February 28, 2012

Almay Pure Blends Foundation in Beige

I'm seriously in need of a liquid foundation,tinted moisturizer,bb cream,yeah you name it-which fits my criteria.And honestly,I'm not a fan of anything pricey,I mean...come on,if you can get something in lower price with the same quality,then why would you want it in higher price?;) So I've been hunting for a natural liquid foundation these days(which means I'm still in the process'till today when I write this post). My first target was Physicians Formula Organic Wear Tinted Moisturizer.I have ordered it on a web,but somehow the web didn't ship it outside US(maybe because it's liquid?).So I tried to e-bay it,but then I read carefully to its whole ingredients and got stuck in this: Canabis Sativa(hemp)seed oil. What?Canabis Sativa?That canabis sativa?
Ok,these are the problems:
1.Is it halal?
2.Is it allowed to be brought to Indonesia?

Question no.1
For people who doesn't know,hemp is another name for products of canabis sativa fiber and/or oilseed varieties.Yes,hemp is very popular.In both positive and negative stuffs.Hemp is a very good natural source for its good fiber for fabric properties.Cloth from hemp,menstrual pads from hemp,face cloth from hemp,they all are natural,good,and comfortable fabrics to be worn.Hemp seed oil,it is used in many cosmetic industries for its healing properties.Hemp seed is also used as a good snack in healthy food.Those are positive uses of hemp. The negative use,hemp leaves is actually used as a medical drug to alleviate pain feeling,BUT just like other drugs,some people missusing it and instead using it to make them fly high.Yeah,and for that reason this plant is banned by our government. So,that is hemp leaves missusing function.
courtesy of rense.com
How about its oil that is used in cosmetic industry?Does it have THC(Tetrahydrocannabinol)-one that makes people high- in it? The answer is no.Hemp seed oil is extracted and refined from its seed,therefore there's no trace of THC in it which can make you fly. And for that reason also,hemp seed oil is halal. In fact,industrial hemp is different than those that are used in medicinal/recreational hemp.See(this)link.

Question no.2,is it allowed to be brought to indonesia(hemp seed oil)?
The answer is,I don't know. But I saw The Body Shop had a range of hemp on its collection,so I guess it's ok.However,I haven't checked this to The Body Shop Indonesia. So I left this question behind,and source for another foundie but still have friendly ingredients.My next target was Couleur Caramel Liquid Foundation.

courtesy of natureof beauty

CC is a very well known natural cosmetic in the term of clean and green cosmetic.I wanted their products so badly since long time ago,but it's quite pricey compared to others so I'd go for less pricey one 1st.Why would I want a pricey product while I can get non pricey one?:p Here is some of their collections:

It's their retro collection.Pretty isn't it?;) So I checked their ingredients,and found this thumbdown:Parfum/fragrance.Yes,that is a common ingredients in all cosmetics. It is added so that the product will smell nice.There we have the problem.Is it about the smell?Or am I allergic to a certain fragrance so that I want to stay away from it?.The answer is NO,i'm fine with the smell issue.Yes,some people are allergic to fragrance,not just synthetic one even to plant based fragrance ones(read:essential oils).And this is where"fragrance free"product came from.Some people are allergic to the smell(which means from sneezing,dizzy,'till difficulty breathing),and/or to the skin(itchy,rash).I'm neither both allergic to it,but that doesn't mean you can sit near me with pouring a full bottle of parfum to your body and I won't complain that!:D I'm not sick of the parfum,but i'll be sick of....you!:P  Basically,I'm fine with parfum.But I don't like the"parfum/fragrance"word on my cosmetic product ingredients list without knowing the source of it.Why?Parfum/fragrance is a mysterious ingredients where inside it,there can be up to thousands compounds can be found. Tragically,it's protected by "trade secret" which means producer has the right not to disclose what is inside it. Well,sensible since..hello..why would channel,or bvlgari for example,will disclose what is inside their parfum/fragrance?And..that's what trade secret is. 

