November 14, 2011

Ecotools Bamboo 6 Mini Brushes

Natural ingredients will be the 1st source when I'm going to buy cosmetics.Oops,maybe I should stop calling it"natural"since it has soo much meaning,like"well,petroleum is also provided by nature.It means natural",so does lead,carmine,etc..etc.Let's define it into"plant based ingredients"one.But here come the problem,beeswax isn't from plant.Ok,i'm not against beeswax though i prefer plant based wax one.So,that's my choice of cosmetic these days!As long as it has less artificial ingredients it,i'm all in! But when it's about brushes,artificial ones will be the best option.Why?

As you might already know,there're 2 types of brushes:synthetic and natural brushes(some call it organic brushes-organic here by means"relating to or derived from living matter"-oxford online dictionary).What and how they are used in cosmetic industry?let's see below:
1.Organic/natural cosmetic brushes 
hold more powder and allow for the more even application of powder cosmetics and they tend to absorb the oils and water in such cosmetics and dont fare as well compared to synthetic ones. On the other hand, organic brushes are great for applying powdery cosmetics like blush, powder, and eyeshadow.
Source of  organic/natural brushes:(pics are courtesy of their owners,not mine.I just took frm Google)

so sweet..
-Goat Hair
Goat hair is the most common type of hair used in organic brushes. Although it is a bit coarse compared to other types of brushes, this holds the most powder and applies the most powder on your face. The product gets applied on your face, and doesnt stay on the brush. Organic brushes made out of goat hair work best with face powder, blush, and bronzer and ensure an easy and even application.Goats are shorn like sheep. Workers are often paid by volume, so they shear the goats quickly, which can result in serious injuries.

remind me of cats..
-Sable Hair
From anymember of the weasel family with red hair,not at all from the animal known as the sable.Organic makeup brushes made out of sable hair is soft, durable, and long lasting. This type of brush has a wide middle and a tip that is pointed, making it an ideal brush for eyeliners and eyeshadows. And as mentioned before, since it is organic, the powder doesnt stay on the brush but gets transferred on your skin.

a happy squirrel..hope it will be..
-Squirrel Hair
Similar to brushes made from sable hair, the brushes are wide in the middle and have a pointed tip, which makes them ideal as blending brushes and for use on eye creases.Squirrels are hunted or trapped when making this brush.

badger,the real smokey eyes one..
-Badger Hair
Badger hair has the coarsest texture among natural brushes but is a great brow and fan brush because of its thin roots and thick tips.

aww..soo cute!
-Mink Hair
Mink and sable brushes are products of the cruel fur industry. Every year, millions of animals are trapped, drowned, and beaten to death in the wild and strangled, electrocuted, or beaten and skinned alive on fur farms.

what a cute pony..
-Pony/horse Hair
Brushes made from pony hair have a consistent thickness from root to tip. These brushes are great for powder, shadow, and blush. Pony hair is also very strong and durable.Horse hair is commonly obtained from horses who are slaughtered for their flesh.

obelix will love this..
-Boar Hair
Yes,boar hair.Boar hair is used to make brushes,usually natural haircomb or shaving brush.My aunt even said that some fake eyelashes are made of boar's hair.I have no idea about this fake eyelashes one,but yes boar hair is used to make natural haircomb and shaving brush.I don't want to take it personally here,but as a moslem boar hair is absolutely a NO NO for me.For those animals above who were sacrificed just to make a piece of cosmetic brushes which will long last at least,yeah..5 years before the lady who use it get bored and dump the brushes,I felt sorry and no,I don't want to use natural brushes.But for boar,I feel pity of the boar too PLUS..if you're a moslem or jewish with their kosher(maybe?),boar is not an option at all@_@..

