April 24, 2011

My 1st Blog Award! :)

Thank you Yurina,for giving me a blog award!She gave me a blog award(and didn't mention the rules,so I'll still post about the award anyway) :). She has a lovely blog,just check it out here. I'm just a part time blogger whom rarely doing blog walking.Only visiting some blogs sometimes.So this award is a wonderfull thing for me.Thank you,Yurina :) 

Anyway,about this blog:I decide to add"upcoming events"section on my right bar.On that section,you can see some upcoming events that you can join(just click the link on each pictures).The events vary,from art,culture,untill sports. There are actually many events available,but i'll put only some that I think more interesting. Why do I put a non-related events to beauty blogging stuffs?Yeah,though we(or me) do beauty blogging,but we all have other hobbies that have nothing to do with beauty products. I like swimming,reading,watching movies,even listening to classic music.Some classic music but basically I like music with orchestra instrument in it,like these musics below:

Sherina-Cinta Pertama & Terakhir

yovie & nuno-Sempat memiliki

peterpan-Bintang di Surga

I like orchestra,especially the sound of violin.There are quite many orchestras in Indonesia,but the most famous ones are:Twillite Orchestra,Magenta Orchestra,Erwin Gutawa Orchestra,Nusantara Symphony Orchestra,and The Jakarta Symphony Orchestra. The Jakarta Symphony Orchestra is the oldest one,established since 1978(actually it was there even before this Republic was built!). Anyway,Twilite Orchestra made"Cantabile"concert which was inspired by the popularity of Nodame Cantabile,a Japanese Manga(I also read the manga btw ^_^,a very funny manga but jenius!Love Nodame!).Here is the add of the concert:

Wished I were there to watch the concert...

....and who doesn't love Pachelbel's Canon in D?If you can't stand with classic music,you can start it with Canon in D,i'm sure you'll love it!:D Or,just listen to pop/rock music with orchestra instrument in it like I do :)

So,i'll start to put some events that you or people surround you can join.Could be festivals,sport events,basically any events that people can join.But not religious events since I think religious events are limited to the followers. Btw,if you're in Indonesia and you love movie,there's a"festival sinema prancis"(french cinema festival).You can watch some french movies on that festival,so don't miss it!:) There're also these concerts:KIMCHI festival(super junior,girl's day,X-5,etc) and Avril Lavigne "Black Star Tour 2011" on next May 2011.Can't provide the link since tickets will be sold out offline,so if you want to watch it you should buy the ticket now( I bet all Indonesian E.L.F have been searching for the ticket now..).No..it's not elf cosmetic brand!It's Ever Lasting Friends,a Super Junior's fan base.

for Suju Lovers

somehow the add looks too gothic imo
Ok,that's all my post for now.Have a nice weekend everybody..! Thanks again for lovely Yurina for giving me my 1st blog award...^_^


  1. You deserve the award sweetie! :3

  2. Hi Marion,thank you :) Congrat's for your new blog!Waiting for your next posts..:)

  3. youre welcome dear~ ^^
    i like Sherina's songs too btw!

  4. yurina:
    :) yeah,i'm new in"dunia perblogingan",hehehe..So sometimes I don't know much about"rituals"in blogging world,but now since I do more blog walking,now I get used to it:)

    Iya,sherina yg diatas itu emang bagus lagunya.Yovie & Nuno juga,banyak pake orchestra.Tapi di youtube MVnya"sempat memiliki",entah napa pd ga bisa diputer.Terpaksa deh pake rekaman yg di rcti itu..-___-..

  5. waw, grats for your award ^^
    I changed my blog header (only) 1 month ago ^^ the rest are all the same =)

  6. Hi hye rin!Thanks:)You get the award too,so congrats for you^^

    Hmm..you also change your blogger name,sweetie!;)
    Btw,hope all will be well with you and that you'll always stay healthy!! Hwaiting!!^^v

  7. Lovely Cosme: thanks to you, your word encourages me a lot, and btw, I bought the fake EH e/l from small make up company, I think they're distributing fake cosme without even knowing that fake cosmetics does exist...hu2.

  8. Hye Rin: welcome:) Oh really?hmm..if you bought it online then it'll be hard to send it back to them,for offline buying will be easier(err..maybe:D)..I think now you should check on official web first before deciding to buy something I guess. Yeah,I ever saw some OS sold fake MAC but they didn't know that it's fake,and bad for buyers...it has the same price as original ones!! btw,I've ever seen e/h fake lipstick as well.The seller said it was made in Malaysia..:D How come e/h product was made in malaysia??

  9. What a interesting topic and i think you deserve this award.

  10. @zoek machine:
    Dank u!:) Veel success for your web!^^

  11. Woohoo! I love Nodame Cantabile too! <3 It inspires me a lot! :)

  12. Ningrum:
    Oh really?Mukyaaa...:D..hehehe..
    Nodame is awesome! The commic is one of my fave mangas all the time:)


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