June 23, 2011

Cluebebe,My 1st Cloth Menstrual Pad(and why i have to use it..)

I already heard about this kind of pads couple years ago,but at that time I haven't finished my disposable pads,so I haven't bought it. And now,why do I choose to use it now instead of disposable one?Here is the story:
6 years ago I had my 1st USG when I deal with my appendicitis(I had stomach problem,and doctor thought it was caused by my appendix and he suggested me to do the USG).So I did it and when the result came,they said my appendix was fine(not appendicitis),they said I had an ovarian cyst instead. I was like:"whaaatt?how come?".So I asked how could I had an ovarian cyst since my periods WAS(and IS)always normal,no excessive pain,regular,it's all fine. The doctor only said:"We don't know what exactly can cause ovarian cyst.There's no exact cause for ovarian cyst". He asked me whether I had pain on the cyst that is located,I said"No,I have stomach problem,but not on that area.That's why I don't understand why there's a cyst!".So he gave me medication for my stomach problem. The pain was gone,but the stress came: How could I get rid the cyst out?.There are lots of types of ovarian cysts,and I didn't even know what type was mine.It needs more than just an USG to define the exact type of ovarian cyst that we have.Above all,I felt like I was on darkest tunnel with no way out.So I searched on the net about ovarian cyst to get more info about it,and found some(actually lots,but I read some which have more specific info),like this one:
Some other I have copied and paste it but I forget to copy the websource,so you can click that link above for that.Basically,it's about some types of ovarian cysts are benign,and can be expelled along with menstrual blood. So I was there,waiting for the next month USG and see whther the cyst was still there or not(i hoped it'd go along with my menstrual blood). On the next USG,I went to different labs which was a better lab,and the result said:there was no cyst on my ovary!!. I couldn't believe it so I asked my radiologist twice to check it,and she said the same! Oh well,I didn't "believe"her that easy,so on the next month after that,I did my USG again,and the result still the same! I was soo glad to hear that!:)
Last time I did my USG was last year before fasting month(well,i think we all should schedule to do it though.As part of medical check up maybe?i'm sure not many people do it on regular basis..) .I got stomach problem so without doctor's order,I did check abdominal USG.My radiologist said:"Well,you need to drink more miss!Your USG shows that you lack of water drinking!That's all..". So I asked her to check my ovary again,and told her about that "ovarian cyst"case,she said"You can't determine an ovarian cyst just by one USG,because the unruptured egg may shown as an ovarian cyst if you do the USG before your periods time". Well,she's right.

So I'm grateful that I'm ok,but I still being so careful about my health since then.Who else in this world who will care about our health if it's not our selves?.And one day I read some articles about the danger of bleached  feminine pads,and its effect to women's reproductive system. I was like:"whaaatt??how could they bleach it?".However,it's possible.The article said that some feminine pads producers using bleached paper or bleached wood pulp for feminine napkins materials.Some use it because they use recycled paper. The article was on paper that I read back then,however you can find such similar articles on the net regarding bleached feminine/sanitary pad or tampons,just like this article here:http://www.livestrong.com/article/108477-chemicals-sanitary-pads/  or  http://ezinearticles.com/?Dioxins-in-Sanitary-Napkins-and-Tampons-and-Dioxin-Free-Napkin-Alternatives&id=2237432  .So I seek for non paper pads that time that is available on the market here.They claimed their material is from cotton,and not paper.Like these ones below:










Those kind of pads are generally higher in price than regular pads you can get on the market.They price it about 10x more expensive than regular pads.They have 3 sizes:day pads,night pads,and pantyliner.What they offer are generally"almost"similar: made from cotton,added with herbs(yes,herbs!),anion,far infra red,and oxygen. They all are packed in aluminium packaging to keep the"ingredients"effective,and..looks more luxury in packaging.Some are even individually packed in aluminium wrap instead of plastic like the one that I've tried,SC Day.I've ever tried these 3 brands:Avail,SC day,and Anion. Anion brand is even sold in japan:

*all pics above are courtesy of their online sellers in Indonesia

How does it feel compare to regular pads?I told you,some of them contains herbs that you can even smell it when you open it and use it! Yes,when you use it! Like the SC day that I've used,it felt cold when you use it.And it contains herbs as you can see below:

