June 15, 2010

Things I Can’t Leave Behind

These are some of my must have products…

1.Cleansing Water

I don’t use cleansing foam recently because I found it too dry for my skin. Now I use Hanskin O2 Cleansing Water,but I’d love to try other brands after finishing this one.

2.Cleansing Oil

I looveee cleansing oil!! A really must have product for me who have a problem with cleansing foam(too dry),and cleansing milk(too oily). This solve my problem,not too dry and not oily as well. Plus,it cleanse well.. What else I can ask for?:)

Currently using Hanskin O2 cleansing oil and Innisfree Real Olive cleansing oil.

3.Clear Pore Deep Cleansing Mask

Love this mask! Just apply it on our skin,then let it dry,peel it..and…you got all your dirt,including blackhead and whitehead goes away! No more nose patches for our nose blackhead!

Currently using Bioglo Clear Pore Deep cleansing mask. Before this one,I used Shiseido Black Mask. Other brands that have the same properties as these ones are Shills,and Anosa(I forgot!).Basically,it’s a thick sticky black mask that works well through our pores and lift all dirts there.These kinda mask is different than anyother peel off masks. This one is stronger,and when it’s dry it’s like a plastic,quite elastic. Not just a slight thin layer like usual peel off masks.
A very recommended product!

4.Rosehip Oil

For those who has problems with:dryness,wrinkles,scars,post acnes black spots, this product is for you! You can apply it anywhere on your face,hair,body(except wounded skins and acnes areas).

Currently using Bioglo Rosehip Oil. I have seen on a Japanese web(different brand,same pure rosehip oil),Rosehip Oil is a best seller there in Japan. No wonder,I’ve proved it my self. I put it on my post acne black spots before sleep,and in the morning its color was reduced/a bit faded. While other products took like months before it’s faded(and this is what I hate the most about acnes…>_<). My mum used this as well,and her wrinkles slowly reduced. My bestfren’s brother even used this,and his face was improved and fairer. This is a cool product that you must try!


5.Spot Patch

This is a patch that we use after we do our acnes”a little handwork”,hehe..

That’s what I call for clearing our acne blemishes with our hands. I did it soon as the acnes dry. Still,it made my skin swollen after doing that. So,this patches really help me out with it! Just put this patches on your blemishes(after you pushed it and washed your face).When you wake up in the morning,you won’t find your ex-acnes area swollen or redden!! Just clear,like nothing has happened there last nite. This one works well for those who love doing facial treatment on salon/dermatologist. Or,for people who like doing it alone at home like me. Looong time ago when I haven’t found this product,I went to my dermatologist for facial treatment,and she did”tortured”me by clearing all of my acnes without anysingle one left! When I got home from that dermatologist,my face looked like has been stung by a battalion of bees,thanx to the ex-acness swollen area.

With this product,say goodbye to that tragedy!:)
courtesy of baviphat.com

Currently using both: Baviphat AC Therapy SOS Spot Patch and Bioglo Spot Clear Gel Patches. I bought that Bioglo one first,then bought that Baviphat later after heard that Bioglo product is discontinued. Both are made in Korea. That Bioglo one is in a gel patch form,and that Baviphat one is in a paper like patch form. I prefer that bioglo to baviphat since it’s made from hydrogel,quite clear skin like. Unlike that baviphat which is made from paper. Plus,that bioglo one gives me a cooling sensation as well.

If you wanna know why it can reduce the appearance of ex-spot blemishes in just one night.It’s simply because the patches contains salycilic acid and other ingredients to reduce blemishes.      So..it worked!. Another brand that carry the same kind of product is Hanskin. Skin Food,Etude,Nature republic,Missha,Innisfree,Mamonde,  even BRTC don’t have the same kind of product as far as I know. If there’s any of you who knows anybrand who carry the same kind of product as this one,just let me know please!:)

A must have item for those who have acne blemishes problems!

6.BB creams & tinted moisturizers

A big hug for those who have invented bb creams and tinted moisturizers! I hate that cakey,masque feeling look when we wear foundation on!!

BB creams and tinted moisturizers simply finish this problem,and such a good relief for me who hate a thick make up!(not only it clogged my pores and causing me acnes,I also hate me looking like wearing a mask on my face!).

Currently wearing all bb creams I reviewed before,and still switching. Looking forward for some natural tinted moisturizersJ..

A must have for all women to try!

picture that I've taken before my camera broken..*sob

7.Anything with collagen in it

My first love with collagen was when I wear Nature Republic collagen bb cream. Since then I’m currently searching for some collagen moisturizers.

Currently ordering it’s skin collagen+cream moisturizer(will review later). Looking forward for other natural collagen moisturizers.Especially those one with Marine or Vegetable Collagen.

Reccomended for those with dry skin!

Those are my currently most have list.I think the list will be growing..on and on..^_^

Thanx for reading!^^ Hava good day!


  1. Oh My!! So many bb creams~
    actually me too :D
    but dun you ever wonder what if you cant finish it before its expiry date?
    wun it be wasted?

  2. @ano:
    Umm..no wasted.Actually when I bought it I wanted to try so many bb creams,but like what you said i wonder what if i couldnt finish it before its expiry date.So I did share selling it in jar.Others did it too here:) I ever read s'pore & m'sia bloggers who got their bb creams from this kind of share selling.I also bought a bb cream(which i haven't reviewed here)from a share selling bb cream.I loved it since it could safe my money from buying"wrong"products(like its color and stuffs)..So no wasted here:)

  3. Hi there:)

    About the collagen creams: The collagen and elastin are in the Dermis. (The dermis is under the epidermis.) Collagen in creams can not reach the dermis, just the epidermis (if their molecules are not too big,) thus it can not treat wrinkles. It has moisturizing effect on the epidermis, but that's it.
    (But usually their molecules are too big even to reach the epidermis.)
    This is just a marketing trick to sell the product.
    I also wrote on my blog about anti-aging creams, you can read about it too.

    I hope it helped.

    1. Hi Dina:)
      Thank you for your comment:).This was my old post when I didn't learn about cosmetic and stuffs.Now that I learn it,yes I know what you meant.This is the same case as mineral oil.But true that it has moisturizing effect:).

      Sure I'll be checking on your blog often.It's awesome!:)
      Thank you for following me too:)

  4. Hi there. I have pimples since i was 11 year old, i used variety of facial cleanser but all were dissapointed me, felt no confidence. Now, i'm using eversoft facial cleanser, luckly my face is better than past, at least no more swollen face. But i still have pimples, blemishes, scars. These are frustrating! My friends recommended me bioglo but i have no confidence to try because of my previous experience. Should i try or not?

    1. Hi Hanna..

      Sorry for my late reply as I've been busy these days.Well,if you read my other posts,actually now I don't use facial wash on my face on daily basis.True there're times that I need to use facial wash(be it soap,foaming cleanser,etc)but I always use natural oil to remove my make up 1st(and act as a good base for my dry skin cleansing regime with soap-surfactant stuffs).Basically,protect your skin 1st from the dryness that is caused by soap-surfactant.Then you can use soap safely.Whatever brand that you use,always remember that any soap-things that foam,and or drying your skin,they will strip your natural oil and therefore your skin will produce more oil in order to balance it.At this term,you'll gain more pimples and zits.Also,avoid using mineral/petroleum oil based products since they have larger molecular weight than your skin,which means causing acnes.

      Hope that'll explain :)


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