As a consumer,this will lead us in doubt about what is inside the word of "parfum/fragrance" in our cosmetic products,such as: lipstick,powder,creams,lotion,etc.  Testing of Calvin Klein’s Eternity by an independent lab, commissioned by Environmental Health Network (EHN), revealed that the perfume contained over 800 compounds.Among the chemicals of concern in Eternity perfume was diethyl phthalate (DEP), an irritant and suspected hormone disrupter that is absorbed through the skin and can accumulate in human fat tissue. The lab, Scientific Instrument Services, found that DEP made up just over 10% of the perfume.A 2009 study of Austrian college students also found that those who used the most perfume and scented lotion also had the highest levels of synthetic musks, including Galaxolide and Tonalide, in their blood. Research by the Environmental Working Group has even found synthetic musks in the umbilical cord blood of newborn U.S. infants. Preliminary research suggests that musks may disrupt hormones. Both Galaxolide and Tonalide can bind to and stimulate human estrogen receptors and have been shown to affect androgen and progesterone receptors. Tonalide has also been reported to increase the proliferation of estrogen-responsive human breast cancer cells. These musks have an environmental impact – they have been found to be toxic to aquatic life in numerous studies and can accumulate in the food chain.Basically,this is a mysterious ingredient that I want to stay away unless the producer stated where their parfum/fragrance sources are from.The word"parfum/fragrance" is even worse than"parabens,formaldehyde,BHA/BHT,etc"since hell...I don't even know what is inside it,none knows!They can put anything in it. I mean,800 compounds or even more is a whole concoction.We may avoid parabens,formaldehyde and stuffs,but who knows what is inside"parfum/fragrance"word on our cosmetic?....The parabens,formaldehyde,and other stuffs could be there altogether without us having a clue on what is inside it. So,I e-mailed CC but get no reply untill today which is very dissapointing.Too bad that they don't even explain it on their ingredients glossary on their web.So,a bye for CC..

Then I found this Almay Pure Blend.I didn't know that Almay made this line back then.They have various shades,and what I chose was Beige one. There aren't many reviews about Almay Pure Blend foundation on the net,actually.By far I found only 2 or 3 reviewers,and most of them were caucasian which were fairer than me.And they chose either neutral,or naked shade.So I chose darker shade which was beige. And this is what it looked like:

They only seal it with plastic with no expiry date on it.When I opened it,there's no seal on its tube either.Ok,i'm not that fussy about sealing stuffs as long as there's info about manufacturing date or expiry date on it.I told you before,US cosmetic producers have no obligation to put expiry date on its label,so not a big surprise for me.
Active Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide (5.3%)

Inactive Ingredients: Water, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Squalane, Glycerin, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Euterpe Oleracea (Acai Fruit) Sterols, Sucrose Laurate, Cetyl Alcohol, Sodium Borate, Alumina, Beta Sitosterol, Sucrose Stearate, Sucrose Distearate, Cellulose, Stearic Acid, Jojoba Esters, Euterpe Oleracea (Acai Fruit) Extract, Citrus Junos (Yuzu Peel Extract, Nelumbo Nucifera (Lotus) Flower Extract, Cymbidium Grandiflorum Flower (Orchid) Extract, Viola Tricolor (Wild Pansy) Extract, Carica Papaya (Papya) Fruit Extract, Phospholipids, Aniba Rosaeodora (Rosewood) Oil, Pelargonium Graveolena Flower Oil, Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Seed Oil, Linoleic Acid, Oleic Acid, Stearyl Alcohol, Xanthan Gum, Glyceryl Stearate, Alcohol, Silica, Potassium Sorbate, 1,2 Hexanediol/Caprylyl Glycol, Mica, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxides (CI 77489, CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499)

-97.4% natural
-blend of antioxidants with lotus,orchid,and acai
-fragrance free
-paraben free,talc free
-ecofriendly package made with 35% post-consumer recycled material
-dermatologist tested

