November 28, 2011

100% Pure Fruits Pigmented Lip Glaze in Peach

I'm super excited to write this review.First,I love product that I recently purchased.Second,this is an interesting topic( least for me;) ). If you often visit read my blog,you'll notice that now(hmm,actually the beginning of this year)I'm converting my cosmetics into less artificial-chemical products,in the hope of achieving toxic free cosmetics.Well,at least I'm minimizing it into certain level.While converting it,my main focus is absolutely finding safe lipstick products for me.I don't want to voluntarily ingest-swallow harmfull chemical in the name of anything(high end brand,highly raves,good packaging,etc etc).I may tolerate foundation,blush on products,but certainly not to lips products.

As you might know,when we buy colored cosmetic(lipstick,blush on,eyeshadow,even skincare),there're sources of cosmetic color that we buy.Now,what are sources of our cosmetic color?Generally it can be classified into these:
Leaves,Fruits,Root,Flower,basically from plant.

From insect,fish,snail,and anyother animal.Yes,animal.Royal purple color,once worn only by royalty as the name suggests, is obtained from the Murex snail. Sepia is obtained from cuttlefish, and Indian yellow is obtained from the urine of cows that have been force-fed mango leaves.The most famous animal that is made into color source of cosmetic will be cochineal.Cochineal is an insect that is used to make carmine color in food and cosmetic industry.This is the picture of cochineal:
Carmine color is extracted from the insect's body and eggs and mixed with aluminum or calcium salts to make carmine dye .The insects are killed by immersion in hot water (after which they are dried) or by exposure to sunlight, steam, or the heat of an oven. Each method produces a different colour that results in the varied appearance of commercial cochineal. The insects must be dried to about 30 percent of their original body weight before they can be stored without decaying.It takes about 70,000 insects to make one pound of cochineal dye.Okay,that torturing animal activity is enough to ban it from my cosmetic purchase.Also,I certainly don't want to see insect on my cosmetic product.More,if you're a moslem like me,carmine is haram according to some islamic religious council.Just google it for sure!;)Carmine is labelled as CI 75470,or E120.Carmine is also called Crimson Lake, Cochineal, Natural Red #4.And,carmine is widely used in food industry as well.Just check your candy or yoghurt.Basically,carmine is used to make red color in both food and cosmetic industry.Also,as a food dye it has been known to cause severe allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock in some people.

The minerals are pulverized and mixed with a dispersing or spreading agent. Sometimes heating the minerals produces different hues.This mineral origins(elements, oxides, gemstones, salts, and complex salts)are insoluble,so can be defined as pigments.

4.Synthetic Color
Synthetic colorants are copies of vegetable, animal, and mineral-based colorants, and are made in a laboratory. Until the nineteenth century, all colorants were of natural origin. The first synthetically made commercial colorant, mauve, was developed from aniline, a coal tar derivative, by William Henry Perkins in 1856. Today, chemists arrange and manipulate complex organic compounds to make dyes of all colors. Synthetic dyes, made in a controlled atmosphere, are without impurities and the colors are more consistent from batch to batch.The most common synthetic colors used in cosmetics and hair dyes are called FD&C colors or D&C colors.FD&C colors means the colors has been certified by USFDA to be used in Food,Drugs,& Cosmetics. D&C colors means the color can be used in Drugs & Cosmetics only,and not in Food.FD&C and D&C colors are derived from coal tar, which in turn is a by-product of petroleum. Because some coal tar dyes have been known to cause cancer, they are are regulated by the USFDA as to the amount of lead or arsenic they contain, limiting these elements to 10 parts per million. For complete list of colors additives that are subject to certification or exempt of certification both FD&C and D&C in cosmetic uses,you can click this link: USFDA 
Lake colors can also be derived from coal tar.Lakes are produced from the FD&C Dyes and are oil dispersible (but generally not oil soluble) and thus can be mixed with oils and fats. They can also be dispersed in other carriers such as propylene glycol, glycerin and sucrose (water and sugar).That's why it's often used in cosmetic industry since generally cosmetics are made of oil.So,if in our cosmetic there're either:"FD&C color,or D&C color,or Lake color"on ingredients list,it means the cosmetic uses synthetic color as the colorants.