2.Synthetic makeup brushes 
work great with cosmetics that are basically wet, like foundation, creams, and lipsticks.  Synthetic brushes are usually made from nylon, and as such are better when it comes to the application of cream and other wet cosmetics. They are also very inexpensive, but tend to be stiff as they are often used and as they age. Synthetic brushes also do not last as long as natural brushes do.
However,now scientists have found taklon.What is taklon?according to wiki,DuPont has invented the process for making Taklon, in which polyester fiber is extruded and tapered to a fine point. Toray Chemical Co. of Osaka, Japan acquired the process and the rights to make Taklon, which was originally designed to mimic the handling characteristics of natural sable.Taklon brushes are more hygenic than real hair brushes. Natural hair has an irregular surface which traps powders, dead skin cells, bacteria and chemicals. Cleaning may not necessarily remove these particles. Because of this, regular cleaning with disinfectants is required to prevent skin irritation. Taklon lacks these surface irregularities, making it easier to clean properly. This decreases irritation. Because taklon is synthetic, animal cruelty is not an issue.Sounds good invention,eh?;)

Now let's talk about my ecotools 6 mini brushes that I bought.There're other producers of synthetic brushes available,like:ecotools,e.l.f,bdellium,etc.But I chose this ecotools one since it's the most popular,and widely available.Actually,what I wanted was this Ecotools 6pcs eyeshadow brushes set:

I rarely use brushes,what I usually used was that sponge aplicator provided on each eyeshadow palette that I bought:D.Beside,if I could,I prefer the liquid/cream eyeshadow/blush on as it's less dusty and chalky(i hate both!).I don't like blush on powder,be it loose powder or compact one,i prefer the liquid/cream ones.It's last longer than powdery ones on my skin.So,yea..thats why what I wanted was ecotools 6pc eyeshadow brushes instead of other ecotools brushes since the only brushes I'll use is for my eyeshadow only as I don't like powdery blush on.But then,I considered it again since I rarely wear eyeshadow daily(just like other indonesian women,or south east asian women in general-I read about it on some blogs also that women in this part of asia,rarely wear eyeshadow daily).Also,though i've read books or blogs about the brushes and its function,it still gets me confused sometime on how to use it properly.And,I decided to buy this 6 mini brushes instead.It's easier(all come in the same shape,hehehe),and..cheaper than 6pc eyeshadow brushes one.I love it!:D

It came in green plastic packaging,with ecofriendly message on the back of it,like"Green tips:carpool with coworkers or classmates.Sharing a ride just 2 days a week will reduce your carbon dioxide emissions by 1,590 pounds a year"-Nice tips^^..

The brushes itself has a little plastic pouch that can hold all 6 brushes together to be put in your pouch when you're on the go.

Brushes are made of synthetic taklon bristless.The sleek ferrule is made from recycled aluminium,and bamboo handles have a low impact on the earth's resources as it is a highly sustainable plant.

Packaging is recyclable also.Usage:
-Use with shadow to line,shape,and contour eyes.
-Use with gloss or cream lipcolor to line and fill in lips
-Use with concealer for blemishes and under eye circles.
I've used it for concealer application,and it's great.By far I've never used sponge for concealer application(only hands and this brush)so I can't compare it with sponge uses.Sure I like this ecofriendly,non animal cruelty brushes.So i'll give this brush deffy 5 points!:)  I have cats,I love them.I can't imagine hurting those cute animals above,especially the wild one just to get their fur/hair for our brushes.

Some manufacturers of organic/natural cosmetic brushes get natural hair in a cruel-free way, so that the brushes are made but the animals are still alive.They claimed to take the fur carefully so that the animals won't get hurt.Sorry to say,but let's do this:Imagine us as a multy billion company owner,with product capacity of the month is in tons(that's the demand).Will we still have time to make an"artistic"artwork-take quite long time- by cutting the furs slowly so the animals won't get hurt while we're on the target production?To run the machines needs money,and sure it needs a fast work.So those 2 things aren't match.Even if it's a match,it could be done on goat fur since goat is breeded.But others like mink,sable,badger,they're wild animal as far as I know.Even sable population is decreased thanks to the massive hunting.So,admit it or not,some natural brushes producers may hunt wild animals to make them into brushes.Let's see brushes that we have,and..see the sources of the brushes above.That's where our brushes are from.Yes,those cute animals.Don't you feel pity for them??And if you have a cat,a dog,a hamster,etc..will you still in doubt of changing your brushes into the synthetic one?I hope you aren't..Those animals deserve to live just like our cats,dogs,hamsters,hedgehog,you name it!It's just so pity to see their lives end in our vanity room(and for not that last long since we tend to be bored of products that we have,No?)..

