wait!I know that I can't save the whole world,but at least when there're people who stumbled upon this blog,having the experience,I hope this post can change their mind.Sincerely.

Couple of months ago,one of my best friends quitted from her job.The reason,she got bullied.The verbal bully,a very common typical of bullying that some of pathetic women love to do.I,as an adult,never understand when an adult does the bully over another adult.I mean,most of bullying actions happens during childhood-teenagers age.So if there's an adult who loves to bully other adults,I'm really questioning many things.Does s/he have unhappy life so that she compensate it by bullying others?Or does s/he have so low self esteem so that s/he wants to reach it by bullying other(kind of conquest of her own little version) Or,does s/he have brain disease?We know that some psychopath literally have brain disease.That question, I think I'm literally going to personally ask to my friend who currently takes brain surgery as her MD specialization.Interesting!..

If any of you wondering why I pay attention to this topic,1st of all let me tell you that I know exactly how does it feel to be bullied.I've always been a transfer student due to my parents job back then.We moved alot,so I've always been a newcomer in the class that I attended. I don't know whether I can call it as a bullying action,but as a newcomer there're always people who alienated me,and most of them were female students!(Gosh,what's wrong with us,women??)..Seriously,I don't know what's wrong with them,at the very 1st time I stepped my feet on the class,reached out my hand to introduce my self,they just turned their back on,walked away.What an attitude,huh?I meant,I DIDN'T even know her before,what kind of possibly wrong doings that can make her angry eh?And,that lasted for months untill I had new semester,new class,new classmates.

That's a bit part of my story been alienated.Count how many times I have moved, I'm definitely an ET now!LOL....  But you know what,this is the interesting fact about those who alienated people(and for those of you who are alienating or having a plan to alienate people)you must know this: the more you alienate me,the more I become an ET,that will only means something:THAT I'm from a territory high above your territory,something that is extra ordinary.If not,why would you want to spend your precious time to deal with me and even get in my way then?.. Thank you very much!=D

I've dealt with it nicely,however there're many people out there who experienced worse than I did. Many of them were still kids.And lots of them ended up die.Some of them commited suicide,some others were killed.At that very young age.

What a waste that this our society has done?I mean,those kids who died of bullying actions,they could be one of those who invent a vaccine of dangerous viruses,could be one of those who can build a peace in war zones,and many more.But the society simply let them died,for shallow reasons.The question is,how many more kids that need to die before we act?

Bullying happens globally.In US,there're many cases that even happened to the current day celebrities like Demi Lovato,Taylor Swift,Selena Gomez,Christina Aguilera,etc.In japan,it's very common so that many students died by this(either commited suicide or been killed).Even the Crown Prince daughter,Princess Aiko wasn't immune from getting bullied!One of the bullying action in Japan that I know,and I will never forget is that what happened to Junko Furuta.The story is so scary so that it got me thinking,that is what will happen if we waive on bullying action,killed people,and breed future criminals.In korea,there's this kid that was killed by his bullies on his own home!.Especially about Korea,is this bullying actions part of the culture?..Sad to see that..

Bullying happens in many places:
1.Social bullying:
This is done by the society.The society will bully at whatever reasons they may have,and at some degrees it goes extreme so that the society will lead the victim into death. For example,the honor killings.I think the society norms and value take a part in this killing.

2.Internet/cyber bullying:
This can happen to anyone as long as s/he has internet access and an evil on his mind!The victim varies from kids to adult.Kids are,however,more prone to this kind of bully and many kids have died by that.Somehow I'm grateful that there were no internet back then on my childhood era..

3.School bullying:
This is a very common where bullying takes place.Apparently,school nowadays looks like a war zone rather than a place for education.IF the our society DOESN'T pay serious attention to this problem,what would you expect the next generation to be?A mafia?A gangster?A possible future murderer?.
Exaggeration?Oh well..look at numerous violence actions at school!What are we breeding there?a new Hitler,neo Saddam Hussein?You have the answer..