I bought like 4 pack day pads of SC day,and 3 pack pantyliners of it and that's why I bought my cloth menstrual pad just now after finish it. If you ask me why I choose cloth menspad now instead of disposable menspad?simple,it's"less"bleaching risk,it's not made of paper,and..I don't need to waste my money( i think disposable menspad are money wasting,bcoz you buy and throw it).Beside,cloth menspad came in fun,pretty colors and design.Plus,it's earth friendly! Frankly,sometimes I sympathy people who work on garbage/waste sorting and handling.Garbage is earth's major problem now,IF you realize that.Is there any of us ever think about where all unrecycled garbage gone?Honestly,I didn't think about it much.Not before I watched "Vu Du Ciel"tv program.It's a good tv program,btw:). So,if I use cloth menspad I think it'll give benefit a lot,not just for me,but for the earth as well.Beside,it's my fluid,why should I make someone else(read:people on waste sorting place)to take care of it?. So I bought several cloth menspad in different size,different brand,and...a wet bag! Wet bag is a bag that is leak proof,mainly used for carrying cloth diaper(for babies),swimsuits,anything wet.I'll talk about the wetbag that I bought later:)..

My 1st choice of menspad is this cluebebe menspad.It's made in Indonesia,you can click on their web here.They also make cloth diaper for babies.What I chose was the day pad one. There're other mens pads available here,some are made in Indonesia.I've bought couple of it which i'll review later.They come in various cloth patern,from floral to retro patern.This is what I love about cloth menspad,they don't come in just one bored white pad,unlike the disposable one!:) I have some in polkadot and flower patern too;)..

fold it

 ..and open it!
At 1st time,I doubt that it could hold my heavy flow since it's made from cloth.But it could!!It could hold just like when you buy disposable pad in maxi thickness.Cluebebe materials are :PUL(Polyurethane Laminate),Microfleece(inner layer),and Microfibre as absorpbent layer. Size of cluebebe menspad:

Outer : PUL (Polyester laminasi)
Inner : fleece
Absorber: 1 microfiber layer
Length : 18 cm

Menstrual Pad Day - Normal Flow
Outer : PUL
Inner : fleece
Absorber: 2 microfiber layers
Length: 25.5 cm

Menstrual Pad Day - Heavy Flow
Outer : PUL
Inner : fleece
Absorber: 3 microfiber layers
Lenghth: 25.5 cm

Menstrual Pad Night
Outer : PUL
Inner : fleece
Absorber : 3 microfiber layers
Length : 30 cm

However,if you buy anykind of clothpad,you'll need to wash it at least 3 times in a mild soap(non chlorine bleach,non softener soap)to maximize the absorption. This menspad is easily to wash,so you don't need to worry about the stain.Also,there is a button behind it so you can wear it comfortably without fear of getting slipped.No need to iron it because it can break the microfibre. Microfibre also should be washed with a very mild soap,so here I use a dishwasher soap for baby equipments."My Baby"is the brand name.I mainly chose it among other brands since i'm loving the bear shape bottle(i luv bear,ya know;)).

Other brands for baby dishwasher on the market here are:Sleek,HUKI,Cusson,and another one I forget.You need to use the liquid soap instead of powder one,bcoz the powder one leave residue.And sometimes people with sensitive skin get itchy by soap powder residue.And  our feminine part is also a sensitive part so that we need to pay extra attention about it,thats why I use soap for baby dishwasher. If  you are unsure about getting stain on your menspad,you can add baking soda before you wash your menspad to remove stain,and the unpleasant odor. See,it's easy:)
Overall,I love this menspad.I give this menspad 5 points.Woah,this post has been tooooo long.Hope you wont be bored by that. Have a lovely day!:)


  1. I still can't bring myself to use those cloth pads. I hope I will someday.. ^^

  2. Yep stephanie,it's a bit"messier"I know(you need to wash it);) However it's part of my"healthy"routine now.After all,I don't wanna buy the cotton disposable one,it's pricier and just end on the trash can..Call me stingy,LOL!:D