Since this is a free animal cruelty talk,and it's been my decision to put a charity link on my post as a kind of my concern,so here i'll put some link that you can use to support animals live:

I edited this part  below as a support to our orangutan,native animal of Indonesia and some other south east asian countries.Reblog from my dear blogger friend citraramya.

an orangutan family

Apparently,there are Malaysian owned companies and ashamedly,Indonesian companies who killed orangutans(on purpose),check this yahoo indonesia report(you may need to translate it in english by online translator):"Perusahaan Malaysia Bantai Orangutan Kalimantan". This is not an easy issue,because it involves many things.I hope that there'll be an act for those companies. Please Support this campaign by reblog/repost or to link this post—for a simple way.  You may also make your post about orangutan.  Write it with love.  The whole love and care.Or visit this link: click the pic below:

It maybe only just a piece of brush,but brushes that we'll buy determine those animals live,even their existence. It's not just only a brush. It's their furs,their live! Also,if we're woman and one day we'll be a mother of our childrens,of course we don't want to deliver mixed messages to our childrens about love,care,and animal. Why?.Just like this,how can we teach and say to them to love and care about animals(and human being in general)while in fact we indirectly support animal tortures by supporting fur brushes?You can click anylink I provide on credit below about where our brushes from,or click this link to have some mercy on them:
It's us who will decide whether this fur farm will keep going on or not,and actually it's not producers. Producers only produce what market demands,so this is all on our buying decision now..

Thank you for reading.Have a nice and lovely day!:)

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*disclaimer:If you feel somehow inspired and want to copy,translate a part or all part of this post in english or into other languages,please put a link back to this post.DO NOT COPY without any permission!By respecting others means you're respecting your self.Thank you!

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  1. aku punya brush body shop jg cruelty free =)
    sama brush nyx stengah2 xD
    kambing nya lucuu yaa ^^

  2. i love ecotools brush too :)

  3. Naomi:
    Brushnya TBS dr taklon ato nylon gitu?kayanya kalo yg mirip bulu asli ecotools ini kali ye,liat aja warnanya ma teksturnya yg mirip banget;)

    Iya,kambingnya lucu,bulunya bule gitu,hehehe..Ayo..beli brush yg animal cruelty free!! Kasian bgt mereka mati cuman buat kuas:( Aku yakin sih kalo banyak yg beralih make kuas sintetis,tar produsennya juga pasti ngikutin pasar=selamatin byk binatang!:)

  4. Hi chino chan!
    I love every free animal cruelty brush!^^ and yeah,ecotools is the best I think,affordable and good,nice design too:)

  5. Tbs brush nya jg bgs aluus bgt, ga gampang rusak, cm yg natures mineral gampang rontook >.< , ga tau bhn nya dr nylon/taklon.
    Brush ecotools kyknya mang bgs, gmpang mekar2 ato rontok ga klo dibersihin?
    Kambingnya bukan kambing biasa ga kyk disini lbh lucu ^^ .
    Ahh masa sihh cm buat kuas, mereka mati? Bukannya cm digundulin doank?

