September 15, 2012

Real Techniques Brushes by Samantha Chapman-Must Have Brushes!

It's been quite long I want to do this review,things just held me back to do it back then.Now it's the time to do it. Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman brushes are relatively new brushes in the market(compared to other brands on the market,like sigma,bdellium,etc).I bought it arround 3 or 4 months ago I think,or so?I forget when I did buy my brushes exactly.The brushes really draw my attention,I like the fact that they are:
Unique shape & design
and the most important thing is: Synthetic!!THIS is the main point for me of choosing brushes.

For those reasons only,it's enough to say:I WANTED those brushes!Period :)

Now,let's talk about those brushes.Shall we?
All of Real Techniques brushes are packaged in a plastic box.With description about each brush on the back of it.

Here is some of brushes that I bought:
1.Stippling Brush

First of all,all of real techniques brushes have name engraved on each brushes'handle.

So if you're not a pro in make up,and hell..there're a lot of brushes shape out there-which can be confusing!-the brushes lable is very helpfull so that you don't have to be confused about brushes properties. Now,about this stippling brush.As you can read on my previous review about brush here before,I looked for a good brush for liquid foundation application.I didn't get what I wanted from my previous purchase there,so this time I bought all foundations brushes from Real Techniques,to see each product differences.Stippling brush is a must buy for me since I want an air brushed look,and that can be achieved by stippling brush.

This brush has flat surface,but the density of this brush bristles is good enough to do the stippling,very easy to use it as well.

This brush really delivers air brushed look like what it claims.I use this brush for liquid foundation,and the result is medium coverage,air brushed look.I haven't tried to use it with cream fondation nor powder foundation as this isn't the proper brush for powder foundation(in my experience,powder foundation will be good if we use thicker and longer bristles than this).I really like this brush,deffinitely get 5 points.No doubt!

2.Expert Face Brush

I bought this brush not because I'm an expert in make up artistry,but simply because this is 1 of brushes for foundation application on Real Techniques line.This one has a unique shape that I haven't found in other brands.Usually,brushes that meant for liquid/cream foundation application has round shape,but this one has oval shape instead. See pic below:

With this shape,you can reach more specific area unlike rounded one(for example that stippling brush above).See below:

However,this one will give you thicker coverage than stippling brush(using the same amount of foundation,different brush),so you can't get airbrushed look with this brush.It has medium-heavy coverage.This brush is also my fave brush for liquid foundation when I want more coverage.Deffinitely 5 points for this brush!

3.Foundation Brush

The shape and bristless thickness of this brush is what I call as"classic foundation brush".Lots of brands sell this kind of brush shape as their foundation brush on their collection.From MAC to elf:

I have that kind of foundation brush also,different brands.I was interested in this Real Technique foundation brush to see the differences. This Real Techniques foundation brush has angle shape so it will help you reaching more specific area easily,compared to regular foundation brush shape one.

Unlike those foundation brushes above,this one will give you the least coverage.Also,I find it a bit trickier to use liquid foundation with this kind of brush,compared to those stippling and expert face brushes above.So this one isn't my fave one.I use this for apllying sunscreen instead.It works!:) You know physical sunscreen application is not that easy,to spread it evenly.Since this brush has minimal coverage,so it really helps me dealing with sunscreen's white cast. Still,not my fave one so I deffy give this brush 4 points out of 5.

4.Starter set Brush

I know that I'm not an eyeshadow person,so I won't buy/collect eyeshadow brushes.I usually use sponge applicator or my ecotools brush for eyeshadow application.So,brushes that I'm interested into will be these: foundation brush,powder brush and concealer brush.However,one day when I applied eyeshadow with sponge applicator and ecotools brush,I felt it was just not comfortable so that I decided to buy eyeshadow brushes set.So I bought this real techniques eyeshadow brushes as well. This set has 5 brushes and a panoramic brush case which you can use it for travelling case,or to make a brush stand by pulling the string and tighten the toggle(see below):

The set has these brushes:
Base shadow brush: 

To applies a smooth, flawless foundation of color.You can use this brush to apply eyeshadow,or eyeshadow base.I use it to apply both of them.

