March 15, 2012

Gwdihw First Aid Balm

This time is a review for a well known UK brand:Gwdihw. Gwdihŵ pronounced "Goody Hoo" is the Welsh word for "owl".Gwdihŵ is recognised today and known through human history as a symbol of wisdom and purity. This range of Natural Balms are handmade on the Isle of Anglsey in North Wales, using traditional methods and locally grown herbs that have been used for generations to blend ointments for healing.They are infused with essential oils that work in conjunction with the natural ingredients to soothe and moisturise the skin. All the balms are free from artificial chemicals and colourants so are ideal for use by all the family.

Couple of months ago,my mum got her finger burnt.I usually kept Oriflame tender care in the past as it said that it could help as minor burnt reliever.Now that I looked back at its inci,I was not satisfied with it(petroleum jelly mixed with beeswax),so I searched for a more natural alternative.Then I found this Gwdihw First Aid Balm(25gr). The packaging is funny.Made of tin jar with pic of an owl doctor on it:D..I'm not a fan of owl,but I bet my dear blogger friend Hayley will love it!:) Somehow this Gwdihw range reminds me of Badger Balms range.

When I bought this,I hoped it would be in solid form just like my badger balm so that I could put it in my on the go cosmetic pouch(I bring small cosmetic pouch in my bag fyi).I want to bring this kind of first aid balm as a substitute of povidone iodine since the povidone one is liquid and somehow it's always leak when I bring it inside my bag.So when this gwdihw package came,I was quite surprised.It was turned upside down,with the lid was half opened T_T.. Ugh..why they didn't seal it with plastic just like badger balm?And when I opened's creamy also instead of solid!

So the oil flew out of its jar easily :S. This one can't be brought in our cosmetic pouch.Unlike badger balm which is solid in texture,I can bring it in my pouch without it getting melted at all.On the back of the jar you can see its ingeredients list,but no expiry date on it.Just like US cosmetics(well,except Badger Balm).
Now,the ingredients of this balm:
Coconut oil, Olive oil, Beeswax, Comfrey, Calendula, Tea Tree oil, Witch Hazel oil

Texture is creamy and oily.It has the dominant smell of teatree oil.This can be used as first aid for insect bites, burns, sun burn, cuts, scrapes & bruises. I've tried this one(heck..I don't hope to use this balm often. I mean..who in this world will hope to use the first aid balm just for a complete blog review?:D..Me..No!)when my cat"stabbed"me with his claw. Yes,stabbed since he tried to attack my another cat and I was in the middle of them T_T.... So,I put this balm on my wound,it did relieve the achy pain immediately(thanks to the calendula) and the wound became proliferated.Since I had small wound,so it only took less than a day to became proliferated. I was amazed since I've never tried any trully natural healing balm before.Only povidone iodine. I thought it would give slowlier result than the povidone one. 

Talking about comfrey,true it's natural but it can only be used for external use only.Scientists and medical doctors agree that the use of Comfrey should be restricted to topical use, and should never be ingested, as it contains dangerous amounts of hepatotoxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs).In 2001, the United States Food and Drug Administration issued a warning against internal usage of herbal products containing comfrey, and eventually banned Comfrey products intended for internal use.In addition to restrictions on oral use, scientists and medical professionals recommend applying Comfrey extracts no longer than 10 days in a row, and no more than 4–6 weeks a year. Comfrey is actually a good herb with expectorant,astringent,soothing,and healing effect.It reduces inflamation and control bleeding too.But due to the PA it has,so better use it for external use and a non deep wound only.
I like the fact that this one can heal the small wound fast,but I dislike the creamy texture(wish it to be more solid),no,unsealed packaging also,so I'll give this product 3.5 points.Not a bad product,just need some improvements:)

Remember my last week social vibe question?Well...,turn out that social vibe sucks so I decide to delete it from my blog bar.What a shame,such a good idea.Why don't they do something to run the program well so that we all can participate to help those in needs?Wish the program will work soon.Amin.
Thanks for reading,Have a lovely day!:)


  1. Aku tau si Gwdihw *nulisnya ribet! :D Pernah liat di Google, malah aku simpen gambar kalengnya yang lucu-lucu itu. :)) Gak nyangka ternyata Lynn beli. Muahaha!