  6. Naomi:
    O gitu,tar kalo maen ke tbs aku liat2 juga ah,hehehe..Brushnya Everyday Minerals juga katanya bagus ya!
    Brushnya ecotools lembut bgt kok,kalo diliat2 mirip ma bulu asli.Baru aku pake satu kuasnya,belum aku cuci,hihihi.Tar ya kalo uda dicuci aku kasi tau hasilnya;)
    Oh,kambing yg disini ga tau kambing apa yah?ngliatnya aja kasian,kurus2 gitu.Untung aku ga makan hewan kaki 4,ga doyan aja dr kecil.Ato kambing yg digambar itu di impor aja ke sini kali ya?lucu juga buat piaraan^^..
    Sayangnya ga cuman digundulin doang,yg digundulin biasanya kambing krn bagian laen masi diternakkan.Kalo yg hewan2 liar itu ditaruh di ranch gitu buat di breed,terus di bunuh buat bulu(kuas,pakean,etc).Itu kalo yg sempet masukin ranch.Aku baca dulu di cina,produsennya ada yg nangkepin hewan liar buat itu.
    Ni salah satu linknya:

    Hueek,ngeri gambarnya.Yg kaya ginian banyak,di oprah dulu pnah ada apa ya kalo ga salah?Klik linknya PETA itu juga bisa.Dia kan lbh ke ethical business gitu.Manusia kan semakin pintar,dulu ngga ada kuas dr taklon jd org males pake kuas sintetis.Skrg kan uda ada,jd kita bisa pake yg lebih manusiawi:)

  7. Oh i never tried these brushes, thanks for the review on this.. It is very interesting i think i need to invest in these brushes seems really good (:

    CMPang x

  8. Uda liat gmbrnya, sereem amaat, kasian yaa >.<
    terlalu kejam nya
    Hewan kaki 4, brarti ga mkn kambing, sapi dunk.
    Oke, mulai skrg aq jg mau beli kuas yg cruelty free
    Thanx ya infonya ^^

  9. Mai:
    Yes,ecotools brushes are good(they also have other stuffs,not just brushes btw;)).Worth buying:)

    Thanks for visiting:)

  10. Naomi:
    Iya T_T..sebenarnya binatang2 yg plg sering jadi korban di industri kosmetik.Cuman jarang yg tau dan sadar.Kasian mereka...
    Ngga makan sapi,kambing,kerbau,kuda,domba,etc.Intinya ga makan daging.Gara2nya pas kecil ga bisa ngunyah daging,keterusan ga sukanya.Plus ga suka baunya itu loh.Plus ga tega liat pas di sembelih T_T..Masi makan ikan ma seafood,walo berharap bisa jd full vegetarian,heheh..
    Sama2,ayo kita sukseskan free animal cruelty^^

  11. wow, great post. thanks for sharing. semoga bisa bikin yg baca lebih "hati-hati" lagi, ya. i'm pesco vegetarian for about 10 years. aku selalu pastikan kosmetikku tdk dicobakan ke binatang. tapi kalau soal brush, aku gak bs pastikan dan itu bikin merasa 'bersalah' :S

  12. @Indi:
    Thanks:)Aku setuju,penting utk mendukung free animal cruelty karena kekuatan penjualan ada di tangan konsumen.Kalo konsumen engga mau,pasti perush.ngga akan produksi.
    Kalo aku malah kebalikannya,kosmetik lebih susah dideteksi bener ngga'nya free animal cruelty,tp kalo brush bisa dihindari dari bentuk dan merknya:) Pesco vegetarian?aku taunya ovo sama lacto vegetarian^^..

  13. Aku sih paling nggak ngerti sama orang yang sanggup nyembelih binatang dengan tangan sendiri, atau yang nontonnya...KOK MEREKA NGGAK HISTERIS ya? Aku sih mencet semut aja agak-agak gimana, nginjek kecoa nggak pernah sukses (akhirnya dibiarin pergi), tikus yang suka main di kebun belakang nggak pernah kuusir...pokoknya nggak tega! Haha. Nightmare deh kalo liat binatang dibunuh. Bisa kebayang-bayang terus. Kadang-kadang ngelihat judul makanan juga serem, misalnya : Sate Kelinci (dari kecil aku nggak mau nyentuh sate kelinci. Gila kalau menurutku...)

