September 23, 2013

The Konjac Sponges

This is probably the longest overdue post that I've ever had.I had this product at the middle of last year I think,but yeah I only review what interests me the most at the moment of writing so probably I'm not that kind of hype stuffs blogger.I meant,perhaps the stuff is a hottie but I find it performs just average so I don't want to be in a hurry to review it.

So,I have these 2 types of konjac sponges:The Konjac Sponge Co French Red Clay,and Nature Republic Jelly Cleansing Sponge Original. Actually I have 2 sponges from The Konjac Sponge Co,another one was bamboo charcoal.

But after I tried the french red clay,I decided that I didn't need the bamboo charcoal one so I sold it to my friend who wanted it.So let's see each of them here:

1.The Konjac Sponge Co French Red Clay
This is a british brand,you can get it from the web(here).Although it's a british brand,the stuff was made in Korea,like..oh..all this type of konjac sponge,be it Japanese brands,Indonesian Brand,and anywhere brand,all konjac sponges are made in Korea as far as I can see.Let me know if you find a brand that the product isn't made in korea.I want to know :).

I chose french red clay since the web said it's for dry,mature skin.Actually,I have seen this sponge on etude web since 2010 I think,but I wasn't interested in trying the product since etude's web was written in Korean Hangul so I hardly understood what the heck was that stuff back then.

So for you who are not familiar with this sponge,this is basically just a sponge that is made of Konjac plant. Konjac is a plant that can be used in food industry as a substitution of seaweed,or gelatine which is animal derived.As usefull and delicious as it is,however Konjac is banned in US,Europe,Australia for its potentially danger to kids. As for the sponge,though this is marketed as 100% plant derived,natural,et cetera please bear in mind that this konjac sure has been through process in manufacture that makes it durable for amount period of time and I'm wondering what did they add to the powder to make it that way.I mean,if you buy konjac powder,cook it and dry it your self,you won't be able to make this kind of sponge!So,in that term..count your self in about the definition of"natural"that this product has here :p

To use this sponge is easy,just add water,let it absorbs the water'till it gets moistened, can use it for many application:washing face or body,make up application,basically this just replacing synthetic sponge.After you use it,you can hang it on your bathroom,it will get dried in a day,and shrink to smaller size.Just as easy as 1,2,3!

There are many variants of the sponge depends on the brands.Most of them adding clay or charcoal into it. You can use your face/body wash along with the sponge,or just using this sponge alone.I've been off from soap cleansers for almost 2 years now so off course I don't use this sponge with cleanser at all.Instead,I used it as the cleanser.
To the review of this The Konjac Sponge French Red Clay:
The first 3 days of using this konjac french red clay,my face was fine but it just got a bit dryer each day I used it.After used it for 1 week,my face was completely dry to the point that I couldn't handle it anymore.I have dry skin and there's no point of making my face drier as it will lead to wrinkles!So I tossed this product. I wonder which one that made my skin dry:the konjac,or the french red clay.Well,let's see on the next review
below ;)

2.Nature Republic Natural 100% Jelly Cleansing Puff-Original

I bought this product after The Konjac Sponge Co ones.This is the original version,no clay or anything is added here. After used it for a while,nothing has changed to my face at all.This is just simply a cleanser,like a substitution of a cotton pad for me.And no,I don't use cleasing milk at all.I just clean my face with water in the morning,and clean my make up with virgin coconut oil.So,I use this sponge alone with water. That's it! And unlike that French Red Clay sponge above,my face doesn't become dry or something. Just.nothing.happens!

So,I think it's the french red clay that made the difference.Most minerals are alkaline in nature.This is why mineral make up(the purest one without organic addition in it)is good for oily skin type.Not only that,mineral make up is long lasting to be kept since that isn't a good place for bacteria to live in.Some type of clays even have the ability to aggressively kill a range of pathogens including E. coli and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). 

