June 18, 2010

Welcome to Indonesia (Cosmetics)-Make Up & Skin Care Regime!

An Indonesian model wearing Kebaya,Indonesian traditional blouse
courtesy of Darwis Triadi Photography

I have reviewed some Korean and Western Brands here on my previous reviews.Now it's time to introduce readers to some cosmetic brands from my lovely country,Indonesia.

We have lots of cosmetic brands here which I mostly used it during my teenage. Some still I use'till today and become my ultimate most have item all the time,which is:Viva eyebrow pencil. All indonesian women know this stuff,and it became Indonesian favourite eyebrow definer(at least that's what I read on magazine-becoz lotsa Indonesian women wear it,even celebrities and make up artists).It's cheap,long lasting(sweat-water proof),and..you can get it in any minimarket near your house^^..
Oke,so these are what we have here(in random order): -click on the brand name/picture to go to their web

1.Martha Tilaar Group:

This group has lots of brands depends on the specification/market,such as:

-SARIAYU=For middle end market,both skincare and make up

-BELIA=For teenage market,both skincare and make up
-CARING COLOURS=For middle high market,make up only

-BIOKOS=For middle high market,specializing in skincare only

-MIRABELLA=For middle end market,make up only.

-PAC=For middle high market,specializing in make up only/profesional makeup artists.

-Dewi Sri Spa=For bodycare and spa products.

-Cempaka Cosmetic= I think this is for end market,both skincares and make up.

2.Mustika Ratu Group:

Also has lots of brands,which are:
-MUSTIKA RATU=For middle end market

-MUSTIKA PUTRI=For teenage market

-BIOCELL=For middle high market,specializing in skincare only

-RATUMAS=For bodycare only
-MOOR'S=For middle high market,specializing in make up only/profesional makeup artists.

-Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa= For bodycare and spa products

-Bask,for men


Also has some brands:
-RISTRA=For middle end market
-RISTRA PLATINUM=For middle high market
-TRUSTEE=For teenage market
-BIOMED=For troubled skin

4.La Tulipe


Known for their acne series range.It works on lots of people.Never tried their skincare,but I did love their eyeshadow.It's shimmery,and affordable :). They have 2 brands:
-La tulipe: skin care+make up
-LT pro: make up only,for professional make up artists


I used bless. This one was my fave back then on my teenage.When other brands failed,this one really help.


This is a quite new cosmetic(about 7 yrs,as far as I know). Aimed for moslem women,and recently get award for the 1st international cosmetic product for using HALAL ingredients.The award was given by International Halal council.


This brand is the oldest cosmetic brand in Indonesia(at least that's what my mum told).Salute for viva cosmetic,for still being exist untill today!:) love their eyebrow pencil..
Their brands are:
-VIVA=Skin care products
-VIVA QUEEN=Make up products
-RED A=For teenage market

my fave eyebrow pencil^^


I've never tried any of Inez product before.But their products are popular among women here mainly
for those who like make up.They make good make up products in such affordable prices.

They started as a company who made scrub(lulur)products.Now they enter cosmetic industry by
making make up too. I've never tried their products before.

Honestly,I have no idea whether this brand is linked with a brand in China or not since the name sounds like a chinese name.They specialize in producing creams that,according to their add"being able to cure acnes,scars".Though this is new brand which I think it won't come pricey,it is surprisingly pricey.My fren's siblings used it and their acnes were gone!However,I'm not interested to try it by far since their packaging isn't my fave one.They have good packaging,but it's just not my style.Now they make their make up line.

11.Fabindo Sejahtera 

Their brand,Fanbo is one of oldest cosmetic brands in Indonesia.Established in 1968,mum,grannies,
will know this brand.They still exist untill today and adding new lines for different markets(rivera,daisy).
I've never tried this brand before,but i'm interested in their product"fanbo haitong".

Take a look at the packaging,soooo oldy.Feels like we are using a cosmetic from shanghai on
old shanghai era(reminds me of some old Andy Lau movies ^^..)..


I know that the company made body scrub,but didn't notice that they also made skincare & make up
untill I do 'lil research for this post.And no,I haven't tried their products before.

13.Marck's by Kimia Farma

This is actually one of biggest pharmacy companies here(makes medicines) whom made their powder line,under the brand"Marck's".Mothers,grannies always suggest us to wear Marck's powder whenever our skin feels like in trouble after trying new face powder.

Why?bcoz they believe that Marck's has good ingredients(since it's made by pharmacy).Some dermatologist suggest it as well.So this is like a"miracle"powder that can solve our skin problems.Me?I tried it before. Frankly,I didn't know why people adore this powder but for me their shade was boring,and the result was chalky.But now I see on its ingredients list(Zinc stearate, Zinc oxide, salycil acid, titanium dioxide, fragrance, iron oxide),I know now why people suggested it.It can be considered"safe"powder.No talc,no parabens there.Talc is fine IF it's not inhaled.Means you have to choose the compact/pressed powder one if the powder that you choose contains talc.Click this link about talc.Now Marck's comes in new sister line in blue packaging under the name"Marck's Venus",and adding some skincare on their line.I haven't
tried their new version,so I can't give any comment about it.