If you don't look at its ingredients carefully,it may look fine.No"common"nasty chemicals there.I must confess that when I did this product purchase,I only skimmed the natural ingredients part and didn't look at it one by one.After the stuff came,I realized it has 2 things that I don't like:
A little info about this Almay pure blends ingredients on the net since the Almay official web no longer list it on their web.I read on the web store info that"alcohol"was on the inci list.I thought they mistakenly typed it,or they might miss one word left infront of that"alcohol"word,like it might be a benzyl alcohol for expample,but they forgot to type the benzyl one.yeah,silly I know.Then when the stuff came,..it IS really alcohol which means ethanol.Some of trully natural cosmetic producers also did use alcohol that are from fermentation of either fruits or grains(mostly grains),and state it under"Alcohol",or"Grain Alcohol".So,if you one day find"alcohol"word on any natural cosmetic,it means they use natural alcohol which comes from fermentation,mostly are grain alcohol. I,for a religious reason see my post(here),can't use this kind of alcohol.So this ingredients is something that I prefer to avoid.

I have no idea how to comment about this ingredient.Sodium borate,also known as borax,is actually a salt of boric acid.It can be found in dry lake beds like in Tibet.Borax is usually found deep within the ground, although it has been mined near the surface in Death Valley, California since the 1800s.Borax occurs naturally in evaporite deposits produced by the repeated evaporation of seasonal lakes. The most commercially important deposits are found in Turkey, Boron, California, and Searles Lake, California. Also, it has been found at many other locations in the Southwestern United States, the Atacama desert in Chile, and in Tibet and Romania. It’s basiccally a salt that occurs when a lake starts drying up. The material is exposed above water line and is carried away in trucks.I notice that Burt's Bees and some other natural cosmetic line also use this ingredient on some of their products. This one isn't on banned list of cosmetic ingredients,nor on top issue of any cosmetic ingredients that we should avoid. But this IS an issue here in Indonesia since media in Indonesia continuesly reporting about sodium borate being used by some street food stalls to preserve their foods.Ask any Indonesian about this:Borax,Formalin,..they'll know what it is!:D..It's allover on the media. So,I certainly don't want this on my cosmetic as well.

Now let's move to its performance.The texture is very runny,look at the cap,so mess.

From the reviews,this one got bad review as foundation.What I wanted was a tinted moisturizer with medium coverage,like my prev.Cover Girl Natureluxe,but with cleaner ingredients.So I thought this Almay would be like that since most reviews said it's not a foundation,but a tinted moisturizer instead. Turned out,this one was a tinted moisturizer(which I wanted),but with NO coverage at all.Yes it has color,in fact this beige color doesn't match to my skin tone.It has red/pink shade! Though it has color(and wrong color to my skintone),when it's applied it has no coverage at all.I bought wrong shade so if it has coverage it should make my skin looked weird in different wrong shade color,but it's not!So yea..it has no coverage at all.

Right,on pic.no.2 you don't see the line that I drew for degree of coverage ability of this product.But that's not because it's covered.The line was gone,thanks to the alcohol in it which erase the line that I drew. Not only that,the alcohol made my skin dry,and I experience broke out after using it.As a moslem,the using of alcohol can be read(here).I certainly don't want to use it on daily basis.In fact,this foundation is poor in everything,the color,coverage,and broke me out.The only good thing is that this product will give you a bit matte look.I don't really like this product,so I'll rate it as:2.5 points.Beter find another one.

Anyway,I've been working on activating my social vibe network(see my right bar there-->).It's basically like PTC(pay to click).If on PTC,the money goes to the web owner pocket,on social vibe,the money goes to the charity that you choose. Cool,huh?;) Before that you have to choose sponsors for your charity which is provided on the list.However,this is my biggest question:where's the sponsor?I don't see them anywhere :S...Is there anyone who ever joined this network?Or anyother network similar to this?Any advice will be very appreciated here:).

Thanks for reading!Have a nice Day!:)


  1. OmiGod, BORAX! Waktu itu aku juga baca ingredientsnya apa gitu, yang ada si sodium boratenya, kalo gak salah sih produk yang bertitel 'green' juga.
    Kalo di sini kan denger kata borax langsung nyambung ke formalin...dan ikan asin. XD Udah sepaket. Tapi borax di belahan dunia sana nggak dianggap berbahaya ya?