    By the way, si Ecotools itu sesuatu banget ya! Pingin, tapi kalau banyak gitu bingung mau diapain, soalnya make upku dikit. Hehehe. Jangan-jangan nanti malah buat melukis. *salah pake*
    Aku sih pakenya yang TBS Nature's Minerals yang foundation, modelnya kabuki, bagus kok. Sintetis. Kalau nggak salah nylon, deh. *lupa

    Makasih kampanye orangutannya, ya, Lynn! :*

  14. Sama2!:) Ecotols ada kok yg satuan,misal yg kabuki,ato yg buat foundi,buat eyeshadow,dst.Aku juga jarang make kuas krn aku ngga pake make up bentuk bubuk(bikin bersin).Paling makenya buat concealer/foundi aja->yg ini blm beli,hehehe.
    Aku beli yg ini krn ini multi fungsi:D Banyak juga bahan2 brush sintetis lainnya selaen taklon kok;)..

    Hmm..kecoa sama tikus ya?err..kalo kecoa sih tergantung ya.Kalo dia udah terbang2 ga jelas gitu ato deket2 tempat tidur,kalo bisa diusir ya diusir.Kalo engga,terpaksa dieksekusi.Gitu2 kecoa suka nggigit loh->pernah digigit kecoa soalnya-__-..
    Tikus..wah,itu sih fave nya kucing2ku tuh.Sejak ada si pus,ngga ada tikus yg berani datang,hehehe..
    Tapi,tetep ngga kebayang kalo ada yg bikin brush dari bulu tikus misalnya,ato pake pewarna dari kecoa..hiiiyyyy...>_<

  15. Hihihi, make upku malah bubuk semua, tapi ya kadang bersin-bersin, soalnya idungku gampang bereaksi, cuma belakangan udah lebih hati-hati makenya, nggak serampangan kayak dulu pas pertama-pertama belajar dandan sendiri. :))

    Iya! Aku baru tau kecoa bisa ngegigit gara-gara waktu itu di lemari orkestra ada keripik pisang tiba-tiba bolong-bolong gitu kemasannya. Setelah bingung bersama-sama (mikir, apa tikus, atau kutu, atau apaan, soalnya kan di dalem lemari), tiba-tiba ada anak kecil nyeletuk, "Pasti digigit kecoa!"
    Kecoa tuh memang nyentrik banget ya... bisa terbang, bisa ngegigit, di mana-mana ada pula. o_0
    Wow, kucingnya Lynn jago! Hahaha! Kucing sejati. :P
    Ih, ngebayangin brush bulu tikus pewarna kecoa merindiing! Tapi katanya zaman dulu kan kosmetik warnanya dari serangga yak. Pernah baca di National Geographic. Serangga apa gitu namanya, sebetulnya beracun, bahaya.

    1. Nha itu,makanya aku pake bedak juga kalo bisa yg compact.Bedak yg pure mineral rata2 tabur semua,bikin bersin aja-__-..Ada yg compact sih,tp jarang dan harganya mahal pula.

      Oh,yg bisa bikin bolong plastik beneran pelakunya ini nih biasanya:semut,tikus,kecoa. Plastik tempat makananku bolong tuh digigitin semut.Beneran bisa loh,pdhl tebel tu plastiknya..

      Oya?selaen carmine,jaman dulu setauku pakenya logam berat buat warnain muka,kaya lead,mercury,emas juga dipake. Ada yg pake serangga beracun juga toh?apa ya nama serangganya?

      Hahaha..kucingku bukan jenis kucing mahal sih,jd dia mau2 aja ama tikus:D Aku mlh ga suka yg kucing cantik ky anggora,persia gitu,ngga lucu soalnya.

  16. Makasih udah posting ini!! Sukaaa... *telat*
    Aku paling takut kalau sangkut paut sama brush (buat masak, dandan sampai nglukis) terutama yang nggak ada keterangannya apapun. Takut kalau sampe kena babi hiiyyy. Apalagi di luaran sana ada yang tulisannya cruelty free tapi tetep pakai hewan. Ya intinya pake hewan cuma nggak dianiaya.