14.Sekawan cosmetic company

I know their products,but have never bought any.Since they also make skincare and make up so I put them on the list here.Their market segment is middle-low segment since
the price isn't as pricey as other products on the market.

15.Meco(by PT.Maha Siri Jaya)
I dunno much about this brand,have never tried either.But they do have counters on certain stores.

16.Ranee(by PT.Multi Rona Anugerah)
I've tried their milk bath and body massage gel.I tried it somewhere between 10yrs ago so I can't
memorize exactly how those products felt.Ranee also produce make up and skin care series,but
I've never tried any of it

This brand is on the market(they have a counter),but it's hard to get info about it on the net.Not even the company who makes
this brand.

There are still more brands that I can't mention one by one.

What is hot these days here is anything so called"natural products".Indonesian women(and just like lots women in Asia),love to have a fair skin.Whitening products are things that Asian women will love to use.Here in Indonesia,we use traditional scrub which is made from rice powder,turmeric,and other ingredients to make our skin delicate,and..sure the main goal is to whiten the skin.You can make it your self or just buy it on the store like this one from sariayu.It's in powder:

Now,they make scrub into liquid scrub,like the one"western"scrub had:

There're lots of producers of that product.Not only producing body scrub,they also produce body butter,body lotion,body shower,bath salt,aromatherapy(including incense stick,pot pourri,etc),anything about body care. Most of the brands carrying"Bali"on their names,like"Bali Alus","Asoka Bali","Denara Bali",etc.Thinking back about it now,I think body scrub is no.1 best selling product here. LOL!.. :D

Anyway.It's always been interesting for me,to see cosmetics from arround the world. Like when I saw cosmetics from India,Pakistan,German from other beauty bloggers that I know,feels like so much fun to see stuffs from other parts of the world.
I do use some cosmetics of Indonesian brands above,they have very good quality,has been through some researchs and some are even owned founded by dermatologists,like RISTRA and BLESS.If I do buy Korean,Japanese,or any other cosmetics from country abroad,it's simpy because I like to try new cosmetics.It's just an experience,an awsum one for me.If any of you want to try any cosmetic from Indonesia,I can order it for you.Just send me e-mail.Or we can swap it with cosmetics from your homeland :)..

Have a good Day!:)


  1. hi there..i want to know the price of viva eyebrow pencil

  2. @ Anonymous:
    It's arround 17,000 IDR-20,000 IDR.You can convert it to USD on xe.com since the currency rate changes daily.Thanx for visiting :)

  3. HI, what is the brand of those body scrubs?

  4. @anonymous:
    What body scrubs that you meant?The dry body scrub one was from"Sariayu"(just click on the sariayu pic above to go to their web). The liquid scrub one was from brand"Bali Ratih".More about indonesian body scrubs product,just go to this link:

    That is my post about(mainly)body scrubs products.You can go to their webs just by clicking each pictures.Have a fun shopping:)

  5. Hey is wardah the only halal brand in Indonesia??
    Also, could you please suggest a scrub or facial wash from any of the brands you mentioned for acne and acne scars?? Also, which one is the best for skin whitening?

    1. No,wardah isn't the only halal brand in Indonesia.There're many of them,I don't remember one by one since the number is growing each year.
      As for the acne scars and skin whitening,tje fuk has quite a lot of fans.However,I don't know whether they're halal or not.You can check on their web.Just click on each picture above to go to their web directly.
      Good luck and thank you for visiting!:)

  6. Dear Lovely CosMe, do you know the Halal Brand Nadine Salembier? The brand has been developped in Belgium in 1973 and is certified by EUROHALAL. Would you like to try some of our products? If yes, feel free to contact me, ok?
    Here is my email address: nsalembier.asia@gmail.com

    1. Hi Mr.Deweer
      First of all,i'm so sorry for publishing this comment so lately.I was outtown,then got sick so it's to day that i'm able to publish it.
      Thank you for your kindly opportunity.I'll contact you regarding your generous offers.

      Best Regard,

  7. hi dear!
    whould you please inform me about the price of twc of PAC?
    thank you!

    1. Hi Ali!There're many brands in Indonesia,and I haven't tried all of them one by one so I don't know for sure how much it is(at the moment of replying you this).Perhaps I can inform you later after I go to check it on the store,would you like to e-mail me or anything that I can contact you?You can reach me at:lovelycosmeblog@gmail.com.

      Thank you!

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    You article is very interesting and important for me, do you maybe wanna share and talk a little bit more about beauty cosmetics, I am currently writing about those. Please let me know,


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