February 26, 2013

Laidbare Naturaceuticals Working 9 to 5 Deep Hydration Crème

You know you don't need good anti aging product when one day you go with your best friend and her little brother to visit their family colleagues and the colleagues said"Are you the little brother's girl friend?".. Hohoho... ^0^

But.. it was 2 years ago :( .Now I have this bugging frown line.Yes,i'm a serial frowner!.I think if you live in a country like Indonesia where the sun shine almost all year long,you have bigger chance to frown alot.
-You got sun light on your eyes,you frown.
-You got mirror reflection from sun light,you frown again.
-Someone frown by the sunlight and doesn't realize his walk path,accidentally hit you,you frown again.
-Then when he didn't even want to say sorry for that,..you frown again! 
See,serial frowner that we have here!:D

So the frown line brought me to buy this anti aging moisturizer,Laidbare naturaceutical. It's a UK brand.This one is affordable,compared to millions anti aging moisturizer out there.I have this product last year actually.I review it just now not because i want to test,to try,to feel,whatever you name it-whether the product works or not after using it at least 1 month to make it"a good review". I read it somewhere that some bloggers said that a blog review is "called"a good review if we have tried the product at least 1 month before  we review it.You know what,I don't buy it!......
I'll review things that I want to review,and when a product doesn't work on me at least 1 week maximum of trying the product(read:makes my skin worse),i'll simply quit it and toss it! I have a dry skin,at least the product that I use shouldn't make my skin drier than before,that's my no.1 point. It's ok if the product doesn't moisturize enough,but should never make my skin dry! If a product sucessfully drying my skin in just 3 days,I usually tend to toss it.Why in this earth I should try for 1 month for just"a good blog review purpose"?.
That's really not worth it at all,the cost of damaged skin during 1 month is unbearable both physically and financially.In fact,bearing with bad product that has been succesfully damaging our skin in just few days is like bearing with an abusive relationship. I mean,you know the man abuse you in just 3 days or maybe 1 week of your relationship,so why you should stay with him any longer?In a hope that he'll change someday?The fact is it is you who'll be changed by that.Not him! Just like our skin,that's what I think.

It doesn't mean the product is bad for all people.The product is bad for me,but maybe not for some people.Just like that abusive men,he maybe not good for you,but maybe he's such a bless for someone who suits him well out there.You know,not all people have the same preferences.

Now into the review:
This product has tube in box packaging.No.exp date there,but just a note to use it 1 year after opening.This moisturizer has scent that I hardly describe,something like citrusy scent but not too strong.Texture is lotion,not runny and not creamy.

Aqua (Water,Rosa Damascena (Rose) Flower Water,Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Coconut), Glycerin (Coconut),Isopropyl Myristate(Palm Oil), Cetearyl Alcohol (Palm Kernal Oil), Aloe Barbadensis(Aloe Vera)Leaf Juice, Cassia Angustifolia Seed Polysaccharide(Senna Plant), Prunus Persica(Peach)Kernal Oil, Cetearyl Glucoside(Sugar), Glyceryl Stearate(Palm Kernal), Dehdroacetic Acid, Benzyl Alcohol(Naturally Derived Preservative), Centella Asiatica(Gotu Kola)Extract, Cetraria Islandica(Iceland Moss)Extract, Xanthan Gum(Naturally Derived Thickener),Potassium Sorbate(Naturally Derived Preservative), Sodium Benzoate(Naturally Derived Preservative)

This product was quickly absorbed into the skin.After months of application,I haven't seen any major difference on my frown line. It's still there nicely.So if you want something for your fine line,wrinkles,frowns,you need to use other product for that, like serum.In this case,some natural oils like argan & rosehip oil work better.Or,moisturizers with more powerfull antiaging ingredients will work.This Laidbare moisturizer works just average,slightly moisturizing and felt a bit tight on your face after application. I don't think this one is drying my skin,it's enough moisturizing for Indonesian hot weather.But those who live in 4 seasons weather,or those who suffer extreme dryness on their skin I don't think this one is moisturizing your skin enough during winter.Deffy no.
Still it helps my skin suppleness a bit,but not to the point that it makes my skin smoother.I don't either hate nor like this product,so I'd deffy give this product 3.5 points.