That also explains why we,moslems are required to wash the part of us that has been licked by dogs with sands.FYI,dogs licking in Islam is considered as Najis(meaning:unclean.It refers to impurity). Therefore we're required to wash the licked part with dusts(some refer to sands).I was always wondering since I was kids what was that with dust(some refer to sands-oh well..both of them are minerals..),I mean why not something else.If we see on scientific view behind the reason,it seems that because ancient people using clay as part of their washing ritual.When soap wasn't invented back then,the only way to alkalize the skin and hair was by using clay and other mineral based.The Moroccan and their Rhassoul Clay(Rhassoul here means"The Matter Which Washes")even still use it untill today in their hammam as part of their washing rituals(shampooing,bathing,masking,etc).As for the moslem,finding dust/sands to wash the part that has been licked by the dog is easier(like,it's everywhere!) than finding a soap to"purify". That is,if we see on scientific reason behind it.Some moslems believe that dogs licking also means spiritually impure them.As for that reason,it's not my concern to talk about it here are we supposed to measure impurity of someone's spirituality?   -________-

Anyway,if you ask me whether I like this Konjac Sponge or not,..oh well..I use the original one without clay in it,and perhaps I'll still continue using this kind of sponge as a substitution of cotton pad.I've been looking for a cotton pad substitution as I'm not sure if cotton pads that are available here aren't bleached.Guess that's all for now.Thanks for reading!:) 

*disclaimer:If you feel somehow inspired and want to copy,translate a part or all part of this post in english or into other languages,please put a link back to this post.DO NOT COPY without any permission!By respecting others means you're respecting your self.Thank you!

*perhatian:Kalau kamu merasa postingan ini menarik dan pengen buat nyalin,nerjemahin sebagian atau seluruh isinya ke dalam bahasa Indonesia,tolong kasih tautan ke post ini.DILARANG MENYALIN isi postingan ini tanpa permisi! Buat yang hobi ngopi tanpa permisi,silahkan pindah ke warung kopi lain saja! Ga usah balik-balik lagi yaaaa...^^

September 04, 2013

The Bullies

I've been thinking about which one that I have to post 1st as I have my own scale of priority in posting plus  I have to write a kind of sponsored review,but hey ...this topic can't wait!I know that I can't save the whole world,but at least when there're people who stumbled upon this blog,having the experience,I hope this post can change their mind.Sincerely.

Couple of months ago,one of my best friends quitted from her job.The reason,she got bullied.The verbal bully,a very common typical of bullying that some of pathetic women love to do.I,as an adult,never understand when an adult does the bully over another adult.I mean,most of bullying actions happens during childhood-teenagers age.So if there's an adult who loves to bully other adults,I'm really questioning many things.Does s/he have unhappy life so that she compensate it by bullying others?Or does s/he have so low self esteem so that s/he wants to reach it by bullying other(kind of conquest of her own little version) Or,does s/he have brain disease?We know that some psychopath literally have brain disease.That question, I think I'm literally going to personally ask to my friend who currently takes brain surgery as her MD specialization.Interesting!..

If any of you wondering why I pay attention to this topic,1st of all let me tell you that I know exactly how does it feel to be bullied.I've always been a transfer student due to my parents job back then.We moved alot,so I've always been a newcomer in the class that I attended. I don't know whether I can call it as a bullying action,but as a newcomer there're always people who alienated me,and most of them were female students!(Gosh,what's wrong with us,women??)..Seriously,I don't know what's wrong with them,at the very 1st time I stepped my feet on the class,reached out my hand to introduce my self,they just turned their back on,walked away.What an attitude,huh?I meant,I DIDN'T even know her before,what kind of possibly wrong doings that can make her angry eh?And,that lasted for months untill I had new semester,new class,new classmates.

That's a bit part of my story been alienated.Count how many times I have moved, I'm definitely an ET now!LOL....  But you know what,this is the interesting fact about those who alienated people(and for those of you who are alienating or having a plan to alienate people)you must know this: the more you alienate me,the more I become an ET,that will only means something:THAT I'm from a territory high above your territory,something that is extra ordinary.If not,why would you want to spend your precious time to deal with me and even get in my way then?.. Thank you very much!=D

I've dealt with it nicely,however there're many people out there who experienced worse than I did. Many of them were still kids.And lots of them ended up die.Some of them commited suicide,some others were killed.At that very young age.

What a waste that this our society has done?I mean,those kids who died of bullying actions,they could be one of those who invent a vaccine of dangerous viruses,could be one of those who can build a peace in war zones,and many more.But the society simply let them died,for shallow reasons.The question is,how many more kids that need to die before we act?