Now,what is CI in our cosmetic color ingredients list?CI stands for Color Index.That is the system that has been devised by The Society of Dyers and Colourists and the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists.The system consists of the common name for the color, and a five-digit identification number(for example CI 75470 for Carmine,CI 75300 for Curcumin,etc).CI number is only a color index,CI number doesn't mean the color has been certified by USFDA.CI number contains colors of plants,animal,mineral,and synthetic origins.Colors of plants,animal,mineral colors must be approved by the FDA for use in edibles, cosmetics and drugs, but are not subject to batch certification.Synthetic colors are subject to certification(see"synthetic color"above^^).In Europe,they use E number instead(for example:E120 for Carmine,E100 for curcumin,etc).E number isn't used for color index only,it's number codes for food additives that have been assessed for use within the European Union (the "E" prefix stands for "Europe").E100-E199 are for colors.The rest are for preservatives,flavour enhancers,stabilizers,etc.However,both Europe and USFDA have different standard on certification.If the color using USFDA standard of certification for complete issue,click this link:USFDA 

So why aren’t Natural(plants,animals,mineral)colors used more?Compared to artificial/synthetic colors, they are generally more expensive, the hues are less vibrant, the palate of available shades is limited, and they are not as concentrated.Stability can be effected by other ingredients and variations in pH. They generally have a short shelf life before fading occurs as compared to their artificial counterparts.However,there's this brand called"100% pure"that can make various shades using just fruits & vegetables as their pigments.Not only that,their products are vegan which means no animal derived. I've heard about mineral based colorants,but fruits based colorants really drag me in.Why?mineral based colorants are usually pigments which makes it easier to be used with oil in since mostly cosmetics are oil based.While plants colorants are usually non pigments(soluble in water)and not easy to be used in cosmetics which are oil based.So of course i'm interested in trying 100% pure make up products.Their fruit pigmented products are in patent pending process btw.They also have skincare range which is amazed me since they don't use synthetic filler,stabilizer,etc.But from their make up and skincare range,i'm interested in make up range more since there're other brands who can make such skincare in more affordable prices.But for fruits pigmented make up,only 100% pure who does it.

And,this is what I purchased:100%pure lipglaze in peach.It came in silver casing with floral printed on it. So Pretty!! :) Ingredients list is printed on sealed plastic.

There're alot of colors available(see swatch below),but hard to find an online shop that carry a complete range of 100%pure make up,and ship it internationally.And the official web didn't ship it internationally(at least when I ordered this).So some online shop only carry some colors,limited choice.

courtesy of 100%pure

I chose peach one because I've never had any orangey lipstick. 

This is the swatch on my hand and plain paper:

It looks really peach on the pic while actually in real it has slight a hint of pink color,not pure orange.If you only wear it 1 sweep,so it will give you sheer color.Sweep it 2 times or more,it will give you solid color in glossy finish. Staying power?in my experience,unless you buy lipstick labelled in"matte",so don't expect lipstick to last long.Also,if you have thin,small lips(which I do)so even if you have matte lipstick,you'll need to apply lipstick again once you've eaten something.
Anyway,here is the Ingredients :
Organic Avocado Butter1, Organic Cocoa Butter1, Contains all or some of the following Fruit Pigments: Organic Cherry2, Organic Plum2, Cabernet Grape, Organic Raspberry2, Organic Blueberry2, Organic Blackberry2, Organic Peach2, Organic Apricot2, Organic Tomato3, Organic Pomegranate2, Organic Cacao (chocolate)2, Organic Rose Petals1, Organic Lavender Flower1 and Organic Cinnamon3, Organic Shea Butter4, Organic Rosehip Oil5, Organic Mango Butter1, Vitamin E (a-tocopherol), Vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate), May contain Mica (natural shimmery mineral)
1 certified organic by Oregon Tilth Cerfitied Organic
2 certified organic by Organic Certifiers
3 certified organic by QAI
4 certified organic by Soil Association Certification Limited
5 certified organic by Baystate Organic Certifiers

They add mica for shimmery effect,but this lipstick isn't shimmery at all.Just a'lil between glossy and watery finish.I like it!It also smells fruity and sweet.Texture is creamy,not waxy,but still not melted on Indonesia temperature which is generally warm.I like this lipstick,so I'll give this lipstick 5 points for the product.I remember soon after I wore this,and I was going to eat something I was like"Oh,I have to erase my lipstick because I don't want to swallow chemical stuffs in my lipsti...wait..this one is a blend of plants and wax!Oh,free of worries..!":D..  Ok,that's for the product.However,100%pure has a bad PR.Before purchasing this lipstick,I wrote an e-mail to ask them about the expiry date of 100%pure product.And,they never replied!Before that,I've ever sent e-mail to other companies,and they replied my e-mails.So here the product,I check for its expiry date,but by far I haven't found any.Thanks to my dear blogger friend Linusciaszek,now I know why. In US,FDA only require food products to put expiry date on it.On cosmetics,it's fully producers will.This 100%pure doesn't give it,but Badger gives it.For the bad PR and no expiry date,I'll give this product 4.5 points.So,those are my opinion about this product:).

