January 20, 2011

Chemical Ingredients to Avoid In Skincare and Cosmetics


Hello,and Happy New Year 2011!! Hope this year will bring us happier,healthier,and wealthier.Amin!:) 
To enter this new year blogging,I think I'm going to post this important information that I  got from one web couple of days ago.I forgot the source of the web(just simply click and paste it,so if any of you having this article and want me to put credit here,just contact me ok?:) ). I think it's better for us to know the list of chemical ingredients to avoid in skincare and cosmetics.So here is the list:

* 1,4 - Dioxane
      Cancer risk.

* 2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol(see bronopol below)
      May contain / release formaldehyde, which is an irritant, carcinogenic and a neurotoxin.

* AHAs – Alpha-hydroxy acids (or ‘fruit acids’; incl. Glycolic acid and lactic acid)
      Can penetrate the skin;
      May increase sensitivity to sunlight therefore increase photo-aging and risk of sun-related skin cancers.

* Artificial colours
      The following colours may contain heavy metal impurities and could be carcinogenic:
      . Blue 1 (E133)
      . Green 3 (E142)
      . D&C Red 33 (E127)
      . FD&C Yellow 5 (E102)
      . FD&C Yellow 6 (E110)

* BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene)
      Preservative antioxidants;
      Possible allergen;
      Has been linked to possible behavioural effects, reproductive failures, not allowed in baby food.

* Bronopol
      Cancer risk.

* DEA / TEA (diethanolamine / triethanolamine)
  Can react with nitrites (often present in cosmetics as contaminants but not disclosed on the labels) to form nitrosamines – most nitrosamines are carcinogenic .

* Diazolidinyl urea / Imidazolidinyl urea.
      May contain / release formaldehyde, which is an irritant, carcinogenic and a neurotoxin.

* DMDM hydantoin
      May contain / release formaldehyde, which is an irritant, carcinogenic and a neurotoxin.

* Fragrance (Parfum, or Aroma)
      Can exacerbate asthmatic symptoms;
    May contain chemicals linked to cancer, damaging to the liver and kidneys and toxic to the nervous     system.

* Germall
      Diazolidinyl Urea (see note above)

* Lanolin
      Cosmetic grade Lanolin can be contaminated with carcinogenic pesticides such as DDT, dieldrin and lindane.
* Methylchloroisothiazolinone / Methylisothiazolinone
      Can cause allergic reactions or irritation.

* Padimate-O (octyl dimethyl PABA)
      Cancer risk.

* Parabens (Alkyl parahydroxy benzoates, or butyl/methyl/ethyl/propyl/isobutyl paraben)
      Oestrogen mimics;
      Can penetrate the skin.

* Petrolatum / Mineral Oil / Paraffin Wax / Petroleum Jelly
 By-products of the petrochemical industry. They are not absorbed by the skin, and block natural respiration, excretion and absorption of other nutrients. May contain oils and other impurities which could be toxic or harmful.

* Phthalates (Dibutyl (DBP), di(2-ethylhexyl) (DEHP), di-ethyl phthalate (DEP), butyl benzyl phthalate (BBP))
 Risk to pregnant women and unborn children;May disrupt hormones and cause birth defects;Linked to asthma and allergic disease.

* P-Phenylenediamine (PPD, or Para-phenylene-diamine)
      Linked to cancer in workers;
      Linked to asthma and allergic disease;
      Can penetrate skin;
      Skin irritant.

 * Propylene glycol (propan-1,2-diol)
      Humectant - used to maintain moisture;
      Can cause contact dermatitis;
      Linked to depression of the Central Nervous System.

* Quaternium 15
      May contain / release formaldehyde, which is an irritant, carcinogenic and a neurotoxin.

* Triclosan (5-chloro-2 (2,4-dichlorophenoxy)-phenol) or Trade name - Microban
      Bioaccumulative - builds up in fatty tissue and can’t be broken down properly;
      Has been found in human breast milk and fish;
      Dioxins (linked to cancer) are formed when it is manufactured, incinerated or exposed to sunlight.

