March 03, 2011

Welcome to (Indonesia) Cosmetics part 2-Toiletries Parties!

This is my 2nd part of Indonesian cosmetic industries reviews.  I've reviewed some brands before,click here. I have updated the list there.  Since I think I need to put more posts about our cosmetic industry,so now I'll post some more about it.
These are some of indonesian companies who make toiletries,such as shampoo,soaps,cologne,etc. Their products are widely available on drugstores,minimarkets,supermarkets,even just groceries near your house.They make products under various brands,depends on the market. These are some of the companies(in random order):

They make toiletries under many brands,such as oval,wesley,eskulin,etc.I've tried their
hand sanitizer which was on winnie the pooh packaging :)..Their cologne are in nice packaging
as well.

2.Easton Kaleris Indonesia
Just the same as Kinocare,they make toiletries too.I've tried their scrub and mist cologne.
They have nice packaging.

3.Promedic Dyna Farma
Producing soap and some toiletries.Just Check it out!

I think this is a quite new company.However,they have gained big market here.Herborist and Ja Hwa
are their popular product.I've never tried their product though.

5.Group Tempo
This is a corporation of lots of companies in different products,not just cosmetic.They also have personal care and cosmetic division.2 of their divisions have licensee from Estee Lauder and Revlon to make products under those brands in Indonesia.Another divisions was sub contractor of multinational brands.Others,they make their own brands such as:Marina,My Baby,Nature & Honey,etc.
5.Wings Group
This is one of Indonesia largest companies.They didn't specialize in cosmetic,but now they make their toiletries products(Nuvo,Giv,Pritti) so I put them on the list.Some of their products are colaborated with Lion care,Japan.They have their own products as well,so I put them on the list.One of their companies,Sayap Mas Utama is known for their brand"Fresh & Natural".They produce soaps and cologne.Good packaging as well.Soo girly!:)
6.Orang Tua Group
This is a corporation of companies that has personal care division which is toothpaste,and toothbrush.

7.Bina Karya Prima
Their main product is soaps under many brands,such as:Sahara,dream,actimed,etc. They also make body scrub and body cologne.I've tried their body cologne,Sahara(the olive one).I like its smells.Soft smells,unlike other colognes I've ever tried.

8.Megasurya Mas
This company has so many products and brands.Just check their web out!

9.Triple Ace Corporation
I've ever tried their sulphur soap back then on my senior high era.Not to combat acne on my face,but for my body soap.It was my 1st time using sulphur as body soap(I used it based on my curiousity only),and of course I smelt sulphur which made me learn one thing:not to use sulphur soap as a body soap anymore :P!Nice lesson eh?..

10.Galenium Pharmasia Laboratories
Their most popular product is no doubtly this"oilum"soap.Just like dove,this soap doesn't drying your skin.I've tried their soap,itsmelt unique,a bit milky,with a hint of vanila scent,but you can still smell a bit medical soap smell in it.Now they makenew versions of it with an addition of collagen in it.It's also available in"skin brightening"version too.Just 1 thing that I personally questioning about this new version(and most of cosmetic producers in Indonesia who add collagen to their products)which is what kind of collagen that they use?Is it Porcine,bovine,marine,or vegetable collagen?I think they should mention it on their ingredients list since the biggest consumers in Indonesia are moslems.I haven't tried their newer version btw.Maybe later when they already mention the source of the collagen.

11.Sparindo Mustika
This company makes lots of products under different brands as well.You can easily find their products on supermarkets here,or groceries.

12.Dinaco Grasia
Known for their popular soap"paquito".Paquito soap cames in lots of series which mostly have flowery smells.Good packaging as well.Classy and girly.Apparently,they have no website.

13.Megasari Makmur
They previously only producing wet tissue.But since they also produce baby bath soap & cologne,so I put them on the list.

14.Kosmindah Wangi
I know their products from beauty salons that I used to go to.They produced haircare products,mainly for beauty salon.But now they also produce body scrub.Their product,under the brand"Good",isn't higly priced.Just average.No website of this company that I can find.
courtesy of

15.Lautan Rejeki Abadi
Just the same as"good"product above,this company products were aimed for beauty salon(though now they sell it for public too).Crrante,their brand,isn't highly priced too.Their main product is hair care,however I found that they also make skincare product too.This company has no website so I can't provide the link.

16.Ikapharmindo putramas
This company products,mylea,NR, were aimed for salon too.But mylea is pricier than 2 brands above.

17.Rita Sinar Indah
My big salute for this company,for still being exist untill today(since 60's I guess).Along with brand Fanbo,and Viva,this company brand(Rita) is one of oldest Indonesian cosmetic brands that is still existed untill today.I can't find their web though,but you can see one of their products from the pic that I took from internet below.They also make shampoo and baby powder.
courtesy of warungbarangantik.blogspot

courtesy djadoelantik.blogspot
their old advert:
courtesy of reklamedjadoel.blogspot
18.Maxima Asta Wisesa
This is an OEM company.There are quite lots of OEM companies here for cosmetic products.

19.Rama Mulia Cosmetic Industri
I saw some of their products on the market,but haven't found their website on the net.They produce body lotion and soap.

20.Gizi Tropical Cosmetic
This is one of old brand that we have here in Indonesia.I don't know about their other product,but they make face cream which is made of seaweed.I've ever tried it back then.Don't like the smell,but it succeed to combat my acnes.

This is an OEM company.

This is an OEM company.

23.Bukit Perak
I've ever seen their products arround though not all of the company products.

24.Herbalia Indah
They make herbal based products,however I can't find their official web

Those companies above are companies which are Indonesian based companies.There are some joint venture companies here who make cosmetics,such as: Mandom Indonesia,Cusson Indonesia,Pigeon Indonesia,Kao Indonesia,Sara Lee Indonesia,Unilever Indonesia, Nivea Indonesia,etc.Just too many to mention.I think they are of multinational companies since the brands are not Indonesian brands.But yes they have factories here.

It's not easy to memorize products that are available on the market,and what companies who make them.After making this review,I just realized that we have quite lots of cosmetic producers here.I even found some companies whom I've never seen their products on the market,and also lots of companies whom have products on the market but have no websites.I hope that they will have websites soon to enhance their business comunication.Anyway,I dedicate this post to my buddy,GB who wants to know about industries here(he isn't an indonesian btw).Since this is a girly blog,so what I post will be anything that is related to female stuffs.Next time I'll post our cosmetic industries which are small-medium enterprises based.Have a nice day!^^...


  1. thanks for the dedication M ;)

  2. @GB:
    Hahahahaaa...:D your welcome!I've just checked my blog:) Hope you had a nice trip!:) I'm going to post another one,just check it out later gb!;)

  3. ok M ;) i will keep on checking :) i had a good trip, thanks :)

  4. Wohaaa...I've just posted it GB!:)Bon Voyage..!!

  5. yeah. bout the oilum soap. ive got skin problem. then, my doctor recommended me to use the oilum soap. i wonder, about the collagen. bcoz, i am a muslim.

    1. Hi nuYul,
      Last time I saw that soap,it's only said"collagen".That's why I said I was questioning about collagen source of that product.Maybe you can try to ask to them through their web that I provided above(just click on its pic).I may help you by contacting their customer service by phone,but i'm pretty busy these days.Just send me your e-mail address(to so that I can contact you back when I've made a call to the company.
      Thanks for reading!:)

  6. i use gizi super cream hehehe since 3 days ago. i do love the result. hope it suitable on my skin :D ,

    1. Gizi super cream is one of "old"cosmetic brands here.It's been here even since I wasn't born.Hope it will do well on your skin ;)


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