September 29, 2010

Etudehouse O2 White Mask Pack = an Asian Dream?

Fairer skin?anyone?.. Aha..I bet lots of Asian women will raise their hands for this :)  Me?Hmm..when I was on my senior high,I was obsesed with those kinda whitening products,but now..I'm at my state peace of mind with my skin color.No more fair skin obsessed.So,why did I buy this product?Thanx to my dark spot ex acne scars which gave me unbalanced skin color, so I bought this product.Hopefully this will work well for me :)

I was there,surfing here and there about beauty products and found this craze: An Etudehouse commercial about this product,I guess.There was a comparison between before and after usingthis product.Before it's named"O2 white mask pack",the name name was"O2 one minute mask".See the picture below, there are differences before using and after using the product.Amazing,huh? That's why I bought this product.
the result is quite similar to the picture,depends on the thickness amount of the cream that you put onto
The packaging was just a simple white and light blue plastic jar.I have no idea why it can whiten the skin,
but if you guess it contains either hydroquinone or mercury,I said:No,it doesn't!.I read the ingredients,it doesn't contain any of those hydroquinone or mercury,so I guess it's safe. Beside,I believe that Korean brand has a good quality control through KFDA(Korean Food and Drugs Administration),and more..Etudehouse is a reputable brand so I believe that it's a safe product. So why it can whiten the skin fast?Well..maybe bcoz of O2 process(ever saw similar product,different brand with the same purpose before)'s safe :)
Here is the ingredients list:
water, glycerin,butylene glycol,hydrogen peroxide,hydrogenated polydecene,cetearyl alcohol,stearic acid,cetyl ethylhexanoate,mineral oil,glyceryl stearate,beeswax,butryospermum parkii(shea butter), glyceryl polymethacrylate,betaine,hydrogenated vegetable oil,sorbitan isostearate,polysorbate 60, PEG-100stearate, dimethicone, methylparaben, butylparaben, acrylates/c10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, triethanolamine,chlorphenesin,fragrance,morus alba root extract,disodium edta, glycyrrhiza glabra(licorice)root extract,BHT,propylene glycol,pvm/ma copolymer,                                 oxygen, lactobacillus/waterhyacinth ferment,mannitol,hydrolyzed wheat protein,saccharomyces lysate extract,malva sylvestris(mallow)flower/leaf/stem extract,mentha piperita(pepermint)leaf extract,primula veris extract,alchemilla vulgaris extract,veronica officinalis flower/leaf/stem extract,melissa officinalis leaf extract,alchillea millefolium extract.

Okay,so now move on the review.The direction of the product is:
1.wash face and pat dry
2.aplly maskpack to face
3.Leave on for 2-3 minutes
4.Rinse off with warm water
This product contains O2 carrier complex and Giga white. So of course I follow the direction carefully. After 3 minutes of using it,my skin look fairer on the area where I put the mask.So guess this product is exactly like what they claim of.The white area isn't that clear,just a slight 1- 2 layer whiten.I meant,you won't get a contrast white skin immediately.But regular using this product,guess it will whiten your skin.I don't use this product on my face yet since i'm still affraid of the effect(my face is sensitive).But my mum uses this product regularly,she has flex,dark spots by aging.And it works!My mum even left it on her skin for 5 minutes,her alibi is:"My skin isn't young anymore.I need a double dose to make it work for sure".I've warned her to follow the direction,but well..whateva she likes.

Ok,so this product is a good product for an instant whitening.I don't like the parabens,but it worth the result.So I'll give this product 5 points.A good product!:)


  1. I had been thinking of buying this back then, but since the oxy thingie could oxydize your skin if used more than 4minutes of course, I'm kind of afraid..haha. I dun want my face skin to be dread pale like a dead ( I mean my skin is pale already ) But my friend said this is indeed a good products~! ^^ great review

  2. Haha,right hye rin!It whitens our skin in instant way,though the result is slightly appeared.First time I bought it i wanted to use it on my ex-acne scars,but now i'm kind affraid of using it since my skin is sensitive,also..if i use it locally on my scars,the area where I apply it will be different in color than area that I don't apply it.Or what we say:"belaang-belang"^^...
    Thanks anyway for commenting :)
    But if you want to whiten the whole area,that's good for you:)..No belang-belang skin here,hehe :D..

  3. Hi...
    Where U buy this Item???I wanna try it ^^

  4. Hi mheitylicious:)...
    You can get this mask on any etudehouse counter,or buying it online.I bought this online :)..
    Thanx for visiting,sorry for my late reply(I was late on checking the comment box)...Hope you'll find this product soon..
    <3 ^^ <3


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