Anyway,talking about aging,it'll be nice to talk about this korean boyband,Shinhwa. I found this is very interesting regarding this topic. Just so you know,my 1st encounter to this group was yeaaarrs ago,back then when internet speed was still slow,but the price was soo high(arround year 2000 or something,I forgot).That time,I met a south korean girl who was a hardcore fan of this group.I didn't know this group at all,so that she sent me pics of Shinhwa in its actual size.I had no idea how big the pics were,because whole of my monitor was full of Shinhwa pic from top to bottom when I tried to download it.And downloaded the pics took about 30 minutes each :/...  More,she sent me 2 pics at the beginning.So I spent literally hours to just downloaded pics!When the pics all were downloaded,so there these guys in bleached hair:

Oh,I know what you're thinking!When I recently sent this pic to my fren,her comment was"...What the....???!!!??It looks like a group of:broom,bottle brush,duster,and.....hedgehog"....I LOLed her.Yeah,that was what I felt 1st time I saw poster size pics that the south korean girl kindly sent me.I'm not a fan of any Asian with bleached hair.So when 1st time I saw shinhwa pic after took long costly time to download the pic,it's rather an unpleasant moment for me that I'd rather  to forget.Sure,I never checked on that group after that.

Untill last year when I saw them on their latest MV. I was totally surprised,they looked soo different now. Elegant. Oh well,of course since they're mature now:

I didn't pay attention to the mv(again),till few weeks ago when I started to pay attention to them.And I was so amazed to know the fact that they're all at the same age ranges!I mean,they don't look at the same age ranges.Some look older,some look younger and one of them looks soooo much younger than his peer!
That person is this: Hye Sung
*all pics of shinhwa aren't my courtesy,I simply google it

I assume that they all have beauty treatment(incl.botox),and also plastic surgery done since they're celebrities.I know I maybe wrong,but since I don't know them personally so let's say all of them did those treatment above. But why the result is so different?Hye Sung looks even 12 yrs younger than his actual age!He's really aging that gracefully..

I was so interested in his secret of gracefully aging.So I looked for his old pics,here are that I found(incl.baby pics,hehee :D):


Sure now he looks older than his previous pics.But really he looks so much younger than his actual age!Is it because of he drinks alcohol the least than his peer? You know,alcohol consumption does play role in aging. Or,is it because he has prominent cheeks?You know,when you're aging,you also experience sagging and get volume loss on your cheeks.So of course your prominent cheeks help you look"younger".Let's see this vid.if you don't understand what I meant:

Personally,I always thought that non prominent cheeks people are more attractive since they don't look chubby nor round.But now after seeing Hye Sung,I think God has created all"fairly".Those who have non prominent cheeks may look as having good facial shape when they're young,but when they're older,the cheeks don't "help"them aging better.So if you have prominent cheeks,lucky you!;) Hye Sung,I envy youuuu......

Anyway,back to the anti aging topic.There're many products for it out there on the market.The most interesting is,the best ingredients for anti aging on the market are mostly synthetic.True that most all of them are derived from plants,but it has been through chemical process and sure lots of researches on lab so that they're known for their efficacy regarding anti aging issue.For example these: Matrixyl 3000,Argireline,Haloxyl,Syn-Tacks,Eyeliss,Regu-Age,CoQ10,and sure the most well known: Hyaluronic Acid.  If you aim for good anti aging products,I personally think you can't miss those ingredients above.

