August 10, 2011

Making Faces

Guess it's been a month since my've been busy,went outtown very2 frequently,dry season,plus this fasting month,the result is only one:Flu! T_T...
Now it's better,but I've passed fasting for about 5 days now.It's a bad combination of throatsore,eyes and nose watery,sneezing,chilling,coughing,yeah you name it.So i'm taking a rest now:) and being able to write here since I think I have to post something.

Ok,this post won't be about my whines over my flu pain that i'm currently dealing with(and other people dealing with..err..maybe.I saw some ppl got flu during begining of their fasting month).Despite that flu gift from God,God has been nice to me by giving me this gift through my buddy,GB(ok,it's not God who sent it.But afterall,maybe God has inspired him to send it for me..err..right?).
It's this"Making Faces book by Kevyn Aucoin". Hohohohoho...I LOVE this book!! I've heard about this book,and it's NY#1 bestseller but I don't know whether this book is available on imported bookstore here or not.Last time I checked,it wasn't. Anyway,this book is my belated bd gift.Thanks GB for sending me this book!*hug,hug,hug*
the envelope says:"keep your gift a surprise.Unwrap your pressent before opening this envelope"

there's a small note behind it

This can be considered as my 1st beauty book(beauty magazines doesn't count).I learnt how to make up from my seniorita when i was on univ.Her mum was a wedding make up artist so she learnt much from her mum.Other than that I learnt from beauty magazines(thanx cosmopolitan indonesia!).And now I learn from other beauty bloggers out there.Basically,i'm not a big fans of make up as you can see on my blog.I ADORE cosmetics,but not a big fans of make up.More to skincare and stuffs.So I absolutely love this book!:)

This book gives you complete tutorial which I can't mention it here one by one.The book contains anything about make up from the scratch,not just tutorials but also products types,tips,anything.Like these pictures:

See,those are only few of it!So if you like make up or do not really fancy make up,this book is good for you.It has almost anything that you want to know about make up.And more,kevyn aucoin prefer little or no foundation for everyday look since foundie can make heavy look.It's soo me!I don't like heavy make up especially heavy foundation(that's why I like bb creams).See,so this book is good for you(whether you like make up or not,this book has it all). Wanna know my points of this book?I definitely give this book 5 points!Like it!:)

Anyway,i've been thinking since time ago about going to post about this or not since it's not related to a beauty blog.Oh,but is!It's related to beautiful mind so i'm going to post it.Beside,i don't have any reason not to post about it here as they need our immediate help.
Do you girls know already about what is happening in somalia now?The United States has declared famine in two regions of southern somalia.Nearly half the people in Somalia are in crisis and roughly $300 million in aid is needed in the next two months. Aid workers call it the worst food crisis since a famine in Ethiopia in the mid-1980s that killed about 1 million people.Every day of delay in assistance is literally a matter of life or death for children and their families in the famine-affected areas.Please check this link from CNN.This famine, is the product of a deadly drought (climate change), rising food prices, and conflicted government.

I know that it's a tragical thing to see while I'm given enough foods to eat and blogging here about how good the Kevyn Aucoin book i've just received as a bd gift,while far away in somalia,there're a lot of people not being able to just eat a single meal!.Actually i've heard this since last month,but i was so busy to post about it.
While we're busy today on choosing what shoes that we'll wear,what shade of foundation that we'll buy,buying a new peach blush on that we actually already had the color but just different brand,'s not our fault if there's a famine in somalia or anyother catastrophe in other parts of the world.But certainly,we all are able to help them if we want. Each dollar that we send means alot to them,to their lives.And bring the real blush on their cheeks..

So here are some of world's organizations working right now where you can donate(i know some of us can't go to somalia to help):

For complete list,click this link from ABC .Each amount of our donation means alot to them.My fave is Save the children and World Food Programme. They provide paypal for donations which makes it easier and safer.

Sure there're still alot of people surround us who need help,but i just can't remind silent after seeing these devastating pics:

They're just like us,a daughter of her parents,a sister of her siblings,a mother of her childs,and many more.They breath the same air like us,shedding the same tears,and mostly they have the same hope as us,to have a better future.All in all,my wish of posting it here so that the people there can have a better future and joy.Amin.    When I did my fasting(which means no drinks'till dusk) while i got throatsore,my throat felt really really dry,felt like cracked and choked.So i can't  imagine how people in somalia feel without water,foods,and famine??? This posting is the least I can do to them(and a donation through webs above).    May God protect them through this hard time,Amin.