    Btw, akhirnya si ilham turun dari genteng ya, jadi bisa nulis pos baru :)) Hahaha!

    1. Hahaha..iya,udah turun dari genteng soalnya hujan:D

      Oh,disini mah tu borax,formalin,ma ikan asin udah sepaket hemat kalo belinya mah!XD Don't forget mi,tahu,dan..kemaren nonton reportase investigasi,buah juga loh!-__- ga tau tu gimana ngawetinnya,buah kan kulitnya dah keras juga ini(cuma nonton bentar krn pas lagi di dokter hewan).Kalo di barat,di makanan jelas ga boleh lah.Tp di bahan2 laen kynya belum,US si ga peduli dia mah.Kalo EU katanya mo ban,UK juga gitu.Ya dia mang natural dari alam,makanya yg green ada yg masi pake.

  2. Ngomong-ngomong si hempnya The Body Shop tuh ya nggak ada di Indonesia. Gak masuk. Padahal kan udah dari zaman jebot adanya. :) Mungkin nggak boleh...

    1. Aku dah lama ga ke tbs,trakir ke sana cuma cari teatree oil,langsung cabut.Aku ngga muterin satu2 produknya krn dia produknya dr tahun ke tahun rata2 sama(tu si vit.e,vit.c,seaweed,aloe,teatree,dst),plg di tambah beberapa line yg baru.Tapi di webnya tbs indo ada tu aku liat. Nha,itu dia.Kalo ngga boleh,apa karena mereka pikir itu jenis canabis sativa yg buat fly gitu?Coba deh klik link yg aku kasih,hemp oil ngga ada THC trace,dan variannya lain sama yg buat fly.

      Daripada itu,aku si lbh jengkel urusan parfum/fragrance itu.Contohnya si CC,mestinya kalo dia klaim trully natural,ya jelasin dong sumber parfum/fragrancenya..

    2. Kemungkinan dipukul rata ya... mungkin mereka yang berkewajiban kurang riset, gak kayak Lynn. Haha!
      Kemungkinan lainnya sih ya telat aja masuknya. Tapi perasaan si range hemp itu udah lama kok di sononya.

      Di mana-mana parfum/fragrance emang selalu cuma ditulis gitu ya. :( Tidak terbuka.
      Ngomong-ngomong sampo L'Occitaneku sih ada tulisan "Fragrance from natural source" atau semacemnya aku lupa kalimat lengkapnya, kuharap itu bisa dipercaya. Haha! :)

    3. Iya,mungkin dipukul rata.Bukan krn kurang riset,palingan males didemo sama masyarakat yg krg begitu paham ttg hemp.Kan banyak gitu masalah2 demo gara2 kurang pengetahuan masyarakat ttg hal itu-__-

      Hmm..ya kalo dia tulis begitu plg ngga bisa diandalkan dikit lah krn l'occitane juga isinya byk naturalnya.Kalo yg konvensional lainnya,ngga tau ya.Dr isinya aja kan uda keliatan;)

  3. nimbrungg ^^ .
    oohh gitu pantes hemp nya TBS ga masuk ke indo yaa.
    menarik postingan nya, aku jg sbnrnya penasaran tuu yg namanya parfum, bahan nya bahaya gak. aku pikir parfum itu gak sebahaya paraben, ehh trnyata bahaya jg tooh.
    aku jg gak suka klo skin care ku ada parfum, apalagi yg parfum nya tuu menusuk dan tahan lama bs berjam2 kyk skin care locci, kulit ku suka bereaksi. klo parfum di skin care yg wanginya cm sekali lewat sii gpp.
    mybe itu rahasia kali isi parfum nya, jd gak dikasi tau, ato mybe isi nya kebanyakan, jd males jabarin nya.
    eeh itu uda ada iklan charity nya, sponsor social vibe. km bikin google adsense/idblognetwork aja, biar dpt duit, sekaligus promosiin kampanye advertiser. tugasnya blog kan gt bantuin sebar2 iklan dari advertiser.