Though I aim for more natural product on my skincare,but when it comes to anti aging products,I hands down for those ingredients. I'm personally fine with those ingredients,as long as the product is also filled with non-petroleum based cream,lots of plants extracts,and non dangerous preservatives.I know that recently,people are more concern about"safety"issue in their skincare line.So that they tend to go with what the labels says. If you want to have what  it may call as"safe"cosmetic,it's very easy. Just buy these:oils,waxes,and butters.Then you'll have as what it'll be labelled as"safe cosmetics".That's when we talk about"just safety"issue.
However,do all"plant oils+waxes+butter combo"absolutely work well?.I personally ever experienced pimples from using sunscreen of that combo(and to remove it takes double times also).True,it depends on personal skin condition and also the weather.As for me,I have sensitive dry skin,prone to acne, and live in hot weather of Indonesia where I mostly sweat,not to mention air polution by cars+dust.So what I aim will be lightest products for my sunscreen and day moisturizer products.It can only be achieved with water based products. When we talk about water based product,of course preservative is needed here.Here I say,I'm not against preservatives.It's just I choose which preservative that have lowest risk.And if it's water based products,please notice:Vit.E(tocopherol) ISN'T a preservative!! Never!!. Vit.E is an antioxidant,it will help oils/butter/wax products from become rancid,but it won't preserve any product with water in it!. So if you try to make a DIY toner,moisturizer,lotion,whatever,with water in it and you want to keep the product for a while,you'll need preservatives instead of vit.E. Refrigerator is fine,but can't be sure how long the product will last.

That's if we talk about regular skincare.When we're talking about anti aging products,it's even more different story!True also that some oils have anti aging properties.However,they're not the best anti aging ingredients on the market. More,best anti aging ingredients on the market are water soluble which means,the end product will need preservatives. As someone who lives in tropical country,I found that the"all oils",or"oils+waxes+butter"products will suit more to people who live in sub-tropical countries where the weather is colder.I find my self is fine using oil as make up cleanser,hair treatment,facial serum,and other night treatment at night only when I get less sweat and dust. As for daylight product,I hands down for water based products.Not only because it's light,less pore clogging in this hot weather.It also cooperate well with best anti aging ingredients.

It'll be silly if we say that we can stay young forever like what we are today.All people will experience aging.Me,you,everyone!Just see like,..20 yrs from now?.Will the current cute girl,handsome guy still looking the same?Everyone will get older and aged.The question is:will they age gracefully?That's the question.Of course I want to age gracefully,just like Hye Sung.It will be a big lie if I say I don't want to look younger than my age.Is there anyone who wants to look older than their actual age?:D..

Thank you for reading.Please don't forget to support these programs below.Have a nice day!


  1. Lynn, it's funny about the serial-frown, especially the last point! :))

    Itu Shinhwa tahun 2000-an awal nggak banget ya rambutnya! Hahaha! Sampe ngakak! Sezaman sama F4 kayaknya ya?

    1. Thanks =D err...itu lebih mirip kenyataan di Indonesia bukan?hehehe..=D Soalnya kmr pas ambil atm,ada cowo ga sengaja nginjek kakiku sampe aku jerit gitu,eh dia malah...SENYUM coba!!!*Apaan mas,situ brasa cakep ya?Kok aku ngga terpesona ya??Minta maaf gih!*
      Beneran tu cowo ngga ada sepatah kata maafpun keluar dari mulutnya!Hadoohhh..nambah frown aja idup di Indonesia ini!Setresssss...... >_<

      Oh,iya itu gambar pas mereka baru muncul pertama kali di dunia entertainment =D
      F4 itu taun 2002 an apa ya?lupa.Kayanya duluan shinhwa ini dr si F4. F4 dari taiwan(hallo Vic Chou,I have your 1st album!:D)-->mang dia baca blog ini ya?hahaaa..
      Eh tapi,taun2 gitu model rambut gitu lagi mode kali ya.Ya kaya boiben2 korea skrg yg pada androginy gayanya gitu -_- Aku liat cowo androginy berasa aneh aja,not my type.Men should look like men,that's why we(I)love them...

    2. Hahaha! Ya ampun itu cowok, jangan-jangan dia malah terpesona sama Lynn. ;p Hihi. *tambah frown gak ya aku bilang gini?
      Kita mesti mulai beranti-aging umur berapa, sih? Atau tergantung kebutuhan aja?

      Iya, F4 pas aku SD, sekitar taun segitulah. :)) Dan aku paling suka Vic Chou, sobatku doyan banget sama Vaness Wu, jadi kita ngotot-ngototan. *malah curhat
      Kalo dipikir-pikir emang dodol ya kalo idup ngikutin tren terus. Pasti berubah-ubah soalnya. Mending ikutin selera sendiri dah pokoknya. ^^
      Aku suka sih cowok yang 'cowok', tapi kalo terlalu macho pun aku malah getek. Hahaha. :p Bingung yak.

