January 21, 2013

Tag & Awards

I got some blog awards and tag from my fellow bloggers,guess it's time to post it now. Here are some awards and tag that I got:
From Alice,Versatile Award
These are 5 rules of Versatile Award :
1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging
2. Let the nominated know what they have been nominated for this award
3. Share 7 random facts about yourself
4. Thank the blogger who has nominated you
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award to your post

Random facts:
1.I don't smoke,and I don't like to see people smoking in front of/surround me.I really appreciate it when a smoker take their smoking time away from non smoker ones.If they want to"kill"them selves with smoke,it's fine but they don't have the right to kill others  by poisoning the air.You know passive smokers risk even higher than the smokers himself. Btw,this is a quote that my friend post on Social Network.I like it alot!Feel free to post it on yours if you like it :D :
"Dear Smokers, please get a plastic bag and cover yourself whenever you want to start smoking to enable you to enjoy the smoke 100% by yourself. I don't want any percentage of it nor do my friends who don't smoke. Don't kill me if you want to kill yourself.
Regards, Non-smokers.
P.S.: Copy and paste this message at your profile to support the keep-smoke-away Campaign."

2.First time I'm into green living things was when I saw a series of documentary by Yan Arthus Bertrand called"Vu Du Ciel"or"Earth From Above". It really wide opened my eyes.I've tried to find the english sub of that documentaries through youtube,but haven't found it yet.So I can't share you here how good it is.But here is a short video by Yan about how the world actually is:

3.Currently trying to be a vegan(fyi I've been a vegetarian),it's hard so I'm trying to stay away from fish 1st.It's hard though...  

4.Though I may look like a fan of K-pop,but actually I'm not so into the music.I'm more into the drama. Because I prefer movie to music.I don't listen much to music,only to some that catch my attention. As for k-pop music,I prefer the boybands than girlbands.Imo,boybands dances are better,while the girlbands one..err..sorry, why is it always about butt,thighs,legs,then winking?The choreography is so boring,compared to the boybands one. Btw,this MV is my most fave one.I like their dance choreography:

5.I like animals,and sure I like cats.However i'm not that crazy about cats so that I pet many cats.Most of the cats on my house are stray cats,those who have been dumped by their owners since they were kittens.Some of them were still baby kittens! Some of them survived'till they're adult,some others just didn't. If you have kittens,or your cats are pregnant,please..don't "dump"kitten while they're still 1-4 months old!! They still need breast feeding by their mum!! And cats can't be feed with cow milk,nor the Free Lactose/Low Lactose Milk can replace cat's mum milk!!The life span of them will be so low! Though I hate it when ppl dump cats,if they have to do it,pls don't do it at so early age!! Also,don't dump kittens in these area: garden,forest,and highway! Our family car almost hit 3 kittens on highway back then,apparently a morron dumped them on highway since s/he thought none would see. Highway = high speed traffic,hallooo?? How will the kittens survive in that condition?.It's lucky if they don't get hit by the cars!Doh,it's annoying me the most to see such ignorant people.. @_@

6.I don't drink tea nor coffee daily.Unlike other people,I just drink it ocassionally. I just don't fancy both of it.My fave beverage will be..just plain water :D

7.I used to bring a small pouch consist of medicines.My friends even said that Melman the giraffe of Madagascar movie was pretty much like me :D... But as for now I don't bring it anymore since the meds sometimes are expired due to no usage.

Liebster Award,from Dina:
How the Liebster Blog Award Works:
1.Thank the Liebster Award presenter in your blog
2.Link back to the blogger who presented it to you
3.Copy and paste the award on your blog
4.Present the award to 5 blogs that deserve to be noticed
5.Let them know they have been presented with the Liebster Award by commenting on their blog/FB page
6.Grab your pencil, and pave your own way in the blogging world
7.Eat a big ole helping of something healthy, cause let’s face it – our health is more important than we give it credit for.

Naturally done!Thank Dina for the award! :) Love your blog too..

Tag,from Audreiana and Dasha:
The 12 Questions of 2012:
1. Which makeup brand stood out to you most in 2012? Drugstore and High End
Hmm..I'm still struggling with finding good make up brand for me.I haven't found yet,but if I have to write down a name now,by far from what I've tried it will be Logona.

2. Best new discovery of 2012?
Devita skincare range.

3. Best re-discovery — A product that you fall in love with over and over again?
Virgin Coconut Oil and Sunflower Oil.I'll make sure that I keep those stuffs always. Yep,those 2 oils !This is so true,I wonder why people still have doubt about benefit of plant oils..

4. Best seasonal product 2012? Winter / Spring / Summer / Fall
Devita Sunscreen and Badger Sunscreen stick

5. Best and worst Limited Edition Collections in 2012? Drugstore and High End
I haven't had any limited edition collections,so I don't have the answer.