    1. Aih naomi,kek mau kemana aja pake minta ijin nimbrung segala:D..

      Ngga tau juga,napa ga masuk tbs indo.Apa krn mereka pukul rata semua canabis sativa?pdhl hemp seed oil aja diblg halal di muslimconsumergroup.com loh.Krn variannya beda yg buat teler sama yg buat kosmetik & industri.Coba baca link yg aku kasi diatas dee..

      Iya,meski cuma satu kata"parfum",ternyata isinya seabreg!Karena itulah,aku pribadi skrg cenderung bye bye kalo ada tulisan"parfum/fragrance",karena isinya didalemnya bisa macem2 yg kita ngga tau isinya apa.Bisa aja campuran pewangi sintetis,esssential oils,pthalates,entah apa lagi yg ada di dalemnya dicampur2 jadi satu(bisa sampe ribuan compunds!).Karena itu rahasia dagang,karena mungkin isinya banyak,karena isinya mungkin brg bahaya,yg jelas engga dikasi tau.Cuma ditulis aja"parfum/fragrance"gitu.Jadi kalo ingredientsnya bagus2 nih,ga ada brg2 ga jelas gitu,tp ada tulisan"parfum/fragrance",ya disitu itu malahan yg isinya plg ngga jelas.Kaya Couleur Caramel itu contohnya.Dia bagus2 loh isinya.Trully natural,clean.Kalo diliat yg selaen parfum.Masalahnya,rata2 trully natural cosmetics biasanya nyantumin di web,ato di penjelasan ingredients mereka,bhw parfum/fragrance yg digunakan adlh dari essential oils saja.Nha ini,si CC tu engga.Di e-mail juga diem aja. Sutralah~

      Iya,tapi itu iklan charitynya belom disponsorin sama perusahaan sponsor.Jadi dia kerjanya gini:kita sign up di social vibe.Terus pilih mau charity yg mana.Habis itu milih perusahaan sponsor dr daftar list yg ada di socialvibe.Nha,tar kalo ada yg klik link di blog kita,sponsor kita bayar ke charity kita sesuai jumlah angka yg klik itu.Permasalahannya:MANA sponsornya ya??ngga ada listnya sama sekali di socialvibe.Apa pada bangkrut kali ye krn byk org yg klik=mereka kaluar duit banyak buat charity so ngga ada yg mo sponsorin lagi?hahaa..XD
      Oiya,aku tau adsense.Ntar aja taruhnya,ato afiliasi aja ya?Kamu afiliasinya banyak banget keknya:D srg belanja ke web2 itu,Naomi?

  4. gak bisa diliat dr sumber itu aja, klo liat dr teori2 yg lain tetep hemp itu cannabis sativa tanaman yg bikin high, klo masuk sini maa pasti dinyatakan ilegal =D . di sini kan semua kosme masuk BPOM dulu.

    iya, ada jg yg isi parfum nya dr bunga2an jd alami wanginya ga campuran macem2. =D nyari yg no parfum aja klo gitu.

    oohh, aku pikir yg sponsor social vibe xD hahaha, aku gak terlalu ngerti. mungkin gini kali maksudnya social vibe, nunggu yg klik iklan kamu itu perusahaan sponsor dulu, baru km bisa milih sponsornya. krn ga ada perusahaan yg mau sponsorin, jd kosong dee. km jg ga bisa milih.

    xD hahahaha gak juga kok, aku cm belanja di sigma aja. cm demen aja liat gambar macem2 di sidebar, apalagi banner flash nya. kliatan keren gitu, kyk blogger pro. pdhl blog ku masih abal2 xD hahahaha. liat blogger pro iklannya bejibun, jd ikut2an xD wkwkwkwkw. ---> alasan aneehh pasang iklan ^^"

    1. Iya,jenis hemp tertentu high THC dan low CBD.Yg buat oil,susu,dimakan bijinya,itu yg jenis low THC,high CBD.Makanya aku kasih link itu krn itu yg plg lengkap.Ni ket.dari Dr.David.P.West,Ph.D:
      "Cannabis strains of the type used for industrial purposes have relatively high levels of CBD versus THC. Drug strains are high in THC and low to intermediate in CBD [12]. Smoking hemp, high in CBD and very low in THC, actually has the effect of preventing the marijuana high [13]. Even when the amount of THC in a sample is as high as 2 percent, the psychological high is blocked by as little as 2 percent CBD [14].