Deluxe crease brush: 

Soft, oversized design for effortless contouring.Actually,this one is my fave brush on this set.This brush is very multitasking.You can use it for crease,or to apply eyeshadow base.Even concealer!.My fave one is to apply under eye concealer.This brush is much better than"regular shape"for concealer brush which is a smaller version of classic foundation brush shape(see pic below,the pink one is Coastal Scent concealer brush.The shape of its bristles is a mini size of Classic Foundation brush).This Real Technique Deluxe Crease Brush has round shape,and round bristles shape.Making your concealer application very easy.

Really love it! Still,my bad luck to get this brush in a dent condition.See below:

Maybe someone tried to pull this brush out of the case,but it's attached so tight on the case,making it dent :(.
Anyway,I hope Real Techniques will sell this brush separately since this brush one is the best concealer brush that I've ever tried!.The shape and bristles density is just perfect for concealing!Try it then you'll understand why.

I saw on Real Techniques web,looks like someone think the same way as I do.So,I hope Real Technique will sell this brush separately as I only need this brush 1 more,and not the whole set.

Accent brush: 

Designed for precision detailing, spotlighting, highlighting, and smudging.Nothing's special about this brush.This one is just like regular accent brush.

Pixel-point eyeliner brush: 
For dense or fine eyeliner application.I've used this also,this one is good for cream/liquid eyeliner also.

Brow brush: 

Distinctive shape easily defines eyebrows.Haven't used this one since I use pencil eyebrow instead.But you can use this brush for highlighting/shading your nose given the shape that it has.Or for a fine eyelining.
In all,I give 5 points for this set as well.

So,basically Real Techniques by far is the best brush brand that I've ever tried.I like their unique brush shape,almost all of their brushes are multitasking.I can say this after having various brushes from various brands.The shape is also different than other brushes brands on the market.Don't forget,they also have unique design.Unlike other brands that use ferule+handle,instead they use extended handle without ferule.The handle has curve,it makes a comfy gripping compared to regular brushes with ferule+handle. Not only that,it's also designed with flat rubber on the edge,making it possible to stand.So you can put your brushes in stand position,making it a good view for your vanity table.

And don't forget,they're also made of synthetic taklon bristles which is very soft and hygienic too(eww for fur bristles that is made of dead animal furs -__- ).They're also affordable,so what else you can ask more for?Seriously,I haven't seen any major flaws with Real Techniques brushes that I bought.If you're a brush fan like me,you really shouldn't miss Real Techniques brushes! Highly reccomended!

That's all for now.Thank you for reading.Have a nice weekend!:) Oh,and please don't be hesitated to support these programs below:


  1. Hey Lynn! You take such great pictures of your products. It helps me get a good idea of what the brushes are like in this case. I think I'm going to try these brushes out since they look so great for there price and I've seen many great reviews on them.

    1. Thanx,Audreiana:) I haven't completed it by mentioning the size description of each brushes though,I'll do it soon.Samantha Chapman brushes are really good,especially those that I bought above.Most of them are multitasking.They have unique shapes and design.You shouldn't miss them!:) After this one,I think I want to do another brushes review so there you can see why some brushes are good and why others are just not that good:)I love brushes:) Hope the review will help!:)

  2. Great and accurate post about your favorite brushes! It really feels you love them :)
    Have a nice time!
    Best, Dasha

    1. Thanks Dasha:) How do you know it?I even haven't sent my replied e-mail to you,it's still on my draft!:D you can guess what the e-mail will be about ;)
      Have a good day!:)

  3. yes they can stand on their own but the bottom base is so huge!

    none the less I LOVE THESE BRUSHES!

    so inexpensive and they work :) awesome review

    1. YES!!absolutely good brushes!I like it that most of those brushes are multitasking.That also will save our buck alot:D Really love real techniques brushes!:)

      Thank you,visiting your blog now ;)

  4. waah brush real teknik, tdnya aku mau beli ini niih sebelum beli sigma. cm krn sigma lbh komplit, jd nya beli sigma aja dee ^^ .
    ini bagus jg, bisa berdiri =D .