* Sodium Lauryl Sulphate / Sodium Laureth Sulphate
      Skin, eye and respiratory tract irritant;
      May damage liver, lungs and immune system;
      Some evidence to suggest reproductive effects.

* Talc
   Cosmetic grade talc (often found in baby powders, face powders, body powders and some contraceptives)    is carcinogenic.

* Toluene (Toloul, methylbenzene)
  Risk to women workers of spontaneous abortions;Skin irritant; Toxic to central nervous system, eyes, blood, liver, kidneys and skin.
Women's Environmental Network - Toxic Tour
Green People - Skin Pollution feature
Chrissie Wildwood - Spotlight on the trade in wild plants

It's quite long list,and I must admit that some of my cosmetics I've bought contained one or even more of those ingredients above :(... So my hope for this year is to: GO GREEN for my cosmetics!It's hard because some major brand cosmetics offering good products which are not green and safe..

For Indonesian readers,I got this link which will help you through safe cosmetics.What the web said and what on my list above are the same.Just click this link,it's in Indonesian :)

Yeah,still..I hope that list will be useful for you!And,I'll keep mentioning ingredients of products I've reviewed here so that all readers can use it for their buying decision before buying products. Because we care  about  what's inside our products,right?;)  Have a green year ahead!!^^v 


  1. thank you for sharing! i'll definitely post it on my blog so others can read it too.

  2. Hi Locke,your welcome!I'm expecting my self to be greener this year,still not much option out there for green and safe cosmetics :(..

    Thanx for visiting ^^***

  3. natural way is better for skincare~~~ yay

  4. @hye rin: Right,but it's hard to find..and natural products packaging sometime are not tempting :/..

  5. wak.. agak shock bacanya..
    AHA juga termasuk? tapi kan itu kandungan yang terkenal meng-exfoliate sel kulit mati.. dan setauku masih aman deh asal pemakaiannya disesuaikan keadaan kulit..
    yang ada mineral oil nya juga nda boleh~ (body lotion ku ada mineral oilnya)
    kalo paraben kayaknya susah banget ya dihindarin.. ampir semua produk mengandung itu kayaknya..

  6. @yurina:
    Itu list yg aku dapat.Menurutku sih pemakaian semua bahan2 di list tersebut efeknya tidak langsung,sama seperti menabung,sedikit demi sedikit lama2 menjadi bukit.Jadi terserah kita sebagai konsumen mau meneruskan menabungnya atau tidak,hehehe..
    Parabens ada yg blg aman,ada yg blg tidak.Mungkin kasusnya sama spt semua yg ada di list tsb.Utk industri kosmetik massal,produsen biasanya menggunakan bahan2 pengawet yg paling murah spy produknya jadi tidak mahal.Jd mrk tidak pakai pengawet yg mahal dan lbh aman.
    Utk kosmetik buatan indo,ada yg pake parabens ada yg tidak,tapi memang betul rata2 pakai parabens.Tapi menurutku sih menghindari parabens & mineral oil jauh lebih mudah drpd menghindari kosmetik tanpa keluarga
    glycol(propylene,butylene glycol,etc)..Mineral oil,bahkan byk org yg alergi mineral oil.Aku pnah baca artikel kalo make product yg ada mineral oilnya,biasanya efek di muka jadi jerawat bruntusan gitu.
    Yah kita mesti rajin2 liat bahan2nya:)..

    Trims udah mampir ^^

  7. Thank you for sharing such a nice information. :)

  8. Ella Torres:
    Your welcome.I'm glad I can share it with you here.I hope the information will be usefull for everyone who reads it.Thanx for visiting!:)

  9. I enjoyed the breakdown of all the chemicals to avoid, thank you!

  10. Kourtney:
    You're welcome!Hope that will be usefull for you!:)

  11. I really did not know all this stuff about skin products. This article has been an eye opener. Hope now I will be able to improve my skin better.

    skin rejuvenation

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