June 13, 2011

The Body Shop Teatree Oil

It's been a while since my previous post.I've been busy dealing with many things,and when I had time to do blogging,I worked on redesigning my blog layout.I'm not a graphic designer though I joined some graphic designs and web classes back then when I was on college.My under graduate degree wasn't from graphic design school,so i'm not really good on it.Even on this new layout,i'm just doing some mix and match of tons of freebies out there:D..I think something is still missing here,but..whatever,i'll do some retouch later.But yes,the theme is baby pink now.I soo love anything in baby pink color,always!Now even more:D..

I also apologize for people who have written me e-mails,and I just checked and replied it recently. I love blogging,I don't think I want to quit from blogging.Blogging is fun,you meet lots of people arround the world,making new friends,sharing your thoughts,so who wants to quit from all those lovely things above?At least not me:)..

Ok,so what I got during these times?I have some cosmetics and non cosmetic haul which I'll review it later,and this new pink digital camera of mine:) LOVE IT!!It's Canon Ixus 105.

My previous camera was from Canon Ixus too which was Canon Ixus 400.I like Canon,especially the Ixus series.I love their design,the result,and mostly is...their excellent service!I don't want to promote Canon here,so here what I can say about their service,buy it then you'll know what I meant.I broke my previous Canon Ixus 400 when I used my tripod,and apparently the spare part price was as the same price as you buy a new camera.Technology is such annoying,isn't it?They always come with a newer and cheaper price.So when I bought this new Canon Ixus 105,my requirements were only:the lowest price model among canon ixus series in pink casing!That's all.I'm not a good photographer at all,so why would I need to buy the coolest camera on this planet?It'll be like this old saying in Korea that I've ever read on a Manhwa:"Pearl is useless for a pig",which is literally mean"it's useless to wear pearl on pig".The pig won't even know how precious the pearl is.Bottom line is,just buy what you need/suits your need:D..

my previous camera

pink fact<3
Here is also what I bought:The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil.I got acne attack again,and I run outta my burt's bees,so my option for tea tree oil were only TBS teatree oil or Oriflame teatree oil.I was going to buy Oriflame Teatree oil since it's organic.But when I read the ingredients,I canceled it. It contains petrolatum/mineral oil,which I have no idea why they put it in since I heard petrolatum/mineral oil based cosmetics can cause break out on some people.So I chose this TBS teatree oil.

Anyway I must confess that before being a beauty blogger,I thought teatree oil was extracted from tea tree(for beverages).Untill one day I searched on the net and found out that it came from different kind of plants! I don't understand,why don't they name it with different name instead of using the same"tea"word?As far as I know,we don't plant this teatree here in Indonesia,though the plant is a native plant from our neighbouring country,Australia.I'm justifying my self here for not knowing much about the shape of this tree.We plant tea,but not this teatree.Beside,all products that claim has teatree oil in it,they all came in that teatree leaf picture in graphic which looks like tea leaf in my eyes(oh please,some leaves just look similar in graphic!). So I randomly asked some people arround me this question:"Do you know teatree oil?Do you think it's from tea tree that we drink and made it into oil?".Majority said:"yes,isn't it?".When I said"no,it isn't",they were like"really?i thought it's from tea tree since its name is teatree!".So if any of you is unclear about how the shape of this tree or info about the tree,just click on this link.
Here are some pics of it:


So,how about this TBS teatree oil that I bought?(I prefer to combine the tea+tree word to differ it from tea tree that we use for beverages).
Ingredients are:
Water, Alcohol Denat., PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Polysorbate 20, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Limonene, t-Butyl Alcohol, Calophyllum Inophyllum Seed Oil, Citral, Leptospermum Petersonii (Lemon Tea Tree) Oil, Denatonium Benzoate, Tocopherol.

Just like my previous burt's bees herbal blemish stick,it dries acnes quickly.The texture isn't oily,more watery imo.It doesn't feel stink on your skin,unlike burt's bees. The smell isn't as strong as burt's bees,still the same"telon oil"smell.I like this product!
2 things that I frown at:
1.They put ingredients list on the 3rd layer,so I can't peel it to see what's in it on the store when I purchase it.Gimme a break,the SA won't let me peel it ofcourse!There's a sample of it,so I may peel it,but how about when they run out of it,or forget to provide the sample?. I think it'll be better if they put it on outer layer instead.

2.The cap system is quite confusing.I spent 15 minutes to open the cap as the suggestion said and it didn't work at all!Then I tried,and tried,tried,finally it worked.I prefer regular cap,better and faster to open it.

Overall,4.5 points for this product.


  1. whoa, thanks for the review. I've been crazily searching for a good anti acne solution cuz I got one or more breakout just everytime before my period (sometimes big enough to stressed me out!). The TBS tea tree concealer itself is not really a big help for me. Once I finished with my C&C solution I'm gonna buy this one, thanks~

  2. Hi hye rin,glad to see you here again!:)
    Hmm..this teatree oil works on me by far.Maybe the concealer that you tried didn't give you the maximum result,after all..it's still a concealer,not acne remedies:) Yeah,I suggest you to try more"safe cosmetics"for your health benefit.Considering the surgery that you had.So for acne,teatree oil is better i guess.This TBS carries 15% of teatree oil.Less chemical too.
    I think you'll like it as I do!:)**

  3. I love bodyshop tea trea ranges!! Have you tried the Toner? I use it every night and it is amazing.

  4. Hi Holly:)
    No,i haven't tried the toner.Since their teatree ranges are targeted for oily-acne prone skin,so i'm a bit worried if it can dry my dry skin out.So i only use the teatree oil one for acne remedies.If the toner doesn't dry out your skin,so i think it's worth to try;)

  5. hey there, tea tree is really nice for your skin, I love body shop tea tree oil ^_^ thanks for the review
    i wonder if youre intersted in joining a skincare giveaway sponsored by ponds indonesia :D the main ingredients for the newly launched ponds skincare is camellia leaf which is widely known to help skin brighter
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    good luck <3

  6. Hi stella:) thanks for letting me know about it.I'm not really into giveaway hunting,but i'll check your blog for sure.I've ever visited your blog back then,nice blog that you have anyway;)..

  7. Thanks for informing us about it and really interesting topic.

  8. wow good review, i used these too, very nice product,,
    please visit my blog too,

    1. Hi Alice,thanx:)
      Yes,I saw you followed me back then but seemed like you didn't do blogging back then.Now that I see your blog,will definitely follow the same Indo fellow;) Thanks for visiting:)

  9. hi. i just want share my thoughts. i've been using TBS Tea Tree Oil and it doesn't work for me.
    My pimples like to have these pop-out party on my face especially when my period is due. I applied it twice daily for 5 weeks; day and night. Yet still, my redness and acne do not disappear. I don't know if it just me and i have stubborn pimples. I feel like I've just wasted MYR28. I won't recommend people to buy this product. So yeah.

    1. Sorry to hear that!What's your skin type anyway?Also,what cleanser that you use because that matters also.
      This teatree oil is just a remedy.In fact it helps to dry my pimples,it has alcohol in it.Just like burt's bees teatree oil.So if this product didn't work for you,please take a carefull look about your cleanser,and moisturizer.Their ingredients could be the one that caused the acne.If you have good ingredients on them that suits your skin,so it could be your eating habit or personal lifestyle that cause the acne.
      It's all related:)


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