September 09, 2012

The Pets Story

I've been through some"exciting" incidents of my life,recently.I think it's worth while to share. As some people already know,we here in Indonesia had long vacation due to Eid.So there're celebrations here and there.Unlucky me,on that Eid one of my cats was missing for couple of days(9 days exactly).I've been with the cat even since she was a baby so of course I was looking for her,doing all that I could do.During that time,I've seen a lot of things that I've never seen before. And one of them is,friendship.

There's one friend of mine who always say"you're always'away'.I haven't heard anything from you,where the hell have you been?",etc,etc. Well,I'm not literally dissapeared,it's just that I was busy taking care of my life so that I didn't contact her. Then,my answer will be-as always"Friends are like stars,they're not always seen but they're always there..".My excuse,I know :p. My way of thinking about friendship was just,we're friends and no matter what happens" I'll be there whenever you need me".I may not always be arround,but when others turn their back on you,I'm not gonna do that.Sounds rethorical,but I thought it's just the way it is.I mean,I'm sure my friends will do the same.It's just general thoughts. However,I've never seen the true meaning of friendship untill yesterday when I lost my cat. I really saw their supports and helps for me.I mean,some people won't care much about a cat.They think it's only"animal". But not with my friends,they did support and helped me to find the cat.Not even a second they said"it's only a cat". Here I'd like to say,..Thank you so much my friends for all of your supports! I appreciate it A LOT!:)

Still,I got people who said this during the search"It's a cat,Why don't you buy a new one?". This is where it goes wrong.We love our pets because of what they are,the time we spent with them,and that's priceless. You can't buy it with money. In fact,we love our pets not because they have pretty feature and stuffs,we love them just the way they are. I ever saw a man caress his pitbull tenderly,I was like"Woah,how could he love that'kind'of dog??:O".I mean,it's pitbull x_x..     But then I realized that his love for his pitbull was the same as my love for my cats.A love from a human to his/her furry friends.That's all..

So,it's kinda sad for me to hear such"buying animals for pets"thing.This is not me against breeding activity. Though I don't like breeding to be honest.There're hundreds and even thousands animals out there on our streets who begging for foods,some even got injured,tortured,and abused.They also deserve home,human friends for them and their chance is simply reduced by massive breeding of some certain pets races by breeders.Are breeders to be blamed for this?
No,what they do is simpy caused by high demand of some certain animals races.Nowadays,I've seen lots of people pet animal from certain races not because they LOVE the animal,but simply because the animals have HIGH PRICE so that will either represent or boost their social status.If that kind of stuffs that they need,I think they should buy real stuffs(gold,diamond,antiques,etc) with no soul in it. And animals are certainly not that kind of stuffs!!Oh please..
Someone that I know personally, she pet this angora/persian cat(note:non local cats here are always"priced"high),she realized that her cat has died after she smelt something unpleasant on her house(she lives alone).Apparently, it's been days the cat died.She's a career women.I wonder why she pet a cat since she knew that she's a busy women..

My cats aren't from any petshop/breeder.Some of them were dumped in front of my previous house when they were still baby kitten. But some of my cats have thick fur though they're all of short haired cats,that made people thought that they're of certain races from petshop.Honestly,I dislike it when people saw my cat and they came with this question"Is s/he from X race?". Sadly,now even cat's race does matter..I mean,they're cats!Race only means for physical description, but now it means $$$.. And,this also opens the chance of cat's and other animals abduction. If you have animals that worth $$$ and the animals walk on the street,then they're missing..biggest chance that you have is that..they're abducted. Simple,most animals will go to their home. And,less people will be interested in abudcting animals that worth nothing. So,it's a sad fate to those "pricey"animals,isn't it?Their owner most likely to keep them indoor,while it's the fact that animals are happier when they're outdoor,chasing something,running,etc. And,please remember not all breeders treat their animals well.Check this video: 

Do you think it's right?I'll let you alone to decide.As for me,I don't want to buy animals from shop/breeders while there're lots of animals out there on the street who are suffering and need for help.In some countries(and area in Indonesia),street animals are euthanized. In China,this one even get rougher due to government policy.Take a look at this horror pic.I shed my tears 1st time I saw it.The dog was killed since the owner didn't have him properly licensed:

I'm glad that there are groups who do volunteer job to help animals on the street.Like this group on facebook(click this),Let's Adopt Indonesia. There're other similar groups on the net from various countries who do the same.I'll always support that kind of group.Just click on each name below to go to their page:

My personal wish is that people who read this post will join the group.Be an adopter if you can.If you can't,just be a foster.If you still can't,you can donate. If you can't donate,you can share.There's always something that you can do for our furry friends.

I hope this post will help furry friends on the street out there,and share!:) Thank you for reading,have a nice weekend....!