    Jadinya sampai sekarang satu2nya brush set yang aku punya ya dari MakeOver (pony hair). Eh itu ecotools berarti sintetik semua dan nggak ada yang dari hewan sama sekali? Sip deh, udah lama naksir juga tapi masih ragu buat beli soalnya nggak semua detail produknya ditulisin "taklon" (kan kali aja bulu2an lain hehe)...

    Btw, kambingnya lucu >'<

    1. Sama2 ^^

      Ok deh,untuk companies yg claim dia tetep pake hewan tapi ngga dianiaya(????),yah..mungkin ada,ngga sampe 5% kali.Krn skrg ini hampir semua brush made in china.Benar,ada brush yg made in US,dan seterusnya.Tapi buatan cina mendominasi pasar.Kok bisa gitu?ya bisa dong krn aku ini penggemar brush,dan brush yg aku punya sampe skrg sdh lumayan jumlahnya.Dari kumpulin brush dan browsing2 kemana2 itulah aku tau,rata2 brush skrg buatan cina.Sementara,cina sendiri sudah terkenal dgn kebijakannya yg pro animal testing.Apa masih perlu tidak diragukan klaim suatu brush yg dr bulu hewan dan bilang itu hewannya tidak dianiaya?Utk perusahaan kecil yg khusus produksi brush,mungkin ini masih bisa.Tapi kalo sudah perusahaan besar produsen brush dgn omzet tinggi,ato perusahaan yg bukan produsen brush sama sekali(alias cuma mesen brush di perusahaan lain),bilang animal cruelty free brush?please deh,I don't buy that!-_-

      Ada satu lagi ni sbg sesama muslim yg aku pengen share ttg brush.Isu dari bulu babi.Biasanya babi yg digunakan itu jenis babi hutan,dan brush utk make up(angled,powder,blending,dst) sejauh ini ngga ada yg pake itu.Bulu babi hutan cuma dipake di:sisir,dan sikat gigi.Ada yg bilang shaving brush juga,yg ini jarang krn yg lbh srg dipake badger.Udah itu aja.Krn texturenya memang cocok utk itu,jadi kalo dipake buat muka,ya gores lah jadinya.Intinya bulu babi cocoknya buat jenis sikat.Ada memang brow brush yg pake bulu babi,itupun jarang banget.Yg sering ya buat sisir model sikat sama sikat gigi.Uda itu aja.

      Daripada galau takut pake bulu hewan ga jelas,napa ga beralih ke bulu sintetis aja?Bulu sintetis lebih higenis krn seratnya teratur(kan cetakan pabrik)shg kuman,bakteri cs ngga bisa ngendon di celah2 bulu,kaya bulu hewan yg asli.
      Ecotools,dr namanya saja sudah bisa ditebak,100% sintetik semua.Bahkan dia skrg bikin bulu mata palsu sintetik(produk terbarunya).Kalo ecotools,ga ragu lagi deh,itu kan kerjasama nya sama Alicia Silverstone yg vegan strict gitu.Sorry to say,tp kalo soal animal cruelty issue kita sbg org islam,bisa kalah sama para vegan.Yg kita peduli"cuma"halal haram,bagi vegan yg mereka pedulikan"itu ada unsur hewan ato ngga?".Mereka kan anti apa saja yg dr hewan..

      Iya,kambingnya lucu:) Sayang hbs itu diambil bulunya,lumayan kalo dia masi dibiarkan hidup,biasanya sekalian disembelih :/
      Klo soal animal cruelty issue sikapku sama seperti para vegan.Aku harap ngga ada lagi hewan2 yg disiksa dan dibunuh cuma buat..dijadikan kuas muka?!? X( Ngga banget lah,biadab itu -_-
      Dengan membeli secara tidak langsung kita sudah mendukung keberlangsungan tindakan itu,jadi sebisa mungkin beralihlah ke produk non animal cruelty :)

      Oya,utk kuas masak,bisa pake kuas silikon..