  3. keliatannya ribed ya pake2 tipe washable kaya gini.. >.< itu bisa dipake sampe berapa kali ya?
    & 1 pad pas hari pertama bisa dipake sampe berapa jam kira2??
    tapi, sama kaya ci phanie, semoga bisa ikutan pake model washable gini.. karna ini reduce sampah banget~ >.<

  4. Hi yurina,sorry baru bales,habis dr luar kota dr kemaren-__-.. Ngga ribet2 amat sih,kan sama kaya nyuci CD kita,cuman dia nyucinya pake sabun yg lembut & cair,kaya sabun cuci piring gitu. Cloth menspad bisa dipake sampe 3 tahunan gitu,yah sampe microfibrenya penyerapannya ga maksimal lagi.Justru krn dia pake microfibre,makanya bisa menyerap cairan banyak,dan krn pake microfibre makanya nyucinya pake sabun lembut yg ngga ngrusak microfibre.
    1 pad pas hari pertama bisa dipake sampe sore kalo mau(tergantung merk dan jenisnya/day pad or nite pad).Aku kan heavy flow yg kadang kalo duduk2 nonton tv aja mesti bawa alas di kursi biar ga njeplak,pake ini sampe sore tahan tuh(yg cluebebe day pad).Malah,semua cloth pad yg pernah aku coba,dia JAUH lebih nyerap drpd disposable pad manapun(note:aku pnah pake disposable cotton pad,disposable pulp pad.Merk:mulai dari laurier sampe whisper.Krn aku suka nyoba2 dulu).So,ga usa kawatir deh soal penyerapannya;) Yg pasti ini lebih hemat secara ekonomis,lebih"aman"dr pulp dioxin.Kalo soal bawa2 pad basah di tas,ada wet bag kok:) Aku uda beli,tar ya repiunya..hehehe

  5. Hiiii
    Here is your new european follower ^ ^
    I'm glad to find an earth-friendly blogger from Asia ^ ^
    (totally intrigued by the herb thing ^w^)

  6. Hi imperatrice,nice to know you:) Recently i'm trying to be more earth friendly. Oh,that herb?it's a cotton disposable pads.I know that herbs may sound weird but it does smell herbs and feels cold when you use it^^ But now I choose the clothe ones,it reduce our monthly expense a lot,healthier,and good for our earth at the same time:)

    Thank you for following:)

  7. We have moon/diva cups (check it out if you can) it's another eco-friendly substitute ^-^ but I don't know how hygienic that is so I'm asking my ginecologist about it ^-^ It's more like O.Bs!

    Thanks to you for sharing these things with us ^-^

  8. imperatrice:
    Yes,i know that moon/diva cups:) But not sure if that cup is available here.I think that cup is a substitute/an earth friendly and healthy option of tampon.Am I correct?I meant from the usage.Just like cloth pads as a substitute of dispossable pulp/cotton pads.Most of women here(if not almost all,i believe,though there's no exact data about it)use pads instead of tampon.Tampon is not popular here.Maybe(this is still questionable)because women are affraid that tampon can rupture the hymen(though i know that length of tampons vary) .Virginity is,however,still a part of important social-religious related issue in some of our societies here.Because not many demand of it,so it's rare in availability.Also,just like you,maybe women here questioning about the hygiene of tampon alike stuffs(like moon/diva cups).Basically,the idea of put foreign object into their private area,well..it's much easier to use the pads.
    That's all I can say:D..

    Welcome,anytime.I love to have a new friend:) Do you have a blog?I'd love to visit if you have:)

  9. I recently bought some women friendly pads. I am looking into buying the diva cup, but it's expensive so I keep putting it off. Either the cloth or the cup you will have to wash after your use, which different from what I was brought up to do. I always thought the only way was to use disposable women products, so I am happy to be finding out about these alternative methods!

    1. Right,that disposable one was what I was brought up to do as well back then.And,to most of us I guess.Now that we stack on zillions of trashes on land,in the sea,I think it's time for us to change our mind about it.And many women thinking twice of swapping their disposable pads.Many reason,which is sad I think:( Imagine how many trashes that we can reduce if we all women regardless countries,nations,cultures,we all using the non disposable menspad ones.That will reduce alot of trashes.We can use the paper to make books,which is more valuable rather than using it for something that will end up for hours in trash can.It only need a little will from us:) Glad to know that you have the will:)..


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