Bullying happens globally.In US,there're many cases that even happened to the current day celebrities like Demi Lovato,Taylor Swift,Selena Gomez,Christina Aguilera,etc.In japan,it's very common so that many students died by this(either commited suicide or been killed).Even the Crown Prince daughter,Princess Aiko wasn't immune from getting bullied!One of the bullying action in Japan that I know,and I will never forget is that what happened to Junko Furuta.The story is so scary so that it got me thinking,that is what will happen if we waive on bullying action,killed people,and breed future criminals.In korea,there's this kid that was killed by his bullies on his own home!.Especially about Korea,is this bullying actions part of the culture?..Sad to see that..

Bullying happens in many places:
1.Social bullying:
This is done by the society.The society will bully at whatever reasons they may have,and at some degrees it goes extreme so that the society will lead the victim into death. For example,the honor killings.I think the society norms and value take a part in this killing.

2.Internet/cyber bullying:
This can happen to anyone as long as s/he has internet access and an evil on his mind!The victim varies from kids to adult.Kids are,however,more prone to this kind of bully and many kids have died by that.Somehow I'm grateful that there were no internet back then on my childhood era..

3.School bullying:
This is a very common where bullying takes place.Apparently,school nowadays looks like a war zone rather than a place for education.IF the our society DOESN'T pay serious attention to this problem,what would you expect the next generation to be?A mafia?A gangster?A possible future murderer?.
Exaggeration?Oh well..look at numerous violence actions at school!What are we breeding there?a new Hitler,neo Saddam Hussein?You have the answer..

4.Workplace Bullying:
Seriously,I thought bullying was so yesterday.I mean,only kids do that.But seeing what happened to my friend,if you're adult and you bully...dude,seriously...GROW UP and GET A LIFE! -_-

5.Family Bullying:
I think family could be a part of a bullying too.Sorry for my boarden definition of bullying,but forcing someone to do kind of action outside his/her own will by a kind of power is also a part of bullying action.See forced marriages in some of arab countries.They forced little girls to marry man whom are way older than the girls'age.For example this story of a girl from Yemen,Nojud Mohammed Ali.She became an icon for forced marriage.

Basically bullying can be everywhere,anywhere,anytime,and done by anyone.If it happens to an adult,I think they have stronger survival chance than those who are kids and teens. If you're a kid and read this post,before you decide to do something stupid that you'll regret forever because you've been bullied,then these are what I'd like to suggest you:
1.Verbal bullying:
This is a very common bullying.And,at the same time this also has the same lethal impact as physical bullying.It's just the matter of time before the victim decide to do something:positive or negative thing!
I absolutely know how the power of words(if not I won't be here blogging,duh!),those who are trying to drag you down are actually somehow have less than what you have(less confidence,less happiness,less wealth,less attractive,etc.But 1 certain thing is:less brain!).If they have more than what you have now,they won't need to bring you down.It's not a win from conquering those who are weaker than you are.The true conqueror will always seek those who are stronger than they are,not those who are weaker.Power comes from conquering the stronger one,not the weaker one. Always.remember.that!

So,if you get verbal bullying,you have nothing to do but just move on!You only have 1 life,why you should fill it with negative minds and toxic people? Set your life goals now,be whatever you want to be.Sky is the limit! If you cut your wrist,hang your self,jump over the bridge,drink the poison now,you'll miss many wonderfull oportunities ahead that you may have.You can be there on the Broadway, one of the noble prize winners,someone who goes to the Jupiter,the person could be you and you don't know yet untill you try to find out your self!And,...why not try to find out?
There's only one simple step that you'll need to do each day,that is:Focus on your life goal(and don't think about anything else)!Your life and your time is precious,please..don't give it to those unprecious people who try to bring you down.By giving them a tiny space on your mind each and every day,it means you agree that they're precious people for you.Now ask your self,are they that precious for you after what they've done? Do they deserve your precious life and time?...You have your own answer.

This was also what I did(and probably what I will always do)back then during my school days. I didn't give my precious time and life to think about those trolls because they weren't worth it!I stick with my own goal,the result :I could enter every schools that I wanted to continue my study.In fact I got a highest score on National Exam for 1 of my studies.That said,I believe that if you focusing on positive things instead of negative things in your life,you can achieve good result.