Overall,I'm happy with the idea of fruit pigmented make up.If you ask me what I'll choose for my make up colorants,it'll be: 1st,plants. 2nd,Mineral. 3rd,Synthetic. I don't want animal as source of my make up colorants.It's just a yuck for me @_@...About the price,well..i'm in the process of converting my cosmetics into more toxic free ones.While doing it,now I see the difference.If I buy a cosmetic with plants or mineral colorants,yes the price maybe higher but it's worth what I've paid for(plants and mineral colorants are higher than synthetic ones).If I buy a cosmetic with synthetic colorants and the price is"cheap",so it's worth what I've paid for.What is bad is if I buy a cosmetic with synthetic colorants(which is less in price compared to natural ones),and cosmetic itself is priced high just because it's a high end brand so it's not worth the price that I've paid for. The worst is if I buy a cosmetic with synthetic colorants,harmfull preservatives,synthetic wax,mineral oil,and it's priced really high thanks to the high end brand,so what I get is nothing but a good packaging labelled under"high end brand". For me,what i buy should worth the money I've paid for. Cosmetic is different than fashion.For fashion,a branded bag may worth the money I spend for.But that's not what happens in cosmetic world,sometimes it goes reverse way.

Ok,That's all I can post for now.Anyway,please feel free to support any of the program below(for those who are in hunger,or animal in danger):

Thank you for reading.Have a lovely day!:)

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  1. Waah klo aq susah kyknya pke kosme yg pure nature, suka tergiur ma packaging yg bagus2 & kadang hasil kosme pure nature belum tentu bgs =D .
    Klo skin care sihh msh bisa yaa, tpi hrgnya mahal2.
    Mang beli lipstiknya di mana? Hrgnya brp? Kok km nyari brg jauh2 amat di bodyshop jg ada kok lipstik yg 100% food grade =D hehe.

  2. Hi Naomi:)
    Hmm..ini bkn ttg food gradenya aja naomi.Iya,skincarenya mang mahall..-_- tp itungannya worth it dgn yg ada di dlmnya sih.Kaya l'occitane yg kamu pake itu kan harga dan isinya worth juga bukan?Bahan2 alaminya kan emang lbh mahal drpd sintetis,makanya dia jadi mahal.Sebenernya kalo mo cari yg lbh murah ada kok,rajin2 baca ingredients aja,hehehe.. Kalo lipstick,semisal dia pewarna sintetis dan pake wax sintetis tapi harganya murah,ya itu worth yg kita keluarin lah.Kalo dia pewarna sintetis,wax natural,harga mahal,ga sebanding(hrsnya lbh murah)tp masi bisa 50-50lah(krn ada wax naturalnya).Nha kalo dia warna sintetis,wax sintetis,masi pake pengawet berbahaya lagi,eh harganya mahal..ngga worth lah.Drpd gitu masi mending beli yg sintetis dan harga murah.Bukan hanya krn brandnya aja.Kalo si 100%pure ini harga dan brg yg didapat worth it lah.Apalagi dia pewarnanya buah2an(mungkin krn baru dia yg bikin makanya dia psg harga lebih).Kalopun ngga pake pewarna tumbuhan,pewarna mineral juga worth yg kita keluarin kok.Kalo soal food grade,yah mestinya lipstick2 itu food grade semua dengan/tanpa pewarna sintetis krn kan ada hub.nya ma mulut kita(kesadaran produsen).Harga lbh di casing/packaging mang bisa kalo packagingnya mang keren,tp dipasaran ada yg overpricing dgn packaging yg biasa2 aja,isinya sintetis,cuma dia high end brand gitu.
    Si 100%pure ini?google aja,hehehe.RRP usd 15,mahal ato engga?;) tp worth it kannn?;)
    Mungkin krn ditempat kita blm byk yg aware kali ya,kalo di barat sana sdh pada aware.Ni coba klik:

