August 21, 2010

Thank You my Lovely Readers :)

Recently,I got e-mails from some lovely ladies who said that they love reading my blog. I was surprised,well.....I know that people arround the world have been reading my blog,but never expected that they'll like my very simple blog..:) I just thought that they may need some informations about cosmetics that I've ever tried but never on any expectation that they'll like this blog,mainly because I'm a new blogger and doing blogging on my free time only.I mean,my blog is soo much simple compared to other blogs that belong to some"senior"bloggers :)..They have such a wonderfull blogs that I do love reading theirs.. :)

My main reason of writing this blog is that someone will be able to get the reviews of products that they will/want to buy so that they won't hesitate to buy the products.I did my first time blogging based on my personal experiences,one day I wanted to buy a cosmetic,but have searched allover the net and didn't find any review about it.  So,at that time I decided to share my personal experience of any product that I've ever tried so that next time it'll be easier for people to find the review of products that they want. don't have a perfect skin(in case if you think I have it since I try several products).Because I don't have a perfect skin yet,that's why I'm here seeking for the perfect product for my skin :) Hopefully..

I don't do tutorial make up,eye of the day(EOTD),or things that similar to that because this blog theme is about getting inside my beauty bag :).. So if you want to get a make up tutorial,there're some lovely blogs about it like these ones that my lovely friends write:Glossicious  or Indian Vanity Case . Yep,you can find make up tutorial,EOTD,or anything similar in those blogs,even on blogs arround the world.

Some products that I've tried may suit for some people,and may not. As I have mentioned that I have a dry,sensitive skin,so maybe some products that don't suit me that I've reviewed here,may work well on people who have oily skin.However,I'll put the pros and cons of any product I've reviewed here.I hope it can help people with the same skin type as mine,or anyone who's seeking for products reviews.

Thank You so much for reading my blog!Wishing you all the best luck in finding the cosmetics of your dream..


  1. Thank you for being here") i love reading your comments , they make me happy that someone is reading what i write and comment on it. You are a lovely friend .

  2. Hi Sarah:)
    Yes,it's lovely to know that someone is reading our blog and give comments :) You're my wonderfull friend too :)
    Oh anyway,my deep condolences to all flood victims in Pakistan.I was going to write it on your blog,but I hardly found where to post it.Maybe I'm just still unfamiliar with your new layout..

  3. I know , blog lay out is new, i will make it easy to navigate

  4. Right Sarah!I didn't see any box to post my comment.I clicked everywhere but seemed no box in there..:?.. Thought it was my browser problem,but it worked on my blog(I can see the box to post comment).Hope your blog will get back to the way it should be,soon :)


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