2.Physical bullying:
If you get this,nothing more to say but:you need to seek a law enforcement help,immediately! Please realize,what you're dealing with is either a thug or possible future murderer! What are you waiting for,getting kidney transplantation by constant fists then you decide to report the thugs action?Or now while they only give you a bit of fist? I believe that when a boy needs to throw his fist,that will be on a martial art class only,and under adult supervision.That's all!

If you're parents and think that bullying action is a kind of action to make the kids stronger,please remember that even in war,kids are protected from"persecution, torture, punitive measures, degrading treatment and violence"under Geneve Convention.If you're parents,and are able to sip your tea,get an acces to the internet, laying down on your lazy chair,tell me..are you at a war now?And,do your childrens deserve to be treated as if they're in war zone?

In all,I dedicate this post to all people who have ever experienced"exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more other persons. And negative actions occur 'when a person intentionally inflicts injury or discomfort upon another person, through physical contact, through words or in other ways"-a definition of bullying by Norwegian researcher Dan Olweus.
Personally dedicated to my dearest friend Ha Mi Won(she looks like Korean Actress Ha Ji Won,but well..the name has taken :P),and for Eduardo Solis(keep up the good work!).
Thanks for reading!and...Have a wonderful day!:)

To raise the awareness:Please repost,reblog,copy this blog post as the message is important. Like,uggh..please,please,please...copy this article,will you?And no back link is needed!Thank you :)
if you have trouble in copying due to no right click,just e-mail me and I'll be happy to send you a copy of this article!;) thanks

July 20, 2013


Time for Awards that my blogger friends have given me months ago.It's gonna be a long list,heheee.. :D

1st,Sweet Awards from Green Make Up:
This award requires the following:
- I give credit to person who nominated me. (Done)
- I answer the following super sweet questions:
Cookies or cake?
Cake!not a fan of cookies though cookies baking is my mom specialty.I love cake,especially Black Forest one :)

Chocolate or vanilla?
Deffy chocolate.See explanation below on another award that I answer..

What is my favourite sweet treat?
I like pastries,so pastries is my fave treat.There's this kind of pastry snack from Bandung called,Pisang Bolen.It's basically a pastry cake filled with banana(indonesian word:pisang and chocolate or cheese.I like Pisang Bolen,much :)

Other ones will be traditional Indonesian cakes using glutinous rice or rice powder,such as Klepon,Lupis, Serabi,Carabikang.I'll explain it through picture here:

When do I crave sweet things the most?
Everyday!I'm a sweet tooth person :D

If you had a sweet nickname what would it be?
When I was kid and ate alot,then my cheek was chubbier,my mum called me"bapao". Bapao is a chinese cuisine,a bun(bao/pao).That is not a sweet nickname,but that's the only thing associated with food :D

The last part of this award is that I nominate 13 super sweet bloggers.Here they are(in random order):Vivi,Ningrum,Naomi,Tikka,Kumiko,Dana,Ana,Sarita,Nicole,Caitie,Lutrinae,Peiji,and Audreiana. You can have your cake and eat it too ... :)

2nd and 3rd.Liebster Awards from Naomi and Ningrum

From Naomi,the lovely gyaru that I know well.She is all things girly,and bling-bling.Oh,actually we both have the same taste when it comes to style(I like girly,sometimes bling-bling),but she's more girly than I am.So,here is the question:
1.What is your opinion about Gyaru in Indonesia?
I really don't know how to answer this.The only one who explains me well about gyaru is Naomi,and I know another gyaru from Indonesia,Stella Lee.But only naomi who was"patiently"explained to me about different kind of gyaru which I had no idea before.So gyaru in Indonesia,they're rare but increasing in number.That's what I think.

2.Do you have favourite gyaru/gyaruo artist? If yes, mention it.
My fave gyaru..hmm..I watched NHK on gyaru section,and I don't think I like that extreme gyaru style with bleached hair and very lolita look.It's not my thing.To be honest my fave gyaru will be Naomi,not because I consider her as a good blogger friend,but I like her"not that extreme"gyaru style.She only draw the feminine and girly side of gyaru.If you ask me what fashion style that I like,it will be Princess Letizia of Spain fashion style.I really like her fashion style :).Classic,simple,and elegant.