  3. Ehh 100% food grade bedakah sama 100% pure fruits?
    Loccitane ga 100% pure, masih ada bhn kimianya. Aq pke shamponya aja msh ada SLS, aq ga gt terlalu ketat musti pure klo nyari bhn buat perawatan, yg penting hasil & ada kandungan tumbuh2an ato buah2an nya.
    Klo yg murah pure, biasanya bhn tambahan buah2an/tanaman nya kurang, yg penting itu, buat antioksidan, dan perawatan.
    Yg aku suka skrg skin care dr kiehl's, soalnya ga berparfum, & ada yg pure jg. Loccitane yg seri immortelle over parfum >.< , parfum menetap slama 2-3 jem, muka ku wangiii semerbak xD . Ada jg sii dr loccitane yg pure kyk shea, olive, lavender.
    Uda buka link nya, pantess IQ ku jd jeblook terus xD .
    waahh diantara blogger2, cm km yg paling buat aq terpengaruh, biasanya aq cuek2 aja. Terbukti skrg aq lg nyari brush cruelty free buat gantiin brush yg stgh2 itu. Ehh skrg nambahh lg mo nyari skin care/kosme/body care yg pure jg, uda liat web 100% pure. Tpi bangkruut ahh ga jd =D , mulai pelaksanaannya msh pikir2 (^^)" . Brgnya musti impor sii, nunggu nya lama.

  4. Bwhahahahahaaa...XD ada2 aja,naomi chan!XD masa iq jeblok gara2 itu aja?yakin tuuu?;p
    100%pure itu kan brandnya aja,kalo yg aku maksud 100%food grade itu berarti bahan2nya minimal ditelen aman lah(terutama pengawetnya ya!).Kalo utk pewarnanya,selama yg aku baca sih pewarna sintetis juga gpp kok,selama itu disertifikasi sama USDA sana(kategori FD&C dan D&C),aku ga apal warna2 apa aja.Klik aja linknya tu di artikel diatas yg ada USFDA. Itu dr segi amannya ya.Tapi kalo dr segi worth it uang yg kita keluarkan,ya itu td.Aku blg aku ngga gitu untung sbg konsumen krn brg yg aku terima aslinya biaya produksinya"rendah",jadi sbg konsumen aku jelas pilih yg "sama2 untung"lah.So,kalo mau beli yg sintetis dan produknya hrga mahal,kandungan sintetisnya mesti dikit(yah,mungkin cuma warnanya aja yg sintetis)gitu.Kalo ngga,aku rugi dong.Mending beli merk2 indie tp untungin aku krn isinya sesuai dgn biaya produksinya.Kira2 gitu^^ Merk2 indie ga berarti jelek kok,tuh silk naturals.Dia warnanya lengkap juga.Pewarna minerals.Harga,worth it lah.
    Aku juga kalo yg buat skincare ga mau cari yg mahal2,yg ptg non toxic.Kalopun ada,yg masi bisa ditolerir(kita maksutnya).Kalo skincarenya si 100%pure ini mang mahalnyaaaaa...aku mau,kalo ada yg gratisin,hehehe.Sebenernya mau merk apapun juga,yg penting kita ga males liat ingredientsnya jadi kita tau pantes dibeli ato ngga tuh barang. O ya,l'occitane ada yg pure?kayanya yg baru kamu review yg immortelle itu ya..ato akunya yg lupa?*_*
    Thanks naomi buat beli brush free cruelty*hugs hugs*:) aku plg benci sama produsen yg siksa binatang2 soalnya X(...
    Halah,ga mesti beli 100%pure kok.Aku kan bkn brand ambassadornya mereka,jadi beli aja yg safe dan murah,hahahaaa...:D yg pasti,rajin2 baca dibalik label ajalah^^. Oh,soal lipstik pake lead itu,mang ngeselin kok-__- Mana dulu aku juga make brand2 itu pula,hiks...:'(

  5. Iq jeblok bukan hanya gara2 lead aja, cm bs jadi salah satu kontribusi. dan aq uda lama gak kuliah, gak blajar, otak uda ga pernah dipake, umur makin menua pula. jd otak usang dee mikir makin lemot xD . tpi biasa IQ kyknya gak ngaruhh, yg penting kan 99% kerja keras, 1% bakat.
    ehh tpi kan body shop uda ada lipstik delipscious lip color yg 100% food grade. apa lipstik yg lama kali ya yg ada lead nya?