  1. First, I'm really glad that you found your cat back!!! (you found it, right, after 9 days? I hope!)

    And then, I totally agree with you, to me a cat, like other animal, is not, "just a cat", it's a human being, even tho' it's an animal.

    I got my cat from the rescue part of a veterinary, she was kinda of not in good shape and now she's nice, so I'm really glad.

    She went missing for two days last week because she get scared of two kids I was babysitting, and I was really sad she would never came back, but I found her and took her back home.
    And decided that is I had to babysit those kids again, it would be not at my house^^

    1. Yes,I have:) But now her male kitten has been missing.He has the same fur patern as his mum.People sometimes misunderstood him as"imported"cat since he has thick fur(but short hair).To be honest I'm worried of abduction as well:/..

      Oh,glad you got your cat from rescue part!!It is important that we take part in adopting from that place since there're lots of abandoned animals out there while they're all actually amazing!:)

      You know Lutrinae,pets rarely go outside our house area for more than 2 days.True,some pets do it but it's very rare.So if they're missing for more than 2 days,we just should be aware of abduction.For me,abduction is a crime.Too bad that we don't have microchip for pet here,so it's easier for abductor to claim our pets as theirs.Errghh.. >.<
      Anyway,good decision about those babysitting :)

  2. I had cat, I found it on street when it was a little kitty:) little black ball;) and my cat was with me about 15 years and few months ago (2 exactly) we had to go to vet because something was wrong and my cat was really weak. Vet said that the cat was poisened and is in agony so he had to put the cat down. I think that our new neighbour did it because some months before this situation my cat was shot in leg and I once saw somebody with gun in my neighbour's balcony.

    Now I take care of my new neighbour;s dog- Bąbel;) I often talk to him (dog) because I believe that animals understand us. Once my friend said that Im crazy because animals are stupid and they do not understand anything:/ I dont like people who thing that animals are toys without feelings and that their place is outside even when its winter:[! and when they judge animals by their pedigree.

    1. Oh,so sorry to hear that! You have such a..err..psycho neighbour!X( You know what,the 1st sign of psychopath symptoms is animal abuse. I think you should be careful of that neighbour:/

      No,animals understand us!.And dog is better since they easily understand our words and follow orders.I talk to them also,just like you :) The way I see it is just like I talk with someone from Ukraine,or Turkey,or maybe Spain,etc.It's just I don't understand their language yet,but we should build a better understanding.That's all:)

      True,pedigree is not a good thing.Just like we hate some racist people.. -__-

  3. No matter what kind of animal we have, they are part of our lives, they are family members. My dog died after 16 years, then I had a cat for a year, but I had to give her up, because my partner had a very serious allergy and now I have a dog who I love, but I have to go back to my country and I can't take him with me (I'm not coming back). Every single time when I lost my animal forever I am/was extremely sad.

    1. Sorry to hear about your dog:( I hope you can find a good solution to this:(
      Unless you live in a building,I think the pet can be outdoor pets if they aren't permitted to be indoor pets.My cats are outdoor pets,not that cruel,we have little warehouse outside mainhouse so the cats usually sleep there at noon-during day light(cats are nocturnal,so they go out to play at night).This is the best solution since my mum doesn't permit them to be indoor cats.Maybe you can do the same?

  4. kasiaan bgt liat vidio nya, anjing nya byk yg mati >_< .
    jd teringat film hachiko T_T , anjing nya nunggu tuan nya bertaun2 di stasiun ampe ajal menjemput T_T hikks sedih. -> rada gak nyambung.
    aku dulu punya dogi, setia banget deeh. kemana2 ikutin terus, ke wc ikut, ke kamar ikut, ke ruang kompi ikut, ruang tamu ikut, pokok nya mau nya nempeel ajaa.
    eeh, keadaan kucing mu gimana tuhh selama 9 hari ilang gt, bagus uda ktemu yaa =) .

    1. Iya tuh,ya kan mang beberapa breeder gitu -__-
      Si hachiko bukannya kisah nyata?Ada patungnya di shibuya kan?Btw ada hachiko versi cina juga loh,jadi dia tungguin makam tuannya yg uda mati gitu.Kasian deh :'(
      Oya?:) sekarang dogimu dimana,naomi?
      Kucingku stress,dia nggeram terus ama mau serang kucing2 laen di rumah.Aku curiga ada yg ambil dia deh.Kan psikologis habis disekap gitu,jadi stressan ma sekitar.

    2. iya, hachiko kisah nyata, ampe dibikin patung di shibuya. sedih klo inget filmnya >_< hiks. sepertinya aku pernah dengar cerita dr papa ku yg ttg hachiko di cina. ada filmnya ya? aku blum nton, ktnya sedih bgt. kasiaan, anjingnya ampe nungguin di makam, pdhl ga bakal keluar jg tuannya T_T hikks, terlalu setianya ampe begituu.
      dogi ku sakit, trus mati dee >_< sediih klo inget hikks.
      mungkin jg ya, kucing mu stress, jd takut dan was2 gitu, bawaannya jd pngen nyerang sekitar. yaa, byk ksi perhatian aja, nti psti balik ke sifat asal lbh jinak =) .

