October 30, 2011

Cute Findings:Lovely Frames!:)

Oh,what rainy days that we have here these days:(.I'm a summer person so this rainy days makes me abit hmm..yawning.Not only yawning,that rain has successfully made me drossy and nauseated these 2 days.Seasonal change,I guess.Yes,I went to doctor last night because I catched cold a bit,nausea,burping,and hardly open my eyes(read:sleepy)all day long these 2 days. Doctor said to take a rest,i've done it,and sure it gets me bored so now i'm trying to make this simple post :).

I'm sure that people who've read this blog have known that I love anything cute.Even i changed my blog layout to suit my cute taste,hehehe.. So,I was more than happy to find this shop(click here)which could make custom frames by our requests.I'm soo into anything miniature stuffs(they look adorable,always),so this shop is defy me likey!!^^ I know that there're a lot of craftspeople out there who can make such miniatures like this,but this shop craft style of design is what I like the most among them. Take a look of what I've ordered:

girl's room theme

doctor theme

playing games theme
What I've ordered were 3 items:1 for me,and 2 for my beloved people.I didn't request much when I ordered.I only asked them to make:1 frame with girl's room theme,1 frame with 2 persons playing games theme,and 1 frame with doctor theme.As for my frame,I only want a girl's room theme with a cat and teddy bear in it,and some books since I love reading books:).And here are detils of those frames:

Okay,okay..sorry for the blurry pics.It was cloudy outside when I took these,and I didn't use blitz(as I love natural light).Anyway,frame size is about 16 cm(width),11 cm(height) so you can imagine how hard it is to be made(well,at least i'll give up if i'm asked to make such artwork^^).  Here are also some of their collections:




basketball b'day

baby born

cake statue-looks yummy...
I'm a big fan of the shop artworks,so that I want to post it here to share it to you all. If you think whether those frames are fragile or not to be shipped across country,don't worry.I shipped one of those frames abroad by EMS,and it came there in a perfectly shape. So if you're not in Indonesia and want to order,based on my experience,it's fine to be shipped abroad.

Ok,that's all my post for now.Have a lovely sunday!:) oh,and please feel free to share some of your joy today for those people in need by simply click these pics below.Thank you!:)


  1. I am also a summer person. :D

    Btw, cute frames! Cute! <3

  2. axi 1009:
    Thanks,I think they have nice artworks there:)

  3. Ningrum:
    Hoho..we're in the same club again!*hugs*
    Yeah,love the frames too..and other frames that they make!Soo cute;)

  4. very cute :D <3
    i love every pink frames :)

  5. chaoi:
    Oh,me too!:) As for those frames,i adore anything miniatures <3 <3 <3


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