October 12, 2010

My Fave K-Drama

Hallo! Back again!:) This time I'm not going to talk about cosmetics,but someother lovely things that I love which is...tv series!This time I want to talk about one of my fave dramas, Korean Drama.  I love watching Japanese,US drama,any interesting tv series actually.But this time I'm going to review one drama I've just watched recently. I've just finished watching this korean drama last night: Prosecutor Princess. Oh my..this one is definitely a good drama! I wonder why this drama didn't become a hit in korea,nor even a hot topic among drama bloggers. This is a good drama,i mean from the story,the topic,everything!

First time I saw the cover of the dvd,it didn't seem appealing.But still I gave it a try,watched it,and got surprised! 4 thumbs up for this drama. I LIKE it ALOTS!!Definitely my fave one of all time!
This drama is very interesting,it can make you smile,laugh,touched,and sad at the same time.The most beautiful love story I've ever watched!!! It's a super romantic drama,but you even hardly seen romantic scene like holding hands,or kissing scene on this drama.Weird eh?If you haven't watched it,you won't understand what I mean :P.. Just watch it,I highly reccomend this drama! :)  

 so love this couple..

The story is about a prosecutor who loves being fashionable rather than being a prosecutor.So,there're some mysteries and cases in this drama too.

I just couldn't hardly wait for the next episode everytime I finished each episode of this drama. Now after finished the whole episodes,I even wish for the sequel!Can't get enough of this drama.. :) My fave drama EVER!! Someone from SBS who read this article,please make
sequel of this drama pls...!!
love them

My other fave dramas all the time are:

Memories of Bali
The story is very interesting,like thematic movie.Actually,this one has tragic ending,but the whole story is amazing!This one get high ratting in Korea,even won an award for the best script at that time.I like this drama bcoz it's about social reality that happens surround us.And also..Jo In Sung is a good point too,hehe.. :D

The women who still wants to marry
This drama is..hillarious!I laughed a lot,it's soo funny.The story is good,about men-women relationship in general.About stigma and opinions,expectation of women in society.Especially Asian
society.This pic can represent the drama:

isn't this sweet??:)

Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance:
A good story.What makes it my fave is that everytime we watch one episode,we can't hardly wait for the next episode one.There're some complicated conflicts in this drama.Good drama!

Summer Scents:
The story is just a standard,nothing special about the story.BUT,the cinematography is soooo artistic.Good scenery,good cinematography,and good ending too.The ending is sooo artistic,love the ending!:)
I like it when a movie is made in artistic way,like this one.That's why it's one of my fave drama.

My fair Lady:
Love this drama!! Very funny,and romantic too in its way.Though the story is a bit cliche.But really,love it when they combine people from 2 different world and they fall in love each other.
Like this one,a buttler and his female boss.

Full House:
Yes,this famous korean drama fullhouse.Who doesn't love this drama?This drama was soo popular back then.It's a good drama,funny..love it!:)

The Great Queen Seon Deok:
Love this drama about Korean first female ruller.Her efforts to be a queen,and to keep her crown.Love the Handsome hwarang surround her(oh well,she's so lucky!Got the power,and handsome men surround her!Envyyy..LOL!)..:D

Dae Jang Geum/Jewel in the Palace:
Jang Geum was the first female doctor in Korea.Her efforts to be"accepted"and"appointed",is adorable!Love Jang Geum.. :)

That's my fave K-Drama by far.I'll post some other my fave things other than cosmetics next time :) Have a lovely day...

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