    1. Iya,ini bisa berdiri^^ Secara keseluruhan,aku suka banget sama konsepnya real technique(ya bentuk kepala brushnya,pegangannya,warnanya,uda gitu harganya juga jauh lbh murah daripada yg laennya^^).Yg paling bagus dr brush2 diatas tu yg expert face,bentuknya unik soalnya,walo kecil gitu dia coveragenya bagus loh.Uda gitu jangkauannya bagus lagi(dia modelnya pipih).Aku belum nemu brush model ginian(total bentuknya)di merk2 laen.Kamu pasti ngerti deh yg aku maksud krn kamu kan suka ma brush juga :)
      Brush sigma bentuk kepala brushnya juga bagus sih(di koleksi2 yg kamu punya itu),aku pengen satu tu yg buat under eye concealer(precision round-bentuknya mirip ma deluxe crease brushnya real techniques).Cuma dia harganya biadab,kalo beli cuma sebiji malah ga untung -__-..Beli sepaket,ga perlu brush2 yg laen.Dilema :/

  5. Woohoo, what a great post! I'm also planning to do a similar one lol.
    Btw I gave you the Liebster Blog award:) Check it out:

    1. Thanks Dina:) for the award also :)

      Oh,I dunno if you're a fan of brushes too!!This is great!Would love to read your post about it:)

  6. Hello! this is Kumiko :)
    remember me??
    I finally made a blog in here~!!
    still learning on how to use this...

    here's my link

    just posted my 1st post :D

    1. Yep yep,I of course remember you!!!:) :) :)

      Congrats on your new blog!Lol..rilakumiko!^0^ I love rilakuma,after's bear!I'm a bearnatics!:)
      Btw,nice layout that you have ;) And..nice post :)

    2. Thank you!! yes..!! I collect the stuffs as well! hahaha

      hey, how to follow a blog? and how to ask people to follow my blog?
      *still doomed* XD

    3. Oh,I don't specifically collect rilakkuma,all bears stuffs generally^^

      To follow a blog is easy,just click on"join this site"as you can see on my right bar there----->then logging in using your blogger account as the instruction given.Just follow the instruction,then it's done:)

      To ask people to follow your blog,1st you must put what blogspot call"gadget"on your right/lef bar.Simply go to your blogger dashboard,then click"layout"part(it's on the top part,with drop down arrow symbol).After that click"add a gadget",search"followers"part.Then done. Hope this can help,sorry for being late in replying,I have lotsa things to do recently,including welcoming this new furry fren on my house(a cat that my vet just gave me).Ahhh..welcome muscle pain also(tired x_x)..

    4. oh! GOT IT :) thank you! I'll follow you :) please do follow mine too ^^ thank you!!!

    5. Glad you got it!Sure I'll follow such a nice friendly person like you :) Thanks for following me also :)*friendship hugs*

  7. you got this!
    ternyata brush ini sintetik juga yah..
    pengen ih tapi lumayan mahal kalo dibanding brush nya elf hahaha *pelit*

    1. Iya,semua brush yg aku beli sintetis.Against animal cruelty^^v
      Brush elf yg seri item2 itu ya?Blm pnah nyoba sih,tapi ada brush elf yg aku punya seri bambu,ma ecotools aja bagusan ecotools.
      Brush itu yg penting bentuk dan ketebalannya kalo buat liquid foundi,brushnya elf bentuk brushnya(bukan termasuk pegangannya lho yah!) standar2 aja kalo aku liat dr gambarnya,makanya ga gitu tertarik.Tapi penasaran juga ma stippling brushnya,cuma..brushku uda banyaakk skrg(yg laen blm di repiu) jadi males beli buat nyobain,hehehe..