6. Most regretted purchase of 2012?
Almay pure blend liquid foundation.

7. Youtube and beauty highlights 2012?
I don't do youtubing for Vlog,most of youtube videos for beauty channels that i watched,it's from beauty bloggers that I know from the blogs,not from the vlogs.Most of videos that I watch on youtube will be documentary channels,or MV.

8. What is your favorite / best video on your own channel?
I don't have my own channel,I don't think I want to make one :/

9. Best recommendation of 2012 from someone else?
Hurraw lipbalm and Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara.

10. Best makeup tool 2012?
Real Techniques brushes,and Furless flat top brush!

11. What are the products you are excited to try in 2013?
Ugh..soo many.RMS beauty will be deffy on the list.

12. Will you do a Makeup Collection in 2013, or an updated version?
Maybe,not sure though since I haven't met my holy grail for natural make up ones,yet.

I have no idea whom I'll tag since everyone seems already been tagged by other bloggers.I break the rules,so I don't tag anyone this time.Oh, I may change my mind later.As for now,I don't tag anyone. Thank you for reading,and...have a nice monday!:)


  1. Hello! your blog is great, I'd love you to join my websites, and you put my link on your site, and so we benefit both.

    I await your response to munekitacate(at)gmail(dot)com


    1. Thanks :)
      Oh,sure we can do it.But I don't see your web link on your profile btw. Umm..perhaps I should e-mail you then.Thank you!:)

  2. You're such a rulebreaker!! ;o)

    Nice to know wome little things about you :o)

    Good luck in being vegan, you'll see that once you're in, you'll find it easy. It's so great that you are trying :o)

    1. Lol,actually i'm not that breaker..It's just I see here and there,seems like everyone has been tagged :D It really scratched my head to think about whom that haven't been tagged,so I better pass it this time :D

      Thank you!Umm..have you been tagged?If not,I'd like to tag you and give you those awards ;)

      Oh,the pure vegan is really not easy at the 1st time,I swear!Considering that I like seafoods alot!So now what I've been trying is not eating fish 1st,if there're other better options I'll eat that 1st.If there's no option available,so fish will be the least option.This way doesn't make feel like I jump in a huge step,which usually results in more obsession and cravings.So it feels to me like"it's fine to eat fish,just reduce the number and find a better alternative out there".This way I don't feel like I'm at force of doing it so:) Btw,are you a vegan or vegetarian?

  3. Ahhh! This Make-up Tag is haunting me. I still haven't done it, haha.

    Anyway, I so totally agree with you about smokers. I smoked once in my life and it's one of the very few regrets I have. But I never, ever smoked in front of other people.

    In Singapore, there are certain laws and rules to confine smokers within designated zones only. But still, there are a few who are really inconsiderate. One of the things I really hate are smokers crossing the street or just plain walking about in public. They walk in front and people behind would get all the smoke. There are also those who smoke even when children are around. That really gets me.

    1. Oh,actually all these kind of tags will always be haunting me since I'll think like"Oh,I owe my blogger frens the tag post.I have to post it soon".So I should make sure that I don't miss anything that I've promised.I mean,they're dear blogger friends :) Still I tend to collect all of this kind of tags post into one post,it's easier for me to do so. As for this Make up tag,if I post it on February so it's like no"2012" and "new year"spirit,that's why I post it asap:D..

      Wow..you did?I'm......speechless!:D If there's something I couldn't do,and I see someone did it so I'd usually say"You're so cooooll!". In that term,I want to say that to you Vivi,but err....I think smoking isn't a good thing nor cool thing. What should I say then?:D Lol...

      Yes,exactly!There're some ignorant smokers and that's what I hate.Some even don't care whether they smoke in front of babies and childrens! Here we have smoking zone too,but clearly some smokers just don't care about it and keep smoking as if they don't do anything wrong! Ok,so they love the smoke alot.If that's the case so,I think they should swallow and inhale the smoke instead of blowing out the smoke to the air. I mean,if we like a food,we'll swallow it right?They should do it too.. :D

  4. Hello sweety
    I reply you here so you can read the answer!
    Yes the Bbcream from So bio is from Ayanature, i think the lady ships worldwide but you should send her an email to ask,she is really friendly :)

    and for the iroisie bbcream i do not know why is so small but i can tell you that's quite concreated and is not for all the face, just for some areas you want to correct.

    Big hugs

    1. Thank you for your answer!:) Oh really?I hope they'll ship worldwide :)

      The iroisie one looks great,despite the fact that it's soo small:D Maybe i'll try with the So Bio one 1st. Thanks for the info btw ;)

      Bigger hugs


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