Anyway,this is a quote or poet(?)that I found recently when I cleaned my desk weeks ago.My fren,a graphic designer was making  her client's project(many years ago) when I accidentally saw this quote.I usually didn't pay attention much to her project whenever i went to her house,but i was lucky to catch this quote there.She permited me to write this quote,but since I don't know whom this quote belongs to,so if any of you
who feel like having this quote,just contact me,i'll give this quote a credit to you.This is the quote:

For Women

To have a beautiful lips
Say the words of kindness

To have a beautiful eyes
Find goodness on each person that you love

To have a beautiful shape
Share the foods with those who are in hunger

To have a beautiful hair
Ask a kid to comb with her fingers everyday

To have a beautiful gesture
Walk with all knowledges

,and you'll never walk alone..

Human,far beyond all creatures
Always need to change,renew,reform,and forgiven..
So that,never exile someone from your heart..

and if you have done it all
Always remember,

When one day you need a help
There'll always be hands for you

And,by the time you've passed,
you'll be more gratefull of being given 2 hands,
One to help your self,
and another one to help others

A women's beauty isn't only on what dress she wears,
Not on her shape,
Or how she manage her hair..
Women's beauty is in her eyes,on how she looks at the world,
Because,in her eyes there's a gate
into each human's heart..
Where love can bloom..

A women's beauty isn't only on the smoothness of her face,
But the purest beauty,shining on her soul,
Which with all of her affection to give attention and love..
And that beauty will grow all the time..

Is it a poet?Hmm..i don't like poet since i usually don't understand poet,so since I understand it above,I'd love to call it quote instead of poet.I think this is a good quote to publish here,don't you think so?:)

Well,I agree about that quote.Being pretty is part of our human(ity).And that's what i'm posting here about,Making Faces. I hope me,and hopefully people who read this will be able to make face.Me,us,and also to other people's faces who are suffering in other part of the world.Together we can make their faces to be happy!:)  Have a lovely day!Happy Ramadhan for my fellow moslems all the world!..


  1. I am glad you got your gift, you're welcome M ;)

  2. Glad to see ya here GB!Miss ya..thanx for the lovely gift;)

  3. about your question at my blog
    I am sorry to tell you that I don't kno where to buy alverde or alterra... alterra products are buyable in online shop of rossmann, but they ship only to Germany and alverde aren't not buyable.
    You can find a very small amount at (the german version of ebay) but they mostly send to Germany, too...
    Maybe you could ask some of the sellers at ebay to ship it to you?
    I hope you will get the products you wish :)

  4. Hi Caro:)
    Thank you for informing me about it:)I'll try to use e-bay though it's kind of confusing since I don't know the language:D..

    I hope it will work though.Thanks anyway:)

  5. Hi, you asked me about alverde and alterra products to buy online.
    today I got a tip, that alverde product are buyable at amazon (
    I don't know whether this is international shipping, but amazon should send it "everywhere" - aren't they?

  6. Hi Caro:)
    Thank you,yes they ship to Indonesia!(well,they should since the book on my post above was sent from US amazon).I don't know if amazon is also available in german version!I'll try to contact them:) Just one thing,why don't they accept paypal?it's easier.. Anyway,danke caro!:)

  7. about your question
    "how much is it?eur 7.90 or eur 13.17?it's said"Alpenrose Alverde serum, 2-pack (2 x 30 ml)",so can i buy it just 1,and how much is it? Also,why do they sell it all in 2 pack?"

    you can only buy 2 in pack... and I am not sure whether those articles are more expensive than in a dm store. There are other brands (nail polishes) I saw that they are more expensive but I think alverde products have pretty normal prices.
    the price for the serum 2 pack is 7,90€. the other price (13,17) is just a hint what 100ml would cost. you buy a 2 pack version with 2x30ml so you will pay 7,90€

    I have no idea why they only sell them in 2 pack versions and I was wondering about that, too!

    I hope I was able to help a little bit :)

  8. Hi Caro:)
    Sorry for my late reply.Unfortunately they don't ship cosmetic internationally.Or so?..:S

    Thanks,you help me a lot:) I'm still wondering why they don't sell it on other webs though..

  9. @my lovely sister:
    Hi,sorry for my late reply!Been busy with stuffs in my offline life:) Thank you for your comment,you have a nice blog too there!;)
    And,..yeah..this is the least i can try to support charity for humanity program.That we care and don't leave those who in needs :) thankies


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