March 20, 2011

Welcome to (Indonesia) Cosmetics part 4-Let's Go To Beauty Clinic!

Now I'm going to write you about cosmetic world in Indonesia.This time is about Beauty Clinics here.Apart from cosmetic products that we can get on stores,we can buy cosmetic products from beauty clinics that are available arround the country.Each clinic makes its own products.They name it either aesthetic centre,aesthetic clinic,beauty clinic,house of beauty,skincare,whatever..but they have something in common which is:offering beauty treatment service.Basically these clinics offering beauty services,such as:consultation,facial massage,facial spa,peeling,etc.There are dermatologists  available on clinics to diagnoze what treatment you should get.And sure it's reccomended to use their products during your treatment.Products are varied,from face wash,face cream,acne treatment,untill face powder.Not only clinics whom offer that kinda treatment+products,some dermatologists also make their own products for their patients.Those dermatologists do practice on their own home/office in evening after their duty on country/state hospital in the morning.And yes,I went to dermatologist when I was on college back then(thanx to my acnes attack).This beauty clinics here are not those kind of saloons who'll do make up,hair styling,etc.Mainly they're professional clinics,with dermatologists,beauty"equipments",and..their own products.
Anyway,here are some clinics that have branches allover indonesia,and widely known.I'm sure there are lots of clinics here,but i'll put only some who have website and widely known. Here are some clinics(mainly those who offers skin treatment services,not slimming-diets programs)in random order:  click on each pic to go to their web
I've ever gone to this clinic.Some people get their skin better after using their products,but it just didn't work for me.My prev.dermatologist result was better imo.But this clinic has the largest number of branches here.

2.London Beauty Centre
Never been there,but this one has large number of branches as well.

3.Larissa Aesthetic Centre
Just the same,this one has quite large branches.The different with those clinics above is that this clinic use fruits on their products.

4.Erha clinic
This clinic is famous in jakarta.Celebrities even go to this clinic.

5.Miracle Aesthetic Clinic
I don't know much about this clinic.But I guess they are a good clinic with many branches.

6.Esther House of Beauty
This clinic products are made of fruits and vegetables,just like Larissa above.

7.VZ skincare
This is a franchise based clinic.I think most of clinic who have branches use this franchise system of becoming their business partner.

I heard from some forum that this clinic is"the secret of how our jetset-socialite women's skin look stunning".Can be pricey to get their treatment there I guess^^..

Epiderma is one of "old"beauty clinics,or pioneer in this business here in Indonesia.I know they have branches in some cities.However,I can't find their website on the net.

10.Inasa Skincare Klinik
I don't know much about this clinic.But they have many branches in some cities.

11.Klinik Estetika
I know this clinic,it started in Semarang city.Owned by a famous dermatologist.This clinic patients are from allover Indonesia.Their specialty is in acne problems.My cousin went there btw.Now they have branches in some cities.

12.Double Eight Klinik
I don't know much about this clinic,but they have branches on some cities in Indonesia

I saw their advertisement on Cosmopolitan Indonesia Magazine back then.Some people on beauty forum here reccomended this clinic too.I think they're good.

14.Perfect Beauty aesthetic & anti aging clinic
I think this is a new clinic,but since they'll open branches in some cities in Indonesia,so I put it on the list here.

Main branches are in west java area.

Some local clinic/only on certain city in Indonesia,at a glance:
1.Dr.Deby Vinsky clinic
I heard about this doctor on magazine,also..her patients are Indonesian celebrities.Located in Jakarta only.

2.Klinik Permata Azzaria
Just another local clinic I found on the net.Located in Purwokerto

3.Prasanti Beauty Clinic
Located in bali

4.Anita Rempoa
Located in Jakarta

5.Dr.Yanti Aesthetic Clinic
Located in Surabaya

and many more.

And some of online clinics:
1.Dr.Windu Clinic
I heard about this clinic,however I've never tried it before.

2.Dr.Aisyah FN clinic
Don't know much about this clinic

*I have no idea about online clinics whether they have offline clinics or not.

Some clinics and dermatologists allow people to buy their skincare products without have to be their patient 1st,but some others just don't allow.What I mean by clinic above aren't those spa saloons/treatments, it's different. It's more to"fixing your skincare problems",like acnes,pimples,spots,scars,wrinkles,pigmentation,etc. Not the one who does body massage.Generally you can recognize it from their name,they usually using"spa"on their name.Not clinics who do beauty surgery either.There're clinics who do plastic surgery here,but the number is rare since artificial beauty is kinda social taboo here.Even on celebrities,mostly people will deny that that they've done plastic surgery since people just don't admire artificial beauty.It's just not"who you are"since it's not naturally you(like changing your nose,lips,eyes permanently).Also,those clinics above aren't clinics who specialize in slimming & body shaping programs,like impression,marie france,WRP Diet Centre,etc,to name a few of them.So there are 3 kind of clinics here:skin care clinics,body shaping clinics,and plastic surgery clinics.And,spa treatments.Totally 4 kind of beauty services that women here can get.And clinics that I mention above are skincare clinics.

I think this kinda aesthetic clinic has been booming since 10 yrs ago untill  now since it's part of women lifestyle to have their skin treated on that clinic now.Many of Indonesian women are proud to go to beauty clinic to get their skin treated.Basically due to personal touch that all of those beauty clinics offer.It will be different if you only buying beauty products than getting facial on your skin and all those treatments you can get on beauty clinics.Just like if you get your clothes on retail store and on fashion designer,those 2 things will have different results on your look,your life style,and your wallet!:D..
So many clinics here and there so that even one of my frens whom was a general doctor,she wanted to do dermatology as her specialization later.When I asked her why,she said"you know we all go to clinic nowadays.I want to have mine too".Yeah right,she knew the market well^^...
About this beauty clinic,you can see on this link. It's one of our celebrities here,the lovely violinist Maylafffayza. She's a violinist like Vanessa Mae.On that link,she's asking about good beauty clinic for her and   you'll understand that it's what we Indonesian women do to get our skin treated.

courtessy of maylaffayza
I heard that there's a new regulation by our government regarding beauty clinics since the number has been"too many".Not only Indonesian based,there are also foreign clinic based available here.If any of you,my Indonesian friends who know about the same kind of clinic like those ones above,please let me know and I'll add it to the list(preferably those clinics who have website,and have branches pls!)..Thanksss ....


  1. I've been to a lot of countries and I have visited a lot of facial clinics. Most often I got facial massage or skin treatment but never got botox ever since. An old colleague of mine invited me to accompany her at Botox Clinics Melbourne. I was shocked for I never knew that her perfect face was not that perfect at all. I thought all of the curves were natural, only to find out they're not.

  2. Chellax:Hmm...I don't know whether beauty clinics here do botox or not,I believe some of them offering botox on their service menu.I'm not in needs of do botox either(not many fine lines that I have),but personally I don't wanna do botox(I hate needle:D).So botox won't be on my list. Basically,most of women here go to beauty clinics for these purposes:to combat acne,and or to have fairer skin tone. Like one of our celebs here

    Click the link(i'll add it to my post)You can see that's what generally indonesian women do when they go to beauty clinic:)..

    Thanx for commenting ^^...


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