    3. Iya,binatang tu setia.Apalagi doggie,mereka lbh tulus dr manusia yah T_T.. Emm..yg hachiko dr cina itu ngga ada filmnya kok,tapi ada di berita ama youtube kalo ga salah.Coba cari aja,dulu aku liat disitu.Btw doggiemu sakit apa dulu?:/

      Iya,ni skrg uda mending sih.Cuma jadi giliran aku yg stress,waspada kalo ada yg niatan jahat lagi,hehehe..Abis org indo ada yg gitu sih,hobi klepto ma punya org laen >_<

    4. iya, emang doggi tulus banget >_< . aku nton film hachiko lg, skrg di yutub doank, ehh nangis lagi T_T . filmnya menyentuh banget.
      aku uda liat tuuh hachiko china, sediih. setianya mirip2 hachiko yaa. mang dia uda nunggu berapa lama yaa?

      taro di sekitaran rumah aja, jgn keluar. kasian nti diculik lagi. di sini ga ada undang2 buat hewan peliharaan siih yaa, gak kayak di luar gitu, bener2 peduli ma hewan.

    5. Weh,aku lupa uda nunggunya berapa lama.Soalnya dulu pas liat itu tuannya kaya masi baru dimakamin gitu.. :/

      Iya,aturan si gitu.Masalahnya walo taruh sekitar rumah juga,tar dia pasti loncat tembok belakang terus keluar rumah.Ga bisa,naomi :/..

      Aaaaahhh,Indonesia..Entah kapan undang2 macem gitu kelar!Tar buat rapatnya ma studi bandingnya make duit banyak lagi.Uda gitu pelaksanaannya..ngga tau deh!Kesadaran akan animal rights di Indonesia masi ga sebagus di barat.. X(

  5. I wish I could do that Lynn, but my mom lives in a building, so I don't have any options. She doesn't want, even if I live there temporary. Life is hard...

    1. Ah,I see :( Sorry to hear that :( How about to animal shelter,and telling them that you kind of"rent"the space for your dog?Not sure if this works,but this isn't a bad idea :)

  6. I totally understand your irritation with some people suggesting for you to buy a new cat... I am a very passionate cat lover. I used to have about 14 + cats when I lived with my parents and I always adopted stray cats and kittens. I used to get into a lot of fights because the other kids in our neighborhood were very cruel towards cats and their parents didn't even mind! Seriously, it still angers me whenever I think about it... One of my adopted cats previously lost one of her eyes because the kids threw rocks at her and her kittens. I was so furious but I was only a kid then so nothing much I could do but bring the cat to the vet. There was also a time when I saw the kids killed one kitten by hanging her by the neck on one of the trees then dragging her dead body still attached to the rope across the street. Aaaargh... Sorry, if I'm a bit too emotional... it's just that these things really made me cry a lot as a kid and they still infuriate me until now.

    Anyway, going back to missing cats... whenever one of my cats went missing, some of my friends would say "What are you so upset about? It's just a cat!" and I felt frustrated explaining to them it's because I "LOVE" my pet. They didn't seem to understand. They thought of cats as being less valuable just because there seemed to be a lot of them roaming and reproducing freely on the streets. And like Shopaholic Dream, my current cat was also shot in the leg with an air gun by one of our neighbors. Unfortunately, we didn't have proof so we couldn't confront him and his family but we knew it was him because he's always been cruel to cats (kicking them with no reason!) and we knew that when my cat was mating, it often climbed on to his roof. I felt really sad about it but after that incident, we had no choice but to castrate our cat so he won't feel the need to leave the house too often. :(

    1. :O :O :O??Seriously,for real??!!!What's wrong with those people?X( X( X(... I'm glad I don't see such things arround me like what you've experienced,dunno what to do if I see such things,fighting those people I think X(

      True,some people really think animal is"just animal".I'm trying to draw a conclusion and relate it with their social background(wealthy ones tend to think that anything can be bought by money,it's all about price.And vice versa).However,the less wealthy ones also think the same way(that life is too busy for making money to feed them selves,so animal is not valuable).So I think it's about morality and humanity.When we let cruel things to animal happens,it means we're at one step level higher to be a criminal.Criminals have no humanity.

