March 10, 2011

Welcome to (Indonesia) Cosmetics part 3- Lulur(Body Scrub)Paradise!

This time I'm going to introduce you to some of cosmetic brands here in Indonesia which are mostly body spa products.Some of companies who produce it are small-medium enterprises based/small manufacture companies.I say some since I know there're lots of products other than what I mention here,but I hardly find their info on the net.For example this aromatherapy that I have.

my aromatherapy 

these are essential oils,put it on the burner

the only ladybug that doesn't bug me :D

I bought it at a booth on a mall here,the brand is"Mango Aromatherapy".They also made other products such as"lulur(eng:body scrub)",some bath salts,and body soaps.But I can't find info about them on the net.There're lots of SME(small-medium enterprises)like that here.Even on bigger companies,like the one I mentioned before(click here),some of those companies don't have any web yet.But their products are available on departments stores,retail stores,etc.The same goes to SME products,they have booths or stores,but no website.Majority of them producing spa products,such as:body scrub,bath salt,aromatherapy,body butter,soaps and body lotion.Basically bodycare.Some of them also producing facial care.If any of you wondering why almost all of their products started with"Bali"on their brands,well..this kinda spa products was started in Bali(and since that time,that kinda spa products has been booming here.Even bigger companies(click my here and here)also produce it,so no wonder the following products use"Bali"on their brand name.Beside,there're lots of spa salon in Bali island(click here for info about Bali).Lulur,as far as I know is part of Javanese beauty tradition.Literally(verb and noun) means pouring something onto your body as a treatment.Beside lulur,there's also"Mangir"as part of Javanese beauty traditions.Mangir(verb and nouns)means tinted.I maybe not an expert on this language matter though I'm a javanese,but the difference between lulur and mangir is only this:mangir is tinted with the presence of turmeric in it.Lulur is for exfoliating,and Mangir is mainly for tinting our skin(with the yellowness of turmeric).Why yellow?indonesian people's skin color is majority yellow-undertone(in west,central part of indonesia).So you go with lulur first,then use mangir on to your body.Traditionally lulur & mangir were made of dry herbs,but now they make it into lotion-cream form.Some even make it into soaps form.I did some search on the net,and I even found that there's a lulur spa in Los Angeles and a company in Philippines produce it there.
So here are some of the brands(in random order): click on the pic to go to their web
1.Sekar Jagat
This is one of pioneers on this industry as far as i can remember.This brand is very popular btw.

2.Bali Ratih
Comes from the same company who produces Sekar Jagat,but this brand has more complete range.

3.Bali Home Spa
They have quite complate skincare range,take a look at it!
some of their products:

4.Pura Bali
This company products seem exclusive due to the packaging.More pricey^^..but luxury.

one of their products:

They make good products in nice packaging!Just check their web out!:)
their products:

6.Living Skin
They have good products in nice packaging,makes me want to order some of their soaps...

7.Bali Alus
They also have quite complete skincare range.
some of their products:

This brand claimed to have better ingredients,free of harmfull chemicals.

9.Rempah Putri
Some of their products are more natural/dry herbs.Nice packaging too,take a look at their web!:)

Their products are not only body scrub,but also javanese traditional beverages.Most of their products are based on traditional herbs.

I think this is somehow a joint venture company since they make it in Bali and Bali based.Since it still cary Indonesian tradition product,which is lulur so I put it on the list here.

12.Bali Ayu
Just the same as above,they said they made it from organic ingredients too.

This brand has complete range.I've tried their bath salt in lavender scent.Nice product.

I've never tried their products,but as you can see on the web,their product is body scrub only.

15.The Bali Shop
They have quite complete range in nice packaging.Check it out!:)

This isn't Bali based company,the company is based in java.They make those spa products as well.

17.Kartika Ayu
I actually am confused to put this company on the list or not since their products are mainly  err..vagina treatment products??.So I think it's health care,and not skin care(?).Ok,I'm not going to debate about it,so let's put it on the list here ^^...

I've never tried their products,but I like their minimalist-naturalist-cute packaging.They have sunblock in coconut&chocolat flavour which I think is yummy to try...

I just hope that they will mention the ingredients on their web to help their customers gain information about their products.

19.Ayu Naturally Cemerlang
This company products are mostly body scrubs under brands:Ayudya & Naturally.

I accidentally found their web.I think they have good products:)

21.Coco Spa
I like their yummy packaging.However,I haven't found their official website.

22.Family Tree
They have various products,take a look at it your self!   click this link to go to their online store.

I think the company only make body scrub.

