November 10, 2010

( I ) Pray For Indonesia

These 2 months have been hard months for me. Last month,my uncle pased  away by lung cancer after struggled for couple of months in the hospital.And this month,my grandfather has just passed away In addition to that,there were these catastrophes in Indonesia: Flood in wasior(papua island),Tsunami in mentawai(a small island near sumatra island),and Volcanic eruption of Mt.Merapi in Central Java(Java Island).
My city is one of cities which got the effect of that eruption.I got dust and sands rain by that eruption,here
are pics:
from the yard of my house :(..see the dust on the trees!

now it's all greyish with dust and sands..

yep...exactly like this

The dusts and sands are about 2cm thick.Even after water rain came,we still need to scoop it by hands since it's stuck to the floor.I hardly go outside without wearing mask and glasses.Glasses doesn't work well,you'll need goggles.Even if you're already equipped with those stuffs,without going by your own car,that'll
be hard for you to walk on the street with dusts fly arround.Basically,it's better to stay at home than go out.
If last month water rain is something that I didn't miss at all,nowI'm crying for that..give us water rain God,please..!:'(

The good thing about this eruption is,the water that I use to bath contain sulphur from that volcanic dust.Believe it or not,my skin is smoother and less-almost free acne now:D..There're 2 different water in my house,for bathing and drinking.For drinking,it uses different source,so it's sulphur free.And for the bathing,it's acne free :D

I really hope that this eruption will finish soon...Amin. My deep condolences for all victims of the catastrophes.May they'll be rewarded for all good deeds they've done.May God will relieves all the pain they have and being given courage and strength to their lives. Amin...


  1. Hi Sarah!:) Amin.Thank you for your sincere prayer.My city is quite far from the mountain,but still..the dusts reach everywhere :(..Hope this eruption will finish soon.Amin
    <3 Thank you Sarah <3


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