    1. Woh,ternyata kita sehati ya..romantisnyaa..LOLXD
      Iya,kalengnya mang lucu2.Kaya punya si badger.Tp badger ga punya first aid sih sayangnya.Si gwdihw ini ngga ada seal nya,parah deh kalo buat shipping jarak jauh T_T.Tu kaleng kebuka separo,ga sampe tumpah sih,cuma bikin aku mendelik aja liatnya..Oh creamku yg malang..hiks..
      Btw ni cepet banget nutup luka loh.Ga kalah sama povidone iodine^^

    2. LOLOLOL! X))
      Tapi kemasan kaleng tuh emang lucu-lucu ya. Bentuk kalengnya sendiri udah menarik. :3
      Sayang kurang 'keras' ya teksturnya. Gak asik aja kalo rembes di tas, misalnya. :(
      Semujarab itu, Lynn? Wooow. *mulai ngiler :o
      Bicara soal si Social Vibe, aku juga iseng ngeklik tapi gak terjadi apa-apa. Cuma muncul Window baru isinya konfirmasi doang, terus gak nambah juga angkanya, kayak Naomi. :p Emang rada aneh.

    3. :D iya,kalengnya juga bisa dipake lagi^^ Nha,itu maksutku.Dia pasti rembes kalo ditaruh di tas krn kebalik2.
      Iya tu di aku,yg luka gores yg baru dicoba.*tidak berharap sering2 nyoba first aid*XD

      Bah,social vibe mang payah...*_* sutralah..

  2. Hey Lynn!
    You're right I do love the owl!
    Haha, you know me too well

    1. Oh,here comes The Flaxen Owl!;) Miss ya Hayley!^^
      You deffy should"collect"these gwdihw range!:D Super cute owl packaging that they have.But I don't guarantee it will come there"safely".They don't seal it.But they have lotion range(kinda),worth to try imo;)

  3. Great review Lynn! I was considering getting this range (mostly because I'm looking for first aid balm & the owls were calling me lol) so I'm surprised to see it's not the hard texture balm I imagined it to be! I agree, surface wounds only. Bit confused about this expiry date thing. Often you'll find 12M or 24M on something, indicating you should let go after that period of time but I don't get why there's nothing on it. Something I'm definitely going to try & find out! I wonder if it tells you on their website? Still, even so, you'd think it'd be on the product too? Hmmm! Shame social vibe didn't work, I was really liking the idea behind that app oxo

    1. Thanks Dana!:)
      Oh right..I thought it would be hard in texture too just like Badger's.Especially since I was looking for first aid balm to be kept on my cosmetic pouch so that I don't need to deal with the povidone iodine thing-liquid & leaked. Yes,I know about that 12M or 24M,but this one has none of it!:D
      Nah,it's not on the website either!I think rather than putting it on the web,they better putting it on the product instead.I think this is the main problem with US(and now UK cosmetics-I bought some,not only this one).Most of them are lack in information about expiry date thing.I'm wondering about EU cosmetic,do they have it?:/
      Yeah,social vibe sucks!I hope that there'll be any similar app like that.Let me know if you find any!;)

  4. That owl is adorable! It's too bad that you don't like the formulation since it works so well :/

    1. Yes,they super cute owl pics on their packaging!:D I'd love to try them all if only they're sealed(and in solid form instead):)
      Umm..I like the fact that it can heal very fast but I wish it'll be in more solid form so that I can bring it anywhere I go(keep it in my cosmetic pouch).I do keep my badger balms in my cosmetic pouch.Badger works best,I hope they'll have the first aid balm soon,just like this one.And in small tin as well.I hope the Badger team will read this"wish":)

  5. ga pernah denger merk ini *harus sering2 browsing nih* >_<
    kalengnya lucu banget ^^

    1. Ni brand memang relatif"baru"sih,walo bukan benar2 baru.Kalengnya memang lucu2 kok(selain ini juga)^^.Sebenarnya aku suka isi di dalemnya(efeknya yg cepet nyembuhin luka),aku kasi point segitu lebih ke kurang lengkap packagingnya aja dan aku pribadi lagi nyari yg texturenya solid buat dibawa2 di tas aja).Gitu^^

  6. baru denger merk nya looh ^^ .
    btw, burung hantu itu trmsk binatang langka loohh, hampir mau punah kt nya.
    serem jg yaa klo ada ingredients yg bahaya, ga berani pke.
    cepet nyembuhin luka hanya dlm sehari sampe 2 hari ya? klo buat bekas luka cepet jg ga sembuhin nya?
    aku pernah ngeklik iklan km yg social vibe, ga nambah angka nya xD hahahaha, harus nya kan nambah jadi 1 gitu, aneh yaa ^^" .