    3. Soal ini mending negative thinking ajalah..jarang org indo yg habis salah mau minta maaf -_- Kapan itu ditabrak troli sama ibu2,ibu2nya cuma...senyum tentu saja!! Kayanya org2 indo tu pada sepakat kalo minta maaf hanya ada pas...lebaran saja!-__-

      Wah,itu pertanyaan sulit.Ada yg mulai make mulai umur 23.Menurutku itu kemudaan ya.Takutnya tar pas bener2 perlu,dia jadi kebal gitu.Mending 25 keatas ajalah..
      Kalo kulit berminyak ga serawan kulit kering,kulit kering lebih cepet kena wrinkle/fine lines.Masalahnya,kalo uda kebentuk line apalagi wrinkle,balikin seperti semula susah banget loh.Jadi kalo belum 25 pake produk yg biar kulit tetap elastis dan ga kering aja.Kalo tar uda ada line,baru pake yg anti wrinkle.Soalnya krim anti wrinkle tu sasarannya di otot,contohnya ini Argireline yg skrg aku pake:
      "Argireline is used in attempts to decrease the visible effects of aging by reducing the deep wrinkles and lines that occur around the forehead and eyes.
      Chemically, when applied as a solution to specific areas of the face, Argireline inhibits the reactions that cause muscles to move or contract– for example when forming facial expressions such as smiling or frowning.". Karena itu,ada yg khawatir kalo dipake terus menerus malah tar sagging krn dia kan melemaskan otot.Cuman,isu ini ngga terbukti.Aku sih ambil amannya aja:pake di area yg ada line nya.Atau,skrg pake argireline,tar kalo uda habis produknya ganti yg bahan lain.Gitu. Krn itu,kalo ngga ada line/wrinkle,mending jgn pake anti wrinkle.Pake yg bikin kulit elastis & kencang ajalah,jd ga gampang kena line/wrinkle.Anti wrinkle bahannya lebih potent soalnya.Dia kan targetnya mang di line/wrinkle.

      Oh,suka Vic Chou juga toh :D inget ga:make a wish,make a wish.. :D itu lagu buat pengantar tidur enak banget.Aha,habis ini cari2 lagi di file mp3 ah,uda lama ga denger.Kangen juga nih!:D Kalo sobatku malah ngefannya ama si jerry yan,ampe beli pictorial booknya pula!Skrg kalo inget ini,malu dia hahaa...

      Umm..aku sih bukan tipe yg ikut tren,soalnya kdg tren ga pantes di kita^^" kaya tren baju kaftan ala syahroni itu,waduh gedenyaa.. ^^" ga suka aja..
      Oh,ya kalo cowo semacho arnold suasanasegar yaaa...ogahlah ya ^^" Tapi yg pasti bukan model cowo2 ala boiben korea skrg yg pake legging merah ijo gitu.Aduuh mak,geli liatnya,hahaa XD Mana mereka pake eyeliner,bb cream,plus lipstik pulak!Waduuh..^^"

    4. Huahaha! Bener! Maaf-maafannya setahun sekali, kayak dihutangin dulu. :p Tapi di sini mendingan, lho. Aku pernah ke Singapur, di sana aku dua kali nubruk orang gak sengaja, karena aku asyik celingukan. Aku minta maaf, eh, pada marah-marah. Mungkin lagi buru-buru, atau rusuh, atau lagi dapet, ya? ^^

      Oh, gitu ya? Yah, lagian tiap orang kondisi kulitnya lain ya. Nggak bisa disamaratain. :) Kayaknya sih aku masih baik-baik aja nih.

