September 16, 2011

eos strawberry shorbet lipbalm

Yes,eos lipbalm!It's been quite long time I want this eos strawberry shorbet lipbalm,but hardly got it since it's kinda hard to get.If you notice,some online stores in USA always run out of this item.This item is always sold very quickly among all of eos lipbalms.Now that I accidentally found it on one of online sellers here,made me jump gladly!:D.If you ask me,why I want this item badly?Well,of course because I currently have no lipbalm at all.2nd,I've been curious about eos lipbalm's taste.And most of all,I love the unique packaging concept of eos in pink color??Wow,I'm all in!!:D..

I'm actually not a lipbalm person(i don't have problem with dry,chapped lips,etc). I rarely use lipbalm actually,i mainly use it when i'm on my fasting day.So maybe I'm not good reviewer of any lipbalm product,but i'll still explain to you what I like about this lipbalm(and what I don't like-if there's any).
First,the inci:
Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil*, Beeswax (Cire D'abeille)*, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil*, Natural Flavor, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)*,Stevia Rebaudiana Leaf/Stem Extract*, Tocopherol, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil*,Fragaria Vesca (Strawberry) Fruit Extract*, Limonene1, Linalool1.
1Component of Natural Flavor. *Organic. Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth. Patent Pending.

That's a blend of all natural,no harmfull preservatives,and organic ingredients.No mineral oil/parafin wax/petrolatum.This lipbalm is for you who seek for earth and human friendly cosmetic.I know that some people out there against plant based oil products and prefer the petrolatum/mineral oil ones.But certainly i'm not the member of that club:).Not because of what scientists have proven,but simply based on this reason:If there're plant based oil products are available,so why I should choose petroleum based oil products for my skin?.Petroleum comes from the same source as kerosene,gasoline,car lubricants,etc.So why would I"lick"it by use it as a lipbalm??.Nah,I better choose plant based oil one like this eos lipbalm.And let all petroleum products be the source of fuel products.At least,the stock of petroleum will be usefull for fuel uses.Instead for cosmetic uses which can be sourced from plants:).

Anyway,about this lipbalm.The texture is waxy,not greasy,not sticky either.This one is better than my burt's bees shimmer which is waxy.This eos,though waxy but it will sink to my lips after 30 minutes of application.I also love the strawberry scent,feels like I want to chew the lipbalm,hehehe :D..Unlike burt's bees which taste sweet,this lipbalm doesn't taste as sweet as burt's bees though it has stevia extract in it. BUT,both of this eos and burt's bees lip products,I don't know how but there're always ants whom try to enter those products. This didn't happen to my other lip products which have almost full chemical in it.If you wondering what ant has to do on my vanity room,oh please..they're free creature.They will walk wherever they want no matter what you do to shoo them away!:D If you have ants problems on your house like me and tired of thinking a way out of keeping your precious things safe from them(even chalk can't get them away),well..just put a spoon of sugar,candy,etc on a cup on the ground away from your precious stuffs.This way those ants won't hunt your stuffs,instead they will enjoy your kindness meal on that cup:). Oh,and yes..that means you feed them.If it's about ants,cease fire is the best solution so you both can live in harmony imo.Trust me,a war against them will cost you even more than a spoon of sugar..

Overall,I like this lipbalm.Since I don't have that dry,chapped lips problem so my verdict about this lipbalm moisturizing effect is..just like any other lipbalm that i've ever tried.But this lipbalm is better since I LOVE the ingredients!5 points for this product!:)

Btw as you already know,I add some links for charity on my right bar.Some area in Indonesia get lack of water due to this dry season. Still,I think what is happening in some other part of this world is worse that reach the point at needs our immediate help!.For illustration,you can click this story. 2 USD may be not much for some of us,but it can support life for those people in needs.If you care enough about them,feel free to click this link below(on each pic). Thank you!:)


  1. Cute! But wait, ants are trying to near it? Wow.. hehehe.. Nice review! ^^

  2. ceecile:
    Hahaha:D yes,seems ants know better when it comes to artificial and original sweet taste:D oh wait,but this lipbalm isn't sweet(if we compare it to sugar).Hmm..because of the beeswax maybe?(bee->honey->sweet).Hahaha,not sure about it:D..but one thing for sure,I need to put sugar away from my vanity room to distract ants colony from my vanity room;)
    Thanks for commenting :)

  3. I've always wanted to try these baby=D

  4. long time no see ur post >.<
    wah sampe disemutin? berarti alami banget dong?
    beli dimana say ready yak?

  5. @Lina:
    Yep,that IS a cute baby indeed;) a best lipbalm i've ever tried by far.You should try!:)

    Hehehe,I miss posting and miss my fellow bloggers too*hugs* Been busy since last june,went outtown a lot,tired -__-..
    Sumpe,itu ama burt's bees tu dideketin semut.Ya semut2 yg lagi berkelana mencari makanan.Karena ga bisa masuk(kan ada tutupnya),jadi mereka di luarnya aja gitu.Jangan salah,semut juga ganas loh! Tupperwareku udah 2 yg bener2 lubang dikerikitin semut2 yg lapar(pdhl plastiknya tupperware kan tebel).Mereka bisa makan plastik juga loh! Makanya,aku bilang ky yg diatas itu,mending kasi gula taruh mana gitu biar mereka uda puas makan gulanya dan ga menjarah barang2 kita. Oh,lipbalmnya nemu di kaskus.Ready,tapi ga tau masi ato ngga stoknya.Makanya aku hepi banget,soalnya susah dapetin yg strawberry ini.Web2 di amrik cepet bgt sold outnya.Untung waktu itu nemu ini,luckkyyy ^0^

  6. OMG so cute!! I love eos lip balm :D
    cant wait to try strawberry eos ^_^
    thank u for sharing!!!

  7. Hi nisa:)
    Yes it is!:) i remember you had the red one(tropical fruit?or something..I forget,hehehe)..This one worth to try too:)

  8. wahh... kayaknya baguss banget nihh lipbalm nya, alami banget. tpi klo taro nya di meja rias, tiba2 meja rias penuh dgn semut, serem juga ya ^^"
    thx uda sharing.

  9. Waaaw, semua bahannya alami! Haha. Menarik gini. :9

    Ngomong-ngomong aku suka blognya! :)

  10. @naomi:
    Ahahahaa..semut itu mang ga pernah bisa diapa2in:D.Musim hujan mereka ada,musim panas juga ada,udah gitu jenisnya macem2 lagi-__-.. Ada yg semut gula warna item,semut gula warna merah,semut merah standar,semut item standar,semut merah gedhe,semut item gedhe,ada juga yg warnanya coklat,dst..dsb..Wah,ga tau mesti diapain.Ada yg uda dikasi kapur semut masi nekat juga merambah kesana kemari,wah..mending amal gula aja lah buat mereka,hehehe..

    Mnrtku siy mungkin krn ada beeswaxnya yah,sama kaya burt's bees.Beeswax 'kali masi ada madunya dikit2 gitu,jadi semut suka. Eh,aku lama ga main blogmu,maen ke situ aahhh...Thanx uda mampir ya naomi:)

  11. @ningrum:
    Sorii..commentmu entah kenapa kok masuk di spam ya?jadi ga tau,ni baru kebaca:)

    Iya,eos lipbalm memang lucu:) packagingnya yg plg lucu..
    Thanks,aku juga suka blogmu.Unik dan keren2 gbrnya.Coba aku punya keahlian grafis ky gitu..^^


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