    produk high end brand mahal, bukan hanya gara2 namanya uda terkenal, tpi biasa gara2 research nya itu lohh yg uda bertaun-taun. trus ada yg pke teknologi nya dr expert chemistry yg uda dpt award dr penelitian nya. harga penemuan mang mahal, itu biasanya yg bikin kosme harganya mahal2, ga peduli ada bahan kimia nya, yg penting konsumen pke kan hasil nya baguus. bahkan hasil yg didapat lbh bagus drpd bahan alami yg butuh proses, samalah kyk obat kimia yg kita minum biasa lebih cepat sembuh, drpd obat herbal2an.
    tpi keren2 lohh nama teknologi nya, ada yg pke cyber cell, illuminating cells, aura, dll. lagipula kyknya high end brand uda peduli dgn bahan kimia yg bahaya, jd kyknya mereka gak mungkin pke bhn kimia yg bahaya dee.
    eehh tpi kmrn aq lagi nyari ingredients bedak kanebo lunasol, plan mo beli, pas liat ada mineral oil nya, lgsg ga jadi >.< . ga tau bener apa gak sumber web yg aq liat =D hihihihi.

    iya, loccitane ada yg pure, seri olive, shea. yg baru aku pke cm seri immortelle nya aja, cm ga cocok. pernah jg pke olive body wash nya, yg 99% alami, gak cocok jg malah bentol2. yg cocok cm shampo & body lotion xD . kiehls jg ada tuu yg 100% pure, yg seri acai.

    100% pure itu keren bgt, pke buah2an warna nya, ga kyk yg laen pure nya pke mineral. aq mau beli ahh kosme nya, terutama eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow soalnya mata ku sensi bgt >.< suka iritasi gara2 makeup. plus lipstik nya mungkin. tpi beli nya mybe nti dulu, lg mau nyari brush dulu yg cruelty free xD .

  6. Hahaha...kaya uda nenek2 aja naomi blgnya menua:D 99%kerja keras,1% bakat...hmm...59% kerja keras,40% keberuntungan,1% bakat;) Hoki penting juga tuuu..ada yg uda kerja keras ga beruntung,masi kalah sama yg beruntung-__-..

    Kayanya diliat dari riset dan hasil lead yg mereka produksi,berbanding terbalik ya!:D Yg pasti,yg kita bayar di setiap produknya adalah:biaya iklan mereka yg besar2an!!:D karena biaya bahan baku mereka dikit.Aku sih ga peduli dgn riset mereka,mau gimana kek yg penting aku dpt brg dgn bahan2 sesuai dgn biaya yg aku keluarkan. Kosmetik sama obat laen lah naomi,obat2an itu kan ektraksi bahan2 alami jd biayanya mang lbh tinggi.Tapi sebenernya bisa lbh murah,mslhnya disitu ada biaya2"pihak" tertentu yg pd akhirnya ditanggung konsumen.Kalo kosmetik,tau sdrlah isi didalemnya apa,mulai dr hasil sampingan oli sampe lead,belom formalin pula XD

    Soal bodyshop,wah..ngga tau deh.Kan di US sana senatnya bahkan ngga lulusin standar minimum leadnya krn lobi industri.Meski walo kamu googling kemana2 juga,tetep aja ilmuwan berpendapat ngga seharusnya ada lead walo cuma dikit di kosmetik,aplg lipstick.Utk hal ini,ngga tau yg produksi skrg gimana.Krn USFDA pd waktu itu ambil sampelnya juga yg di retail store,dan blm ada tindakan dr pemerintah US.Entahlah..

    Kalo dasarnya mang alergi sama suatu bahan(mis.aloevera),walo pake kosmetik yg penuh bahan kimia atau yg minimal kimia,tetep aja alergi.Cuman,bedanya yg satu toxic lbh banyak,satunya engga.Gitu^^
    Kiehl's ya?aku buka webnya bahan2nya ga diterangin detil gitu soalnya 6(*_*)..cuma active ingredientsnya aja..

    Iya,100%pure mang keren:) yg ga keren cuma..harganya:D Asiik,tar kalo uda beli review2 yaaa!! Brush cruelty free?ecotools yg plg populer,elf juga bikin(tp kayanya bagusan ecotools),merk laen juga byk kok.Cari2 aja:) Tp kalo yg bahan taklon itu lembut naomi;)kaya bulu beneran..