      I salute you for having those 14 cats!!You beat my records!:D
      I also salute your parents for having such patience with those cats arround,my parents started to nag me when the cats reproduced more and more cats.I want to sterilize them,it's just I can't bring my self in case something happens with the surgery.My father jokingly said"our house looks like cats orphanage now!":D Yeah,I need to sterilize my cats I guess :(

      Btw,how is the law for animal rights there?I don't think we have such law here,because lack of people consciousness about it.Really sad.. :(

    2. Oh, here in Singapore the laws are quite ok but I still see a few people who don't like cats although none who are as cruel as the kids from my hometown. There are those who love cats and who take care of them even though they can't really adopt them or bring them home. They deliver cat food to where the cats usually hang out. Most of them are old ladies.

      My mother love cats, too, so she didn't mind. My dad never liked cats but he's kind towards animals so he didn't complain as long as we kept a dog, too (lol, he's more of a dog lover).

      Yes, it's better to send your male cats for sterilization. The doctor would tell you based on the cat's age whether it's safe or not. For example, my old cat now was sterilized previously but apparently, some part of his "organ" was left inside so after a couple of years, his "urge" came back. But when we inquired whether we can send him for surgery to remove the remaining organ, the doctor said it's not advisable as he might be too old. I'm not sure whether female cats can be sterilized, too.

    3. It's good to have animal rights,it keeps animals from being abused by human.I really wish that we will have that kind of law here.By far the law only protect"endangered animals",still there're some act against the law that didn't get serious action by the government.Sad to see that:(
      Anyway,hope youths will be aware of this issue.Here and there.Raising awareness to youths is necessary,don't you think so?I mean,teens tend to be unstable emotionally which can lead to animals abuse :(

      Oh,you also had a dog too?Wow..what a merry house:)
      Yes,female cats can be sterilized.In fact,male cats urge is something that I can handle,rather than the female ones.Female ones tend to meow loudly in the middle of the night during their heat.Pretty noisy :/ Btw,how old is your cat now?I think it's cool to have senior cat :) The oldest cat in my house is 5 yrs old :D..

  7. Hi Lynn, did my comment get through? I wrote a very long comment but somehow, I didn't see any notification when I clicked "Publish" :( So not sure whether it even got through or not..

    1. Yes Vivi!:) To avoid spammers,so before getting published,all comments need to be approved first.After clicking publish button,you'll get this notification"your comment will be published after approval".Hmm..I wonder why you didn't get that notification though :( Blogspot sometimes have problem with its comment system,so whenever I make comment on other bloggers blogspot blogs,I always do"ctrl+a"all of my comments,then"ctrl+c" to copy it,before clicking publish so that in case something bad happens,I already copy my written comment.Maybe this tip will help :)

  8. Good for you and your cat! :') I wish I could adopt a pet too, but we (me and family) still can't do it, since our house is on 2nd floor and sometimes we go for days, we are still afraid we can't give enough time, attention, affection, and feed our pet nicely. But don't worry, me myself promise to do adopt if I already have a proper house for animals! :D I love animals. I was afraid of dogs and several animals back then when I was a kid, but I learned to touch them, and slowly play with them, and voila, my phobia has gone far away. I think it's because I created the situation and feeling when my love to animals has beaten my trauma(even when I was a kid, deep in heart, I' ve already been in love with animals!I was scared of their teeth, or sharp nails, or loud voice, whatever...LOL)*crossfingers*. And yes, I can hug dogs now! And cats, rabbits, maybe elephant. Just don't offer me a tiger or lion. Still...too much. :P Hahahaha.

    Anyway, I agree with you, Lynn! For me, animals are just like humanbeings. There's no thing such as humans are higher than animals in...whoa, how to name it? social stratification? Itulah, Lynn. :P Animals even know when a person is an animal-lover. They also know ones who always be nice to them!

    Hidup hewan-hewan, pokoknya! :D Mega-good post, Lynn!

    1. Thanx,but now it's my male kitten that has been missing :'( Aku curiga ada yg nyolong yah,soalnya dia ga pnah maen jauh2,dan semua kucing rata2 pada pulang kerumah,kecuali..ada yg nyulik mereka,tentu saja!-__-

      I don't hate dogs,though I've never touched any dog intentionally.Not a religion issue,though I was conditioned not to touch dog,so that now I feel scared of dog.Still,if I can pet dog,I'd love to have siberian husky or golden retriever.They're so cute and sweet!:) No way for pittbull nor rottweiller @_@..
      I'm not scared of their teeth,claws,in fact paws are cute :D..What I'm not really fond of's barking!It makes me headache @_@..

      The problem is,not many people think the same way as us.There should be animals right law here in our country,don't you think so?Hope that our representatives in Senayan can make the law in short time WITHOUT spending much of people money in the name of it :D And don't do studi banding for that reason also.Doh,what this country can really do about it?In the end,it's me,you and anyone who read this should start by themselves.Support the program and encourage more people to do it!Let's adopt animals from animals shelters!^^

      Thank you!Iya,hidup hewan2!^^


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