      Cannabis with THC below 1.0 percent and a CBD/THC ratio greater than one is therefore not capable of inducing a psychoactive effect. Hemp, it turns out, is not only not marijuana, it could be called "antimarijuana."
      Dan dalam prosesnya menjadi minyak,itu masi di refine lagi jadi sgt low ke zero persen THCnya.Ada banyak sumber yg aku baca,intinya sama.Sekalipun ada very low percent THCnya,itu ga bisa bikin high.Mungkin disini yg berwenang pada ga mau ambil pusing(tar didemo lah,itu lah,ini lah),jadi pukul rata semua sama.

      Aku nyari yg parfumnya dari essential oils.Biasanya suka pada kasi keterangan.Tapi misal ngga pun,kalo produknya cuma campuran essential oils ma oil2 gitu,uda wangi dari sananya kok.Yg meragukan tu yg kosmetik konvensional biasanya.

      Socialvibe mang rumit-__-.Diforumnya aku denger krn byk yg ikut,jadi para sponsor males nyeponsorin.Ga kaya adsense,langsung bisa pasang.Dia ngga,tunggu ada sponsor di listnya socialvibe,kita pilih mau sponsor yg mana,baru tar kalo ada org yg klik duitnya masuk ke charity.Tar aku hapus aja kalo ga kelar2..

      Bwahahaa..kirain kamu maniak belanja,naomi!XD ternyata...XD
      Iklan hunter;D..

    2. ooh gituu =D hihihi rajin nya lynn nyari dr berbagai sumber. lbh baik lgsg nanya aja dee ke tbs indo biar tau. tpi klo emang disini kluar seri hemp, apa km mau beli salah satu produk hempnya tbs?

      ehh kmrn km nton reportase investigasi itu, buah yg dijual mana yg pke pngawet? seremm jg ihh, aku uda sereem aja beli buahh di jlnan ada yg suka disuntik pemanis buatan. malah es buah yg jual di jlnan masa pke es dr kali ciliwung hiiiyy O_O" shoockk dee.

      diapus aja klo ga jelas gitu spnsor nya xD .
      pke google adsense aja. kmrn aku bikin google adsense sempet ditolak, klo km bikin psti lgsg diapprove dee ^^ .

    3. Aku nyari krn kemaren pas mo beli physicians formula organic wear tinted moisturizernya,Naomi:) Hempnya tbs ya?mungkin beli,mungkin tidak.Tergantung bahan2 lainnya selain hemp apa aja^^..

      Oh,yg kmr itu kalo ga salah inget yg dijual di jalan gitu,pokoknya yg ngga laku ma dia dikasi formalin biar awet T_T..Ah,mang pada barbar kok yg jual2 gitu.Ada yg bikin siomay pake ikan sapu2 yg didapat dr kali ciliwung juga kalo ngga salah.Pdhl ikan sapu2 kan jorkie gitu,hueek..

      Eh,ditolak?loh,napa?aku blm pnah make sih,jadi ga tau.Apa mesti diapprove?.Ah,si socialvibe ni tar aku hapus,liat perkembangan dulu beberapa hari lagi^^

  5. Iya tuu aku dnger jg siomay pke ikan sapu2 dr kali ciliwung. Kali ciliwung itu looh yg jorok byk sampah, semua kotoran campur aduk. Mang yg jual pd ga punya hati yaa T_T ckckckck.

    google adsense ga sembarang nerima semua web pasang bannernya, ada syarat2nya. Isi webnya ga boleh sara, blog musti orisinil, brg jualan ga boleh palsu, ga tau aplgi byk dee. coba aja pasang, nti musti tunggu diapprove, soalnya ma dia diliat dulu. Byk jg org yg ditolak berkali2 bahkan ampe 10 kali. Ampe ada jasanya buat google adsense spy lgsg diapprove xD hahaha. Aku dulu ditolak gara2 msh pke wordpress, soalnya musti domain sdiri. Klo km kan dr blogspot punyanya google, biasa lbh mudah diterima.