  7. Semua ce kan bakal jd nenek2 jg =D hihihi *lebay* . Iya ya hoki jg penting. Aq kan tau quote 99% krja keras 1% bakat dr albert einstein.

    Wah2 ada org yg ga peduli ma riset xD . Tpi aq takjub lohh ma cream kanebo yg hrg nya 9 jutaan, sm bedak milano kanebo hrg sejutaan @_@ kyknya hebaat tuu. Kan perumpamaan nya xD hahaha ahh jd malu dee. Tpi obat kimia jg ada efek samping nya lohh, mis gangguan liver, ginjal, dll. kyknya lbh parah dr kosmetik ato sama2 parah ya =_=" . aq biasanya klo ga skt parah, berusaha minum obat wrn ijo ato minum suplemen aja. Kosmetik yg parah klo dpt yg palsu. Yahh mereka kyknya utk menghemat bahan baku kali yaa jd pke bahan bahaya mineral oil ato lead; bayar lebihan di iklan, research n model xD .

    Mybe lipstik body shop yg lama kali ada lead nya, yg delipscious lip color gak =D hihihi *semoga begitu* .
    iya sihh, susahnya jd org yg punya kulit sensi >.< . Kiehl's web uk kyknya bs liat ingredientnya.

    Cm susah nyari 100% pure yg jual, kmrn brosing sana sini, pd cm jual dikit yaa, nyerah dee =_=" . beauty, drugstore, sephora ga ada. Ulta & qvc dikit.
    Byk jg sii brush yg cruelty free brush nya uda brosing2, ecotools, everyday mineral, bodyshop, too face, urban decay, sigma yg versi vegannya, dll. cm yg korea nya blum nemu nihh xD .
    Aq lbh suka taklon drpd bulu kambing, cepet mekar2, mybe klo yg bulu kambing musti pke shampo khusus kambing kali yaa baru bulunya bs aluus lembut sutra, ga mekar2 xD .
    cm ga tau dee klo brush mac itu dr bulu mana yaa, entah gmpng mekar2 gak ya.

  8. hehehe,iya ^^..Oiya,tar kalo uda jadi nenek2 masi blogging juga ngga naomi?:D btw,jarang ya liat beauty blogger nenek2..*_*

    Aku si cukup liat itu brg komposisi natural dan non natural sebanding ato engga dgn harga yg dibayar.Lah kalo diriset habis2an isinya cuman brg2 yg hrsnya"murah",lha rugi dong aku.Mending beli yg isinya sama dgn harganya gitu^^ Ada tu lipsticku yg high end brand,bhn dasarnya microcrystalline wax.Ternyata itu adlh"Microcrystalline waxes are derived from the refining of the heavy distillates from lubricant oil production".Astaga..jadi mrk riset buat ngubah hasil sampingan oli jadi lbh berguna dan dihargai mahal pula XD..pantes mrk cepet kaya:D
    Nha itu yg aku maksud,ga ngurus2 amat lah mo diriset gimana.Yg penting aku ngga bayar high end"junk". Oiya,obat juga jelas ada efek sampingnya.Dulu pnah liat di tv apa gitu,beda obat sama jamu.Kalo jamu,kita perlu rebus misal 5 kg kunyit terus kita minum tu 5 kg.Kalo obat,ngga usa rebus 5 kg sudah diekstraksi jadi paling sebiji ato 2 biji pil,makanya ampuh.Jadi dosisnya hrs tanya dokter.Parah mana sama kosmetik?wah..klo aku blg lbh ngawur kosmetik krn kalo obat pasti bisa dimakan,lha kosmetik lipstick aja yg harusnya bisa dimakan masi dikasi bahan2 macem2 yg harusnya ga bisa dimakan.Yg kasian tu kalo ibu2 hamil/menyusui,bayinya ikutan kena dampaknya soalnya.Iya,utk penghematan bahan baku=laba:D..

    Eh,obat warna ijo??apa tu?Aku kalo flu minum lo han kuo(bungkusnya ijo,tau kan?),tu bagus buat radang tenggorokan tu.Ato chrysanthemum tea-yg ini enakk^^..

    Oh,kmr yg aku buka kiehl's USA seingatku sih.Bodyshopnya...engga tau lah^^..