3.Do you like play game? If yes, what are you playing now?
Yes,I like playing game.My fave game are deffy the sims and any of those strategy games.Let me see,..Rise of the Nation!Never get bored of playing it :D

4.Do you have any inspirational people? If yes, who is she/he?
When it comes to inspirational people,most moslems will say:Prophet Muhammad PBUH.But no,I don't want to say him as one of my inspirational people. For me he is in the context of religion(someone holly) which is,not in a proper place to be"just inspirational people" for me.So I'd like to mention those who are still in current days of inspiration.
I like Dalai Lama for his wisdom. Right,I don't worship Budha.For me,Faith is something that you believe who/whatever you're worshiping.But Wisdom can come from anywhereI also like Hillary Clinton much,she :) No,I don't care about her academic record.For me smartness isn't about academic record at all.Another person who become my inspiration is my own friend.We've been friends for about 12-13 yrs now.First time I went out for a lunch with her,I didn't finish my lunch because my stomach was full already.She saw that and said"Don't you know how lucky you are to be able to eat now,compared to millions people out there in this world who aren't able to even have a single meal?Please don't leave anything on the plate,there're many people in Somalia are in hunger..".
I was like.."...whattt??but my stomach is full already,I ate snacks before we had lunch,remember?Beside,didn't you say you want to go somewhere after this lunch?". She replied" Well,that can wait.We can wait here untill you're able to finish your lunch..". I was like going crazy for having to stay in a place just to wait for my"empty stomach"so that I can fill it again.But then,she's right so that I didn't deny it.Then,after that everytime I was going to have a lunch with her,I'll make sure to empty my stomach 1st because she really would start it with"There are many hungry people in...."-everytime she saw anything left on the plate.Before she finished it,I then usually replied"Yes I know,in Ethiopia.Before this you've mentioned Somalia,Iraq,and other countries everytime we went out".She said"Oh really?I didn't realize that!:D..".

Well,she was and will always be right about that.We should be grateful for even each grain of rice,wheat,anything that we eat today.It means,we're luckier than millions people out there in this world.Not only that,do you know there are long process that those grains have been through before we consume it?From the hard work that the farmers do,'till it reaches our groceries?There's a good read about it on our forum(here),it's unfortunately in Indonesian.Really makes me thinking about even a single grain of rice.

So,after some times being friends with her,I found out from another friend of mine that she's actually from one of largest business group here in Indonesia. Large,at least that's what Forbes said so.I was kind of surprised since really,she didn't look like those typical so boring snob wealthy girl at all.She,for example,always buy things that she needs,and not what she wants.I'm a very detail person(those who have known me personally will know this),but she is even more detail than me.Whenever she buy clothes,she will check even every inch of the clothe's sew to make sure what she buy is in good condition.To be honest,I don't do it at all.And many stories about her which makes her one of my inspirational people.She isn't a kind of person who will ashamedly blabbing about her self and said"I'm wealthy..".She,really sets a good example of nobility.
I mean,like if you are born with hair,why would you brag to anyone telling that you have hair?.If you're born with no hair,so when one day you're hairy,no wonder you want to tell everyone on the street that you do have hair now.That's what I think.

5.What do you do in your spare time?
Deffy,blogging(I didn't mean posting on my blog,fyi :p).Watching movies also.I like movies :)

6.What is your favourite food?
Japanese foods for its light taste.I also like Italian(pasta..I love pasta!!).What I don't really fancy will be those that are spicy and hot,like Korean,Indian,and some of Indonesian foods. Especially about Korean foods,I think the Koreans are good at marketing their cultures.First time tasted kimchi, me and my friend didn't understand why some people here were raving about Kimchi as in our opinion asinan jakarta or asinan bogor tasted better than kimchi. Perhaps just like what my friend said"Super Junior even can make girls eating papers if they want to...." ~

7.Japan / Korea Song, which dou you prefer?
Actually,they both are good.But I prefer Japanese melody.Koreans are just too mellow(and this one even the Koreans admit it). Many koreans melody sound wailing imo.