    2. iyah aku biasanya pake yang elf studio.. oia dibanding yang elf mineral masih bagusan ecotools? hmmm dari dulu kepengen coba ecotools emang blm kesampean juga hahaha
      aku elf lagi order yang flat top nya abis penasaran review nya bagus buat apply liquid foundie *walaupun kalo dipake sama aku pasti hasilnya begitu begitu aja hahaha nasib gak expert* kalo ecotools ngidam yang bamboo 5 brush set atau bronzer brush nya niiih.. >,<
      hahaha kamu kayaknya udah gak perlu stippling brush nya elf lagi secara udah punya yang real technique hehe

    3. Bulu yg elf mineral ma ecotools lebih lembutan ecotools.Walo sama2 dari taklon,ga tau napa bisa beda.Kali tu si elf yg KW gitu ye,secara dia lebih murah.Kalo yg studio ga tau lbh bagus ato ngga.
      Elf yg flat top?maksudnya yg di webnya elf namanya powder brush itu?Aku punya model gituan juga dari merk laen,kalo buat liquid foundi ngga bagus menurutku sih.Karena dia ketebelen,jadi ngga gitu enak makenya,berat gitu kek nahan foundinya banyak di kuas.Lebih cocok buat powder sih kalo aku bilang.Wah,susah jelasinnya..Tar pas repiu brush yg laen aku jelasin lebih detil pake gambar aja.
      Percaya deh,harga ga ngaruh si kataku.Buat liquid foundi by far plg bagus hasilnya yg aku punya ya real technique ini doang.Aku beli brand laen yg lebih mahal dr ini,masi bagusan real techniques hasilnya.Makanya aku suka banget ma real techniques^^
      Begini,walo aku bukan expert sama sekali di bidang per make up an,tapi aku uda nyoba banyak brush jadi aku bisa tau bedanya dan mana yg bagus buat aplikasi apa,diliat dr bentuknya.Kalo ecotools yg 5 brush set itu:
      -mineral powder brushnya lebih enak buat apply blush on/bronzer
      -concealer brush,brush concealer model ginian ga gitu enak di pake,hasilnya kalah sama yg model kuasnya bulet(liat review deluxe crease brush diatas).
      -eye shading brush,ini yg bagus,bisa buat apply concealer juga.
      -baby kabuki,enak buat traveling tapi menyiksa kalo buat pemakaian sehari2 krn gagangnya kecil.

      As for bronzer brush,itu bisa buat bronzer,blush on,powder brush.Nha,skrg tergantung tujuan pemakaian mau mana yg lebih sering dipake^^

    4. iya yang powder brush itu :) mungkin karna flat top mu agak dense yah jadi terlalu padet buat digerakin? anyway aku tetep penasaran sama hasil pake foundie pake flat top hehe
      wahaha bisa banget dong nih posting koleksi brush nya :D

    5. Kalo aku liat sih densenya sama ma elf yg kamu mau beli itu.Dibanding ma stippling brushnya,lebih dense itu kan?Nha itu yg bikin terlalu padat buat digerakin.Aku sih ngga suka,lebih suka stippling brush yg densenya lebih dikit :/

      Iyaa..pengen nulis tapi pegel krn uda pasti panjang,soalnya mau review jenis2 brushes sekalian.Jadi masi nunggu ilham dateng dulu,hehehe..* ^^v

  8. Hi Lynn!
    Great review! It really feels from this post you love so much these brushes! :)
    And OMG! You won't believe...I told you recently that I'm not going to buy any brushes for a certain period of time because of my obsession with them :) Guess what...I had a discount on Iherb that would expire in these days and even though it wasn't a big amount I decided to order...some brushes!!! Among other I ordered even 2 Real techniques. I will let you know how they work for me when I'll get them.
    Have a nice time! Dasha

    1. Hi Dasha:)
      Yes,you've said that before,see comment above^^
      LOL..yes,brushes are really addictive!Damn,after those pink brushes set that I told you,now I've been eyeing another brushes set!:D Arrghh,gotta stop it!I already have enuf brushes!>_<

      Oh,you bought 2 real techniques also?I'm wondering how it will work on make up artists since they use the brush not for them selves,but to people whom they apply the make up on.
      Sure,would love to see the review!:) Have good day too,Dasha!:)

  9. Great review!!! :)
    Aku tertarik nih mau beli brush Real Techniques gara-gara liat youtube Samantha Chapman, cuma masih jarang ya kayaknya kalo di Indo.
    Mau nannya, kamu beli di mana? :)

    1. Thanks!!:)
      Beli di web US ada banyak yg jual kok! tu jual juga,coba aja ke sana.Ato kalo ngga nyari di ebay paling gampang :) Met hunting yaaa ^^


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