    1. Iya,ini juga mang merk relatif"baru" walo ga baru2 amat sih.UK brands mang jarang2 kedengeran dibanding US.Oh,aku mang skrg2 ini jarang denger suara burung hantu pas pergi ke tempat kakekku di desa sih.Dulu pas aku kecil lbh banyak.Apa pada diburu ya???Kasian banget,diburu buat apanya ya?
      Hmmm...kalo lukanya ga dalem si ga papa,Naomi.Ato buat gatel2 hbs digigit nyamuk,luka bakar.Asal ga di telen aja:D
      Bekas luka?kalo buat lebam sih bisa.Tapi ditulis disitu sih.Apa perlu aku coba buat bekas luka di dengkulku kali ye?Tapi itu bekas luka udah dr aku masi jaman maen kejar2an di TK dulu ma temen2,jd ga tau bisa apa ngganya..XD
      ^^"..iya,social vibe payah!Paling sponsornya lemes krn yg ngeklik banyak.Aku pnah liat social vibe di FB temenku soalnya:D ya itu,plg sponsornya kabur liat respons yg segitu byknya org mau ngeklik:D

    2. mang tempat kakek mu dulu, burung hantu nya pd dipelihara, ato berkeliaran di alam bebas?
      mmhh, mungkin kekurangan bahan makanan di hutan ato pd diburu buat dijual lg.
      :D jgn deeh, nti takut knapa2 lagi taro dibekas luka.
      bekas luka nya gak ilang2? aku byk bekas luka gatel2 di kaki, tpi uda agak pudaran.
      yaahh payah dunk social vibe xD hahahaha.
      lynn gaabung indonesia beauty blogger tuuh di facebook ^^ . apa uda masuk yaa?

    3. Ada di pohon2 kalo malem kedengeran suaranya^^ Menurutku sih mereka pada tergusur habitatnya.Soalnya kalo diburu gitu,apa gampang miara burung liar?Dulu keluargaku pernah miara burung beo,mati tu:(
      Iya,kaki mang area paling belang2 XD yg digigit nyamuklah,jatuhlah,alergilah XD..
      Oh,barusan aku cek tu IBB.Ada saratnya ternyata,kayanya aku ga masuk de krn postingan seenakku sendiri.Ni bulan ini aja cuma 1x posting :D...

    4. mybe umur burung mang pendek dee kyk nya. dulu aku jg pernah miara macem2 burung, jg sama ga ada yg bertahan lama. tpi kasian jg klo burung disangkar, jd ga bs terbang. mending dibiarin berkeliaran aja =D .
      itu syarat nya klo masuk di list, sama punya logo IBB. jd anggota ga perlu syarat, yg penting mang beauty blogger. km kan beauty blogger uda lama ^^ .
      tpi susah jg yaa jd beauty blogger, musti rajin -> pemalas xD hahahaha.

    5. Oya?aku cuma pnah miara beo ama love birds(nama indonesianya lupa).Itu lho burung yg hobinya ciuman mulu,pantes dinamain love birds XD.. Yg plg panjang umurnya cuman si beo,kayanya salah perawatan.Burung harusnya dimandiin cuma disemprot pake botol sprayer(ada di tv),nha tu beo aku mandiin pake selang air krn ga tau.Dia jadi srg sakit2an gtu:(,akirnya mati..:'( Kynya burung mang ga boleh dipiara,kasian..

      Oiya ya,kita kan sama2 pemalas,hahahaaa..XD..tapi masi rajinan kamu tu buat posting2 drpd aku.Aku nunggu si ilham turun dari genteng dulu :D..

  7. Hello

    Thank you for your message on my blog :)

    I highly recommend you try the following brands for your switch to natural/organic products:
    Tata Harper (100% natural and absolutely heavenly)
    The Organic Pharmacy
    Natural Wisdom
    Live Native

    Best wishes,


    1. Hi Danny!:)
      You're welcome!I like reading your blog and your personal experience which I believe I trust into.I have heard a lot about Tata Harper and The Organic Pharmacy,but not with Natural Wisdom and Live Native.Deffy will check them out!:)


  8. Dapet dimana nih produknya di Indo? Thx =)

    1. Hi Sabrina,
      Spertinya ngga ada di indo say^^ Aku beli di UK web:)
      Thx for commenting:)


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