    2. wah penjelasannya runtut...thank you2...iya, untuk urusan binatang2an, emang kalah sama orang vegan.


    3. Lol..Sama2,semoga membantu ya!^^

      Utk urusan binatang,sbg sesama muslim aku cukup prihatin dgn kurangnya perhatian yg diberikan utk para binatang mengingat isu ttg binatang sebatas halal haramnya saja(dan ini artinya cuma berkutat di masalah sembelih sama perbabian doang!),sisanya byk yg tidak peduli krn bagi mereka"toh ini halal lah,ngga haram lah,bla bla bla".Intinya banyak ngelesnya.Cape dee..-_-
      Krn sering bgt aku dengar hal ini,mknya aku bisa bilang gitu.Aku pribadi vegetarian,dan aku anti animal cruelty sekalipun itu halal klo disitu ada unsur binatang diperlakukan kejam,jelas aku hindari.Buat aku,itulah konsep"rahmatan'lil alamin"yg seharusnya.Bukan sekedar text book"babi ato bukan".Kaya tupai,badger,mink,sable,itu bukan babi dan sudah jelas bulu2 dr binatang itu hasil animal cruelty.Halal?haram?hasil akhirnya tar debat hadist tanpa ujung...~
      Makanya td aku blg,aku ga peduliin tu urusan halal krn bagiku vegan yg mencerminkan konsep rahmatan lil alamin.

      Oke,semoga postingan2ku membantu^^

    4. Masalah pandangan emang beda2 sih...
      Kalau aku pribadi sih memilih sesuai prinsip halal (krn esensinya halal itu nggak cuma masalah haram2an saja tp juga najis/tidak) dan tentunya yang ga bikin dzolim termasuk hewan, kan kasihan >'<
      Dalam masalah perlakuan ke hewan, memang harus banyak belajar dari para vegan :)

    5. Nha itu dia,karena pandangan org yg beda2,makanya esensi halal haram jadinya sesuai dengan pandangan org2 tersebut.Tergantung dia pake mahzab apa.Ada yg pandangannya ya cuma sebatas perbabian aja,ada yg lebih luas dr itu.Makanya aku blg itu,aku ngga peduliin tu urusan halal haram krn bagiku vegan yg mencerminkan konsep rahmatan lil alamin.Ini bicara ttg brush ya,bukan kosmetik keseluruhan krn konteksnya lebih meluas.

      Benar,seharusnya dzolim thd hewan brarti brushnya juga haram!Tapi,apa ada banyak org islam yg peduli?Krn nanti plg jawabannya"oh,toh brush ini bukan dari bulu babi...".Oke,misal itu dr bulu kuda,kambing,siapa yg jamin itu binatang ngga disembelih buat komoditi bulunya?Atau,misal dia disembelih,apa yg sembelih menyebut nama Allah ketika akan menyembelih?Juga,ketika menyembelih apakah si hewan itu langsung mati ato masih merasa tersiksa(yg menyebabkan hasilnya jadi haram)?halal?haram?See..?
      Karena itulah spt yg aku blg sebelumnya,kenapa ngga pada beralih ke kuas sintetis saja utk kebaikan bersama?Bahkan ketika ada ajakan inipun,masih ada yg berat hati dan berargumen macam2 yg intinya engga mau.Kenapa?ya karena org2 itu ga mau make kuas sintetis walo apapun yg terjadi.Ada org2 seperti itu.

      Sekarang,semuanya kembali ke masing2 individu.Baik aku,kamu,maupun siapapun yg baca ini.Masihkah mendukung kuas bulu binatang hanya demi sebuah penampilan sesaat sementara binatangnya harus kehilangan nyawa untuk itu?padahal ada banyak alternatif lain. Sekarang,semua tergantung hati nurani kita.Itu saja.

      Have a nice weekend ya!:)


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