      Woh, iya, Make a wish~make a wiish~*nyanyi* Hahahaha! Dulu sepupuku punya kasetnya F4, yang mana judul albumnya aku lupa. :)))

      Yah, mau macho atau kurag macho, yang penting golongan darah B, kan, Lynn? *hahaha, nyambung dari Twitter* ;)

    5. Bwahahahaaaa.... XDDD*guling guling guling* Benar!aduuhh, B obsession,jadi malu nih!Wahahaaaaaa... XD

      Oh,mungkin kamu minta maapnya sambil cengengesan kali waktu itu?;)*khas gol.darah B* hihihi ^^v

      Benar,kondisi kulit tiap orang ga bisa disamaratain.Krn itulah,aku pake sesuai kebutuhanku sajalah:).Kalo ngga ada wrinkle/line,aku ngga yakin kalo anti wrinkle bagus buat dipakai,krn kerjanya di otot kita soalnya.Jadi yg penting sih skrg kulit tetap elastis,supple.Itu aja sih dulu yg dilakukan.

      F4 aku juga punya kasetnya:D Album yg pertama aja sih,yg kedua engga.Uda ada MP3 soalnya :D Jadi keinget jaman meteor garden 2,pas pertama tayang di TV,jalanan sampe pada sepiii..lebaynyaaa *_*

    6. Haha iya ya, karena bawaan B dan orang Indonesia, jadi cengengesan aja! Hahaha. :)))

      Jalanan sampe sepi? Hahah! Mamaku sampe lupa waktu nonton Meteor Garden! Lucu ya zaman-zaman Meteor Garden. ^^

    7. Lol...kombinasi yg baikkkkk!!^0^

      Ho oh,waktu itu pas aku keluar..beneran,sepi banget loh!Efeknya Tao Ming Tze,bener2....@_@ Tapi plg bagus yg versi jepangnya sih kataku.Mirip ma komiknya banget!Kalo versi korea,lebih lebay en bling2 dimana2..

  2. iya tuu biasa kt org2 musti sebulan test drive baru review xD , klo aku siih nyoba 3 hari, ga cocok, nunggu dulu brp lama baru nyoba lg. ga cocok ya udaa, blng ja ga cocok xD , ga mauu jg nyoba ampe sebulan. nyoba sebulan, jerawat makin byk, mang ada yg mo nanggung -_-; .

    aku jg skrg pke anti aging =D . tp susah yaa nyari anti aging yg cocok, aku jg cepet timbul jerawat. eeh, tpi aku pke vital act cream, cocok siih, so far ga bikin jerawat, aku pke siang hari =) .

    1. T.e.s.t drive????Huahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....XDDDDDDD*rolling rolling rolling*XD
      Hahahaaa..adoh,aku ketawa malem2 gini :D Habis berasa kaya mobil ajaaa...:D

      Ember,aku si ga peduli ma urusan ripiu di blog sampe ngorbanin kulit!Gila aja,kalo 3 hari uda dedel2 ga jelas gitu,ditahanin seminggu uda ga jelas lagi tu kulit kondisinya.Habis itu tambah jerawatan pulak,lah..ga bisa bayangin kalo harus sebulan?????Gila aja,sapa yg mo nanggung!Mana balikin ke kondisi semula susah banget,dah gitu biasanya malah keluar biaya lebih banyak buat itu pula,weh...no wayyyy.... >.<

      Oh,kamu pake anti aging juga?*salaman* =D
      Iya,ada yg krimnya rich banget di aku juga jerawatan.Aku biasanya pake salah satu:serum aja,atau pelembab aja.Kalo dua2nya aku jadi jerawatan malah!
      Vital?itu merknya?Aku blm pnah denger,baru akir2 ini pake anti aging soalnya,jd blm gitu apal merk2nya =D

    2. xD mang kyk test drive. susahnya jd blogger, musti rela jd bhn percobaan. bukan hanya jerawat, bekaas jerawat jg susah ilangnya (-.-;) .

      lynn bukannya km jg ada prominent cheek, ga perlu envy ;) . yg aku bingung tuuh org yg mukanya uda tirus, trus pngen ditirusin lagi ( ゚д゚ ) waduuh bisa kliatan tua duunk.

      itu looh merk shiseido d program ^^ . kiehls yg vit c jg itu sbnrnya anti aging, tp mnrt ku itu lbh ke cerahin drpd aging. klo kerut2 mybe cocoknya pke wrinkle kali yaa. tpi aku agak2 bingung beda ant wrinkle cream sm anti aging.