24.Sabun Mutiara Keraton
They have various products,and..of course body scrub!^^


25.Bali Herbal
Their product is only body scrub,I guess.I can't find their official web.

26.Bali Skin Shop
Their product is only body scrub,I guess.I can't find their official web.

27.Laksmi Spa
Their product is only body scrub,I guess.I can't find their official web.

Hmmm...I can't find their official web,but I guess this is Indonesian product since:it's body scrub again!Also,there're some indonesian language there.Btw,they also make body lotion in pretty packaging.Really pretty color:)!

29.Putri Ayu Sekar Wangi
I think this is a new company.Don't know much about them.

30.Body Snack
Just the same.Their packaging is yummy too.Their product is only body scrub,I guess.I can't find their official web.

31.Asoka Bali
Their packaging is yummy too.Their product is only body scrub,I guess.I can't find their official web.

They also make body butter,but here is the pic of body scrub product:

33.Lulur Madu
Made by Ibu(lit.means Mrs,or Madame)Soraya.Made in Bogor city of Indonesia.No official web available(the picis from the online seller).
Still,lulur is everywhere here not just in Bali or Java.

34.Tiastarti Bali
I think they only make traditional based soap.No official web available.
It's such a body scrub paradise up there^^!If any of you wondering why we Indonesian love body scrubs much,just read my previous posts and you'll find the answer why?:D..
I'm sure there are lots more brands(and there will be even more companies here produce it!!) here but I can't list all of them since I can't memorize allproducts that are available on the market well.Maybe I'll update this list later,so check this page later!Thanks for reading!:) Have a g'day...


  1. woow I've never tried them all :p I'm not a body-scrub-girl, got one big jar of Wardah body scrub and I think I can never finish it :p
    I used to love using Lulur Mas Sinangling by Mustika Ratu, years ago.. but never fancy a body scrub again these days.. I guess I'm more focusing on face.. *shame on me :p

  2. wow, I didn't know you have all those different options and brands, it kinda makes one dizzy :P

  3. dsy:I used to use Sariayu dry lulur back then on my teens era :D...By far body scrub(the cream one) brands that I've tried were only:Vivelle and Sekar Jagat.The Sekar Jagat one was my mum's so it's"gretongan",hehehe..
    Yeah,think we're the same,kinda"neglecting" body care routine and more focusing on face..But after posting this,I wanna try some brands:toye,rempah putri,jenar,living skin and sensatia. I like their packaging and what a tempting products that they have!:)

  4. GB:LOL!:D..there are actually even more out there!
    What I post here are only some brands that I could search on the net and I've ever seen their products.Some others just have no records on the net,but they do have stores/booths on malls here.
    I don't even know exactly how many brands out there that we have,but after this post I'll post another post about Indonesian beauty,Insya Allah;).. So take your aspirin now,and stay here for more posts :P...

  5. Nice post!!
    so glad to found someone writing about this..
    will follow your blog. oh.. i just did!
    i'm a big fan of bali product.. i've tried sekar jagat, bali home spa, denara, and many more..
    i loooove indonesian scrubs! best in the world! haha
    now that i'm living in yemen, in and out beauty shops, trying all body scrubs made in here and there (will not mention the country), and you know what.. bali products are the best for me..

  6. @galleryibu:
    Are you the same galleryibu on multiply?I read (your)beauty notes there too^^..
    Oh,is there any body scrub made in yemen?I'd like to know yemen local cosmetic brands since as far as i know,not many cosmetic manufactures available in middle east area.Maybe you can post it on your notes/beauty review later :)..
    I think what I want to try next will be dry lulur..

    Thanx for visiting my blog :) Itu bisa buat jualan lulur bali di sana tuh kalo di sana ga ada lulur yg bagus,hehehee...

  7. yup, same one with the one in multiply. Ini pindahan dari sana ceritanya.. hehe
    i don't even know if there is yemen local cosmetic brand! The good thing is i can try other lots of import products here. they import cosmetics from all over europe. many names i've never heard. i've tried one of the scrub, not as good as Bali lulur!!

  8. @galleryibu:
    Biasanya kalo pindahan pake ada slametan dulu tuh;)..tumpengan apa bubur merah ya?lupa,hehe..
    Yeah,i guess we have more cosmetic manufacturers here comparing to Yemen.I heart Indonesia!:) :) :)
    Yesterday I found some other lulur producers(again!)..will update the list above soon.See,we're trully Lulur Paradise!!..:)

  9. and the best product is?

    1. I'm not an award giving person for products,why don't you try them all and do blogging,giving your review and see what's best for you?I'm as curious as you're to see the result;)


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