    Aku dgr yg sigma versi vegannya.Tapi masi murahan ecotools kayanya.Lagian gampang dapetnya yg ecotools,terus packagingnya lbh bagus aja dr yg laen.Brush mac?entah.Kalo dia blg natural brush yaa..sama ky reviewku kmr sumbernya(binatang2).Masalahnya,skrg tu perush2 besar pada pesennya rata2 di cina(sistem oem).Pdhl cina suka ga peduli isu2 safety gitu,apalg isu2 lingkungan-__-..Ga tau tu mac bikinnya dimana brushnya..
    Hahahaa...sampo kambing itu=sampo kucing/anjing bukanXD?Waks..tar mesti beli obat kutunya juga dong!XD kucing sama anjing kan kutuan:p

    Ya uda aku sebutin diatas kalo yg jual lipstik 100%pure jarang ada yg lengkap serinya.Coba ke e-bay,tp mesti ati2 krn kdg yg di ebay suka kadaluarsanya uda dekat..

  9. wahh gak tau jg yaa klo uda nenek2 mo blogging pa ga, tunggu wkt nya aja xD .
    iya ya, jarang bgt, aku cuma pernah liat sekali aja beauty blogger nenek2.

    waahh klo aku ntar hamil, musti ganti kosmetik yg ramah dunk yaa, kosmetik ku byk yg blum ramah kyknya (=_=)". susah nya jd cewek...

    di tiap obat kan ada lingkaran ijo, biru, merah. yg paling bahaya dan bisa menimbulkan efek samping bila dikonsumsi terus2an itu yg warna merah, klo biru masih sedang2, yang ijo biasanya lebih aman krn lebih ringan.
    klo obat cina relatif aman, gak ada efek samping. teh juga aman.

    aku liat brush yg natural bykan pke bulu kambing. kyknya mac jg pke itu dee. ga enak jg pke bulu binatang, cepet rontok & mekar2. yaa bener sii logika nya kan bulu hewan itu gampang rontok yaa kyk bulu anjing, kucing gituu yg pke shampo nya asal2an rontok dee, trus mekar2. apalagi klo pke nya kasar.
    =D hihihi anjing kucing kan kutunya guede guedee, iihh jd sereem dee. cuma klo pke bulu binatang, hrs sering keramas aja 2 hari sekali, biar ga gampang kotor. bulu binatang kan gampang kotor.
    aku beli brush nya campur2 dr ecotools, everyday mineral, too faced. pngen beli sigma vegan soalnya paling komplit.

  10. The packaging looks so pretty! Thanks for such an informative post :) I recently added Carmine to the list of ingredients that I'm trying to avoid - it's hard because it's EVERYWHERE, including food, just like you said :/ I haven't purchased anything from 100% pure, but maybe I will soon!

  11. Naomi:
    Hahaha:D..ya bolehlah tar liat fotd naomi kalo uda jadi oma2,hihihi..

    Sebenernya kalo bisa membersihkan toxic2 cosmetics si mulai dr skrg,kalo aku mulai dari free formaldehyde sama parabens,TEA/DEA.

    Aku jarang pake obat diluar obat dokter,jadi ga gitu kawatir soal itu^^.Tp drpd obat mending akupuntur ajalah.Lbh enak malah^^..

    Hihihi,bolehlah coba nyucinya pake sampo buat hewan.Tp drpd pusing mikir tu kuas dr hewan apa(mana serem aja bayangin bulu2 hewan2 yg dekil,kutuan,guling2 di tanah,dst itu nemplok di muka kita sbg kuas @_@..hiyy..)mending beli yg sintetis ajalah,ga jorok juga krn bukan dr bulu hewan.Yg pasti free cruelty:).
    Oh,udah beli kuas sintetis merk macem2 juga..Thanks naomi:) Eh,mang too faced keluarin kuas sintetis ya?kalo sigma katanya lembut banget tu yg sintetisnya.Ada yg uda review katanya bagus banget yg sintetis.Cuma sigma mahal T.T..

  12. Susan:
    you're welcome:) RIGHT!carmine is EVERYWHERE,even on those cosmetics labelled under"natural",or"organic"brands.Because it still considered as natural(not synthetic).You may find difficulties to find make up products without it(esp.those in red colors).So if we want to avoid it,we should read carefully about ingredients list.That's all we can do.Just memorize CI75470 or E120,or natural red #4,crimson lake.They're all carmine alias names.