    3. Hahaaa..test drive yah,naomi?:D masalahnya yg bayar bensinnya kita nih,bukan produsen XD Dah gitu kalo napa2 ga ada garansinya lagi XD..
      Bahan percobaan..ehm...berasa kaya tikus yg di lab itu,kasian ^^" Iya,bekas jerawat itu bisa bulanan baru ilang.Malah kalo yg gede bisa setaun -_- Dulu pnah pas difacial,ma dokterku di paksa ambil gitu,itu bekasnya lama banget ilangnya T_T Makanya skrg kalo produk di kulit bikin kering,ato jerawatan,aku ngga mau kasih waktu lama buat nyoba krn resikonya itu loh.. -_-

      Oh itu,kita kan samaan =D..Tapi si hye sung ini pipinya lebih kenyal dan tebal serta empuk ky bapao gitu,dia 2 tingkat diatasku utk tingkat kebapaoannya,hehee..Makanya aku iri =D Apa gara2 dia makannya lbh banyak yaa?...Tapi kalo terlalu bunder,aku juga ga selera liat mukaku sendiri di cermin ah!:/
      Oh,iya mang ada org2 yg kaya gitu,soalnya muka tirus lbh cakep pas masih muda sih.Aku sendiri dulu plg sebel liat seleb yg mukanya bundar,ato yg punya prominent cheeks.Mengingatkan akan diri sendiri aja ^^" Pas aku kecil,gemukan dikit yg keliatan dulu pipinya.Sebel banget,makanya org2 yg aku anggep cantik yg tirus2.
      Tapi,setelah liat Hye Sung,aku malah bersyukur skrg =D Bandingin aja Hye Sung ma Jae Joong,mukanya mlh lbh tua an Jae Joong skrg!Pdhl JJ masi 26th,Hye Sung 34 th! Lah tar kalo JJ uda 34 th jadi kaya apa coba?:O
      Soalnya pipi tirus kalo uda tua volume lossnya keliatan banget drpd yg prominent cheeks...

      Ooh,shiseido d program.Aku taunya namanya,bukan jenisnya^^" Biasanya kalo vit.c itu mang buat cerahin sih,mungkin dia anti agingnya krn vit.c sbg antioxidant. Kalo kerut2 jelas pake yg anti wrinkle.Tapi susah kalo ga rajin,dan yg pasti jgn berkerut lagi(kebiasaan),tar dia balik lagi. Kalo mau hasil yg bagus,pake aja tu yg ada bahan2 diatas:matrixyl 3000,argireline,dst. Aku skrg pake yg argireline.Mayan kok,ketara hasilnya =D Yg aku ga mau pake tu Syn Ake(kamu pnah posting ini). Hueekk...ga kebayang aja make Syn Ake @_@...
      Kalo ga mau pake botox,mau ga mau pake ingredients2 itu. Kalo ok2 aja ma kerutan,ya ga usa pake ga papa,hehee..:D Masalahnya frown line ku tu sebiji tepat di tengah2 alis,aduh..sebel banget liatnya... -_-
      Menurutku anti wrinkle sama anti aging setali tiga uang,krn bahan2nya pasti intinya sama = biar ngga ada kerutan.Tapi anti aging bisa juga supaya kulit tetap elastis,kencang,anti pigmentasi,dan dia ditambahin biar...ngga ada kerutan juga.Biasanya sih uda sepaket gitu di satu krim/serum.Misal ni,punyaku ada argireline.Dia melemaskan otot2 jadi biar ngga berkerut.Bahan2 lain bikin kulit kenyal.Jadi uda sepaket gitu sih. Ada juga serum yg isinya malah semua bahan2 yg aku sebutin tadi(matrixyl 3000,syn tacks,co q10,regu age,hyaluronic acid,dst),dan bener ada yg uda make keliatan hasilnya kok :)
      Wrinkle itu lebih susah penanganannya,jadi jelas dia perlu bahan khusus :)


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