June 20, 2010

The Skin Food Honey Pot Honey Lip Balm

Look at this cute little pot,sooo yummy,isn't it?:) I bought this couple of months ago,mainly because I can't resist the temptation of the packaging,hehehe..:D

 okay..i know i'm not a good photographer :(

I wanted this lipbalm soo badly.Why?because I'm the biggest fan of Winnie The Pooh! Yea,I'm not a teenager anymore..but Pooh will always be my obsession :).. Luuv ya Pooh..

This lipbalm came in 3 flavour: Strawberry,Orange,and honey.I bought flavour no.3 which is honey. It does smell honey when you apply it on your lips.Though it's in hunny flavour,it's not sweet at all.I dunno whther it's a petrolatum lipbalm or not(as the ingredients were written in hangul),their web didn't mention it as well,but it's not a greasy lipbalm.It will sink to your lips well:) The packaging is in a glass bottle-hunny alike,with a tiny hunny scoop on it.Damn..Korean cosmetics are such a great in packaging!! If you go to The Skin Food store,you'll looovvee their products packaging!....
courtesy of exclusivelyyours.livejournal
Does this product moisturize your lips?My silly answer is: I don't know!I don't have problems with cracked lips,so with or without this product I don't feel much differences.I mean,I'm not a lipbalm needy person.I mainly bought lipbalm by their packaging,and not because I need it.On daily basis,I don't need lipbalm. I use it when I'm fasting only(a perfect time to get your lips cracked).
*So for this product I'll give 4 points..love the bottle :)

update:skinfood web now listing their ingredients,so here is what I got from the web.
The ingredients are:
Polributen, seven Six seniors in the tree, mineral oil, diyisoseuteahrilmalreyiteu, hayideurojeneyitideuseutayiren / mechilseutayiren / indenkopolrimeo, tree, tree, isopropyl stearate, methyl propane this year, Dextrin Palmitate, pitoseuteril / Behenil / oktildodesilrawooroilgeulrutameyiteu, D. Lynn conducted seven cyclohexyl dreadfully Den malonate, Caprylic / CAP Rick triglycerides, butilparaben, spices,[+/-: 202 red, yellow 4, barium sulfate, Red iron oxide]


  1. Is it a new range? My last visit at Skin food was like a year ago and I didn't see this lip balm back that time. Thanks for sharing and tempting me to get one of them <3 ^^

  2. Hi sugar maple :)
    Ummm..I bought it like 6 months ago or so,but first time I saw it like a year ago. Probably it was a new range back then when 1st time I saw it..
    The pot is cute,which surely will make you want to get one of them:) Thanx for visiting anyway :)..

  3. i just got mine today..and yeah..the packaging makes it so irresistable..mine is the strawberry flavor..

  4. Hi Angti
    Yep,It's sooo cuteeee ^^ like a pot of honey :)

    Thanx for visiting :)

  5. Is that little stick an applicator or what? LOL. Funny packaging. :)

    Unfortunately contains parabens. :(

  6. Hi ningrum:)
    Yes,you can use it as an applicator or just leave it there to make the product look cute;) It's lovely packaging,remind me of hunny+scoop:)

    Yeah right,not only parabens.It's also a mineral oil based lip balm:(. Unfortunately..


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