4.Workplace Bullying:
Seriously,I thought bullying was so yesterday.I mean,only kids do that.But seeing what happened to my friend,if you're adult and you bully...dude,seriously...GROW UP and GET A LIFE! -_-

5.Family Bullying:
I think family could be a part of a bullying too.Sorry for my boarden definition of bullying,but forcing someone to do kind of action outside his/her own will by a kind of power is also a part of bullying action.See forced marriages in some of arab countries.They forced little girls to marry man whom are way older than the girls'age.For example this story of a girl from Yemen,Nojud Mohammed Ali.She became an icon for forced marriage.

Basically bullying can be everywhere,anywhere,anytime,and done by anyone.If it happens to an adult,I think they have stronger survival chance than those who are kids and teens. If you're a kid and read this post,before you decide to do something stupid that you'll regret forever because you've been bullied,then these are what I'd like to suggest you:
1.Verbal bullying:
This is a very common bullying.And,at the same time this also has the same lethal impact as physical bullying.It's just the matter of time before the victim decide to do something:positive or negative thing!
I absolutely know how the power of words(if not I won't be here blogging,duh!),those who are trying to drag you down are actually somehow have less than what you have(less confidence,less happiness,less wealth,less attractive,etc.But 1 certain thing is:less brain!).If they have more than what you have now,they won't need to bring you down.It's not a win from conquering those who are weaker than you are.The true conqueror will always seek those who are stronger than they are,not those who are weaker.Power comes from conquering the stronger one,not the weaker one. Always.remember.that!

So,if you get verbal bullying,you have nothing to do but just move on!You only have 1 life,why you should fill it with negative minds and toxic people? Set your life goals now,be whatever you want to be.Sky is the limit! If you cut your wrist,hang your self,jump over the bridge,drink the poison now,you'll miss many wonderfull oportunities ahead that you may have.You can be there on the Broadway, one of the noble prize winners,someone who goes to the Jupiter,the person could be you and you don't know yet untill you try to find out your self!And,...why not try to find out?
There's only one simple step that you'll need to do each day,that is:Focus on your life goal(and don't think about anything else)!Your life and your time is precious,please..don't give it to those unprecious people who try to bring you down.By giving them a tiny space on your mind each and every day,it means you agree that they're precious people for you.Now ask your self,are they that precious for you after what they've done? Do they deserve your precious life and time?...You have your own answer.

This was also what I did(and probably what I will always do)back then during my school days. I didn't give my precious time and life to think about those trolls because they weren't worth it!I stick with my own goal,the result :I could enter every schools that I wanted to continue my study.In fact I got a highest score on National Exam for 1 of my studies.That said,I believe that if you focusing on positive things instead of negative things in your life,you can achieve good result.

2.Physical bullying:
If you get this,nothing more to say but:you need to seek a law enforcement help,immediately! Please realize,what you're dealing with is either a thug or possible future murderer! What are you waiting for,getting kidney transplantation by constant fists then you decide to report the thugs action?Or now while they only give you a bit of fist? I believe that when a boy needs to throw his fist,that will be on a martial art class only,and under adult supervision.That's all!

If you're parents and think that bullying action is a kind of action to make the kids stronger,please remember that even in war,kids are protected from"persecution, torture, punitive measures, degrading treatment and violence"under Geneve Convention.If you're parents,and are able to sip your tea,get an acces to the internet, laying down on your lazy chair,tell me..are you at a war now?And,do your childrens deserve to be treated as if they're in war zone?

In all,I dedicate this post to all people who have ever experienced"exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more other persons. And negative actions occur 'when a person intentionally inflicts injury or discomfort upon another person, through physical contact, through words or in other ways"-a definition of bullying by Norwegian researcher Dan Olweus.
Personally dedicated to my dearest friend Ha Mi Won(she looks like Korean Actress Ha Ji Won,but well..the name has taken :P),and for Eduardo Solis(keep up the good work!).
Thanks for reading!and...Have a wonderful day!:)

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