    1. Haaaa???segitunya buat masang iklan?XD harusnya dia mlah seneng brgnya kita iklanin,jd smk byk yg iklan smk laris dong;)Hrsnya mlh ga dipersulit.Aku kira cuma tinggal daftar doang,langsung approve:D Ternyata ada ujiannya dulu toh,hahaha XD

      Sutralah naomi,mending bikin makanan sdr di rumah aja.Ato kalo beli ditempat yg terpercaya.Btw,coba iseng2 kamu liat margarin di rumah/supermarket.Inget si BHA/BHT di kosmetik kan?nha,ceki2 aja tuh coba;) hehehe..

  6. Totally with you on everything you have to say about those products, the ingredients within them and the reasons behind what you say. I am familiar with all those ingredients, borax is used to clean where I live! I too wouldn't be happy purchasing anything with those ingredients listed. I too haven't been able to find a tinted moisturiser & really want one! I've seen one's with fantastic ingredients but at prices that are WAY outwith my budget. So the quest continues, if I ever find anything I'll definitely let you know :) Also I tried to add social vibe to my blog but it wouldn't let me pick any charities, then I went to click it on yours and it wouldn't register my click? Very odd x

    1. Lol,seem we're on the same boat about this!:D I heard that UK will ban borax from household cleaning products ingredient.I don't know about the cosmetic,will they ban it aswell?It seems that in US,borax is still allowed to be used in cosmetic industry.
      Oh,thanks for letting me know!:) Looking forward for any good news;) There're alot of liquid foundation/tinted moisturizer with fantastic ingredients,but with "fantastic" price too:D..

      I think social vibe deffinitely has a problem.Too bad since it's such an awesome idea:(..

  7. Sorry to hear this was such a disappointment. I know what you mean about how pricey many natural foundations/tinted moisturizers are!

    Are you against using a mineral (powder) foundation? I was completely set on finding a liquid foundation for a while, but now I've really been liking Lucy Minerals' foundation. It's pretty inexpensive too :)

    I know there's some controversy around borax...I wouldn't necessarily want it in something I use every day, but I don't think it's the worst thing ever. Here's a good article that talks about it more:

    1. Ah,yes right.It's hard to find a good trully natural foundation in a good price too:)

      Oh,I read about your Lucy Mineral.I don't really like the loose powder one since I have nose allergy.If I have to use something powdery,it'll be pressed powder one since less dusty:)

      Yes,borax is controversial.I've read that article,for me if there's a better alternative available,i'll take that one:).In some countries in Asia,borax is still used though,even in foods,sadly:(..

  8. Have you tried mixing your favorite moisturizer with any powdered mineral foundation? That might turn out cheaper but it's definitely gonna take lots of trial and error. XD

    1. I haven't,but that one ever came to my mind(though I haven't tried it yet).Yes,you know..that trial and lots of errors XD.
      Will deffinitely do that when none seem brings good result.I don't know,will that DIY bring a good coverage result?Now that I bring this question to you,it intriguing me more to do the DIY :D..

    2. I'm not too sure about the coverage but you can experiment with the "ratio" to get the perfect mix of moisture and coverage for you skin. I saw your question on Hayley's post about Silk Naturals -- the spree I join, unfortunately, is based in Singapore. I'm not sure whether you can make special arrangements with her to organize the Spree in Singapore then later send your items to Indonesia. She doesn't have an on-going Silk Natural's spree though but she launches new sprees quite fast. Her spree blog is msbeautybuff.livejournal.com

    3. Yes,you're right:)I want to buy some mineral powder to do the DIY.I remember last year I asked silk naturals whether they shipped or not to Indonesia,they said they did.Now they just don't.I don't know what the problem is about the shipment here since there's no problem all the time I've been doing this overseas shipping.I'll check her blog.Thank you Vivi!:)


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