January 08, 2010

My first korean skin care

Etudehouse Happy Tea Time aloe tea cleansing foam was definitely the first korean skin care that I had. I decided to buy this because I was already bored with my previous Olay cleansing foam.I didn't have any problem with that Olay cleansing foam,but it didn't give me any skin improvement either.So I decided to buy this etude happy teatime aloe tea cleansing foam.I wanted this product because of the pretty packaging it had.Plus it came in large size(120 ml).The price was also quite affordable.  Etudehouse Happy teatime cleansing foam series consist of 5 items:Green Tea(clarifying),Peach Tea(brightening),Aloe Tea(moisturizing),Lemon Tea(revitalizing),dan Milk Tea(dunno what this item for is,hehe).I chose Aloe Tea because of its moisturizing benefit,so hopefuly it would work well on my dry skin.

First time I used this product,my face felt so tight which means not really good for my dry skin.But I continued using this product,thinking that my skin would tolerate it later and seemed I was wrong.Instead of tolerate it,I got my skin breakouts,big pimple here and there,and looked dull :(.. I think I don't want to repurchase this product anymore.Perhaps it will work well on combination/oily skin.But certainly not to my normal to dry skin. 1 point out of 5 points since it didn't work well on my skin..

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