    100%pure has good range,you should try it!:)Especially their make up range,I feel like I want to try them all..:D I mean,fruits pigmented make up?it's a WOW!:)

  13. malu ahhh klo uda jd oma2 fotd xD
    iya, ya hrsnya dr skrg mulai nyari kosmetik yg bebas toxic.
    aku blum pernah di akupuntur, sereem ihh ditusuk2 pke jarumm >.<

    lagi nunggu kuas nya blum dateng.
    iya, too faced kuasnya mang sintetis, pke bulu boneka teddy bear -> suka ma konsep nya. kuas sigma byk yg bilang baguus, aku mau belii yg sintetis, cm mang mahal.

  14. naomi:
    Lho kan gpp,justru tar unik krn jarang ada oma2 yg fotd^^..
    Banyak kok kosmetik yg bebas ato minimal toksik.Aku uda beli beberapa,tar ya reviewnya^^..
    Eh,jarumnya akupuntur tu kecil banget!gpp lagi,kaya digigit semut!:)

    Ah,teddy bear brush??Woah..lucunyaaaaa>.< Aku kan fans berat beruang!! Tar review ya kalo uda dapet!!Mau liat jugaaa... >.<
    Sigma harganya mang memprihatinkan -__-..

  15. Lynn, ternyata 100% Pure ada distributor Indonesianya! Aku dikasih emailnya sama distributor Singapura, terus aku tanya langsung (ke orang yang emailnya dia kasih), bener, dia jual 100% Pure di Indonesia! Tapi aku belum tanya lebih jauh, cuma dia ngasih alamat web juga:

    :D Hehehe. Akhirnya bisa ngasih komen! (ternyata harus pencet 'reply' dulu baru muncul 'add comment') Aku baru baca pos yang ini dari awal-akhir + komen-komennya, ketawa deh, ngebaca urusan oma-oma bikin fotd. Hihihi! :))

    1. Lho?ya ini yg aku maksut sistem barunya blogspot itu:D.Bisa reply comment,cuman mesti stabil kec.inetnya,kalo ngga dia di klik ngga mau muncul.Tau tuh,kadang bisa kdg ngga.Sutralah..

      O akhirnya ada juga yah!:D Masih baru banget tuh,sampe hari ini aja webnya masi updet2 gitu,blm lengkap..copyrightnya aja baru 2011 kmr. Btw kamu nanya ke mana dpt alamat itu?

  16. Ooooh, ini toh maksudnya Lynn? Hahaha! Iya, aku baru ngeh, dan memang baru kemaren santai, bisa blogwalking along ke mana-mana. :D Asik asik! :DD

    Iya, dikasitau sama orang yang aku email alias distributor Indonesianya. :D Iya, masih bener-bener baru yah. Aku nanti pengen nyoba beli 1-2 barang dulu, katanya sih Senin aku bakal dikirimin katalog lewat email. :) Hehehe.

    1. Yoai..ini bisa reply kaya disqus gtu.Cuma kadang eror.Tapi disqus eror juga bukan?

      O gitu,katalognya tlg forwardin ke e-mailku juga pls.Tar aku e-mail kamu aja deh.Alamat e-mailnya apa ya ningrum?Ni inetku lagi lelet dr kmr,buka tumblr lamaaaa bgt...

  17. heyyy beli dimana sih itu 100 percent purenya? email kan ke aku juga dong katalognya

    1. Hi ^^ maaf baru bales krn aku sibuk banget jd lama ga ngeblog.

      Itu katalog uda ga berlaku lagi deh kayanya krn webnya eror pas dibuka.

      trims uda mampir ^^

  18. Aku udah lama tertarik brand ini tp masih blm tahu cara order dan belinya :( Boleh minta email atau kontak distributor Indonesia? Aku udah buka tp error. Makasih mba :D

    1. Halo,maaf baru balas ^^ Aku mia dulu krn sibuk banget soalnya.

      Yg lipstik itu aku beli dr US langsung sih. Ngga tau kalo di indo beli dimana gitu. Iya yg web itu aku pnah coba buka dan eror.

      Sama2 makasih juga :)

  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  20. produk 100% Pure dpt nya dimana sis2

    1. Hi ^^ maaf baru bales juga krn aku sibuk banget jd lama ga ngeblog.

      Itu beli langsung dr US sih,di web US atau ebay kalo misal pas ebay ada yg jual. Gitu.

      Trims uda mampir blog ini :D


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