8.What is your dream in the future?
Umm..becoming a billionaire,dating a superstar :D Lol...Ok,Amiinn..

11 things(more)about me:
1.I use kids toothbrush instead of adult one.Because the head of the toothbrush is small,so that it can reach even tiniest space.According to my dentist,I should use toothbrush with small head and long handle.She even suggested the kids toothbrush one.And yes,I did hate adult toothrbush,especially since the head is big.Dunno,but just don't fit my teeth.If you have small mouth and using big toothbrush,don't you think that will make your mouth..err..bigger and wider?:D 

2.Currently crazy in love with...delfi nockers caramel nougat with nut chocolate bar(what a mouthful!)!! Seriously,I really like this candy!I used to hate caramel(believe me,I've tried many),it sticks to my teeth,and haven't found the right sweet taste of caramel untill I met this bar.It doesn't stick,and the caramel isn't too sweet either.Oh,this is super!The sweetness remind me of hershey chocolate drop,but it's a bit less sweet.Love it!Hope they don't change the recipe into sweeter..

3.True that I'm crazy about chocolate(posted about it many times).However,there's one day when I'm drunk of chocolate,literally.I bought a chocolate wafer,ate it at a cafe with my besties.And,at the cafe I ordered chocolate donut,and hot chocolate drinks.Dunno why,10 minutes after that I got dizzy,nausea,and ended up
vomited.After that,I didn't eat any chocolate for about a month or so.Keep remind my self to not overload with the same flavour taste,not only it's boring,it'll reach your limit of satisfaction.

4.One of things that are synthetic on my vanity table will be this:perfume!I'm not a perfumey person,since I easily sneeze when I smell too overpowering perfume smells.But I still have those synthetic fragrances.I mean,it's not on my skin application so I kinda"waive"it.Also,producers won't disclose what's in their fragrance concoction and hide it under trade secret.Read my post about it(here). That wasn't my concern,but after read NMDL about an article in saying that personal products contaminating chicago's air,this is something to be concerned about.Personally,I don't use parfume everyday.As I said,I have sensitive nose.Now,after using all naturals cosmetics,it's even more sensitive.Natural cosmetics don't have synthetic fragrance in it,so that whenever I smell synthetic fragrance,it feels too stink on my nose.I should consider to ditch my perfume into non synthetic ones.However,it will be difficult since I like musk scent also,and I'm against natural musk scent since it needs to sacrifice deers to get it.For me,animal sacrification is a NO NO...

5.Have read my no soap bath post?I still do it untill today.So,it's been 6 months I don't do soap bathing,and my skin is just fine!Even smoother..

6.Recently,I literally simplify things in my life,and my vanity table is one of them.I rethinking which product that I really need,and which product that I don't really need.Like,I don't need to have many lipsticks or many lip products because I always end up not finishing it untill it become expired!!I only have 1 pair of lips,why in this earth I should have 6 lipsticks?? And more,my lips are considered small so to finish 1 lip product really takes long time,more than a year.And with this non petrochemical products that I choose,the life span of any cosmetic products on my vanity table is even less!So in this case,having many lipsticks will be just a money wasting,adding more trash to this earth,deffy not a wise option..However,it really really absolutely gets me wonder...what those people do with their lipsticks collection?I saw on some blogs,vlogs that some women have so many lipsticks so that they can even open a cosmetic counter with it.How do they finish it??? Like this one I found on
seriously,how to finish those in a year??

without literally eating those lipsticks all,it's almost impossible to finish all those lipsticks in a year..

7.As I've ever written before,I like some mysterious topics such as:Bermuda triangle,Atlantis,and stuffs. However,conspiration theory never got me interested though one of my besties is a biggest fan of it! She bought books about illuminati,she even following those people on twitter who claims as mossad agents,a wikileak person,etc etc.And,she'll end up calling me to"gossip"about any conspiration theory that she's just got. Then I'll be like"Oh,really?"whenever she enthusiastically tell me about it.Seriously,I'm not the Alias person at all!.Sure there are many conspiracies in this world,but I don't want to pay attention to it.Not interesting.However,yesterday I found this web accidentally about ear biometrics,and this web made me jaw dropping. Click(here)if you're interested into.Tell me what you think about it! Before that,I give you a sneak a peak about the web.For example this,that the person believe the moon landing was a hoax based on ear biometrics:

There are many articles there that really makes you think twice about historical fact.Because they analized it based on ear biometrics.You will be surprised to see the article,just like I was.Now,is ear biometrics accurate?Well,at least that's what the scientists said so..

8.I do bathroom singing concerts sometimes,hehee...:D

9.I dunno why,but I don't like orange colour.Just too bright to my liking.

10.My fave parfume scents is  floral(and the musk also).

11.I love reading!No specific topic,from Mein Kampf 'till Lolita(ugh,this one is really the most psychotic book I've ever read!Yuck!).Still,if I can mention what book that I dislike the most,it will be those -what is that-self motivator book?I dunno the name,basically books with these kind of title"Don't worry,Be happy!","Life is beautiful","How to boost self confidence",etc etc.It will give me a Zzzzz to read those kinda books. Still,I have 1 of those books"Law of Attraction".Bought it after saw it on Oprah.Yeah..thanks God the book isn't thick and small. That's all I can say about the book..

Questions from Ningrum:
1.Kalau kamu bisa ngobrol sama binatang, mau bicara sama hewan apa?(If you have the ability to talk to animals,what animal that you want to talk to?)
All animals,why it has to be one if we can talk to animals?:D But if I have to pick one,it will be this:ants!I run out of idea how to keep them away from my house.I've been giving them food so that they stay away from my house,but other group of ants keep coming.So,I think it'll be great if I can talk to ants boss and negotiate it 1st so that we have the solution.

2.Warna kesukaanmu apa? Kasih filosofi di balik kesukaanmu itu ya.(what is your fave colour?give the philosophy behind your reason of your fave colour).
I like pink,and tosca.And general pastel colors.Pink is a sweet color,and tosca/'s a unique color.Not blue,neither green.I like tosca..

3.Seandainya Bumi ngajak kamu berbincang dari hati ke hati, kalian mendiskusikan apa, sih?(If the Earth want to have a conversation with you,what would you both are talking about?)
I will say sorry for making her dirty,participating indirectly in the process of exploiting her resources,and asking her what is the best solution for both of us..Because certainly,I need to exploit it.But certainly also,winning my exploitation only would never be a best option. In the end,I'll loose even more if I force it to happen.

4.Menurut kalian, seberapa penting keberadaan kosmetik dalam kehidupan perempuan?(What do you think about the importance of cosmetic in women's life?)
Deffy important.In fact,I personally depend on it.Please note,cosmetic doesn't mean make up!Cosmetic is general,it includes make up,skin care,hair care,etc. So even if you don't do daily make up,or even if you're a man,a kid,you'll need cosmetic.In this case,none can leave toiletries as part of hygiene routine.

5.Tahu band bernama Keane? Suka? Atau sama sekali nggak kebayang itu apaan?(Do you Keane?or never imagined what the heck is that?)
I know Keane from the one who gave me this award since she is a violist and heavily crazy about classical music!I love classical music,so I'm glad that I know her though I dunno much about Keanne(a classical boyband :p).At least,I have more vocab about classical music now :)

6. Aliran musik kesukaan kalian apa?(what is your fave music?)
Pop,classical,and sometimes rock.I think some rock music can be combined beautifully with classical music.

7.Pernah berpikir menjadi penemu barang unik yang berguna bagi kehidupan? Ayo diceritakan idenya!(Ever thought about being an inventor of unique stuffs that are useful for living?Tell us the idea!)
-Any tools that can create cheap fuel and electricity for people to use and also eco friendly.
-A GPS for cat that is planted/not planted,and using cat's body temperature as the source of GPS energy.So that I can easily find my cat,whether she's on the bush,inside the cupboard,or where?
-Sticker remote control so that I can just stick it wherever I want(the receiver),and just use the remote control(the transmitter) whenever I want to search it.

8.Kira-kira, masalah limbah di dunia ini harusnya diatasi dengan cara apa?(World's waste problem,how do you think to solve it? 
Simple to say but hard to do:Reduce,Reuse,and Recycle.As for beauty bloggers,can we all reduce our cosmetics products?The answer is all yours..

Woah,finally finished!!.What a long list.Thanks For reading,and..have a nice weekend!!:)