May 19, 2010

Safe cosmetics issue,anyone?

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It has been long time,I heard about this safe cosmetics issue.I even watched it on oprah show,but the question is:Can we get all of our cosmetics 100% free from harmfull chemical agents?..
Who can guarantee that?..

I have watched on one of Oprah Shows about some harmfull chemical agents which shouldn't be in our cosmetics ingredients,which are:Parabens(ethyl,methyl,propyl,all parabens family),Phthalates,Aluminium,Coaltar,Sodium Laureth Sulfate(SLS),Germall,Formaldehyde,and some other agents which I forgot to write it on my note.
Some said that a good lipbalm shouldn't contain petroleum/petrolatum,nor parabens.Some said that our soap shouldn't contain SLS. But hey..why there're like 80% of cosmetics on the market contain those harmfull chemical agents? Let's start it with your cosmetics,take a look at the ingredients.You'll easily find those harmfull chemical agents.For complete isues,click this link:
campaign for safe cosmetics

Harmfull maybe isn't a proper word for that,since it's still on scientist debate. And,it's not like you use it today,then tomorrow you're on your death clock.It's an ongoing process,like you're"saving"toxic agents in your body.And this kinda freak me out a'lil bit.

So,here I am.Feeling powerless.I can't get all of my cosmetics 100% free from those chemical agents,like this: My lipstick is free from those agents,my powder too,but not with my BB cream,not with my shampoo,not with my mascara,not with my soap,not with my toothpaste,etc. Oh..why don't the producers make it safe for us to use it without worries?

I certainly hope that someday we all can walk through cosmetics counter and grab our cosmetics without having to look at the ingredients first(because it's 100% safe already)..Someday..who knows?:)


  1. Oh, I feel it too... :S Reading all the ingredients list of my products and got dissapointed. :(

    But I think I'll start to 'clean' my toxic list step by step. This year, I'm avoiding parabens. :)

    Btw, thank you for inspiring me! :D

    Got some kind of (idealist) beauty (but more about skin & body care) blog here , anytime anyhow, just hop. :)

  2. Hi ningrum!:)
    Wah,baru baca comment ini..I've written on your blog about parabens and stuffs,just check it;)
    I'm cleaning my vanity room from those kinda cosmetics.I determine my self,like if I have to spend 10 USD for a cosmetic,so why i should buy a product that actually"harms"me?I'd rather get one indie brand with that amount of money but it doesn't contain harmfull chemical,than one from big company but full of harmfull chemicals.Biaya penyakit lebih mahal drpd produk..

    Welcome,i LIKE your blog too.We're in the same club*huggss

  3. Sedang mengoleskan Oriflame tender care ke bibir saat membaca artikel ini. Langsung cek ingredients dan ternyata....... selain petrolatum juga ada propylparaben :(

    Dilema...dibuang sayang krn masih banyak. Kasih ke orang berarti menjerumuskan orang lain hahah..

    Makasih banyak artikelnya..inspiring..
    Berjanji sama diri sendiri untuk lebih peduli n lebih "rewel" ke depannya

    1. Gimana ya..itu lebih ke personal choice sih mnrtku.Kalo kamu ga mau pake,tapi sayang dibuang,bisa dijadikan pelumas buat engsel pintu kok biar ga seret,hehee.. :D

      Sama2 :D Trims uda mampir di blogku :)

  4. Reading this article while applying Oriflame tender care on my lips.. I check the ingredients instantly and terrified to see petrolatum and propylparaben :(

    My not - so - important dilemma : throw it (while the content is still a LOT) or to give it to one of my cousins (but its like im poisoning her or something) - sigh -

    Love your blog, btw and really glad i read this article. Its an eye opener, indeed

    1. Thank you for the bilingual